Thursday, June 12, 2008

UEFA Euros 2008

i'm watching football! i'm supporting germany! and they have a match tonight, against croatia~

the reunion of the K and K strike force but on opposite team, haha... hope klose scores some goals, hope all's well with klasnic even though i'm hoping he doesn't score. anyway, it's not about scoring goals as seen in the first match.

that assist klose did for podolski was the exact same reason why i fell in love with him back in summer 2002. football is not about scoring goals and personal glory, it's about teamwork, and klose truly exemplifies teamwork in his unselfish assists to his other team mates. he could have had a 50-50 shot at goal, but his team mate had an 80% chance of scoring at that position. a great read of positioning and all rounded awareness of the game. yays for miroslav klose~

okay, i'm going back to playing my fluff friends now ;)