Sunday, April 06, 2008

guess what i've been busy with lately?

This is what i've been busy with lately... Easter egg hunting, racing, petting, gifting, foruming, basically wasting my time, great.

I've even stopped reading blogs totally... This is like the ultimate addiction already, and the game is so dumb, haha~ yup, another microblog i'm doing on my N95 so that i can leave my windows free for petting fluffs, lol.


Anonymous said...

Haha.. u're addicted to Fluff pet? Haha... i can totally understand.. -xing_e

Jasmine said...

tsk tsk girl what about your exams? haha make time for me after exams k.. i still have to treat you to a nice meal! =)

xxoos said...

guess what, i'm still totally addicted to fluff, and there's like so many new things coming up that is keeping me totally hooked on it... *argh*