Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Enlightened Absolutism

My political view is that democracy sometimes might not be the best form of government because a country of 51% baboons, under democracy, will be governed by a monkey, leaving the 49% under excruciating control. If democracy is not the best form of government, then what is?

Theoretically an enlightened absolutism could be the best form of control, if there is a benovelent ruler who not only is fair but also wise. There isn't a need to worry about stupid people ruining the country since the benovelent ruler decides everything. And people won't be upset with the decisions made by the benovelent ruler because he knows everything and his decision is always the best. However, this is only an ideal solution because man is faliable. Not man can achieve the benovelence and enlightenment needed for this to be successful.

As the popular saying goes, power corrupts. Any faliable man when put in a position of power will crave for more power and greater autocracy to make sure that his position of power will never be threatened by anyone else. As such, some decisions made by him would not be of the best interest to the general population. And because these decisions aren't the best decisions, people oppose, and the enlightened absolutism becomes a failure.

Another problem that we face is that the world is divided into many different types of governments. Because of the discrepancies of the various governments, it is impossible to establish a single type of rule across all borders to eliminate borders and create a uniform rule.

Creating a borderless society of the whole world would eliminate many problems faced by many lands in this present world and will eliminated the problems that have plagued mankind since societies were formed. The eradication of wars and disputes. There wouldn't be a need for wars when everybody in the world is from the same global society. There won't even be cultral conflict, racial, ethnic, religious conflict, since everyone is the same. How about a classless society? That would sound a bit Marxist...

Well, perhaps a classed society might be better. WIth everyone doing their job, a little bit like the worker ants, where there's a social hierachy but everyone working like a well oiled clockwork. Everyone knows their place in society and does their job well. Life would be so much simpler like that, and people can be happy with their day to day life, and not fret about climbing the social ladder and getting caught up in the rat race.

But no, it's not about birth rights, because that would lead to inbreeding and the degrading of the quality of the top tiered class. Rather, the class structure is based on merit and everyone has the chance to perform.

Utopian remains utopian because man is faliable and unable to achieve utopia.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

guess what i've been busy with lately?

This is what i've been busy with lately... Easter egg hunting, racing, petting, gifting, foruming, basically wasting my time, great.

I've even stopped reading blogs totally... This is like the ultimate addiction already, and the game is so dumb, haha~ yup, another microblog i'm doing on my N95 so that i can leave my windows free for petting fluffs, lol.