Sunday, November 23, 2003

Shop Till I Dropped

i like shopping. i like buying clothes. i like buying a lot of clothes. but, i dont like spending money. nor do i have the money to shop and buy a lot of clothes.

haha! i still had a great time that day shopping, buying 2 sets of clothing, spending about $240 in all, because basically, i didnt pay for anything. my aunt picked the tab for my shopping. and my sis and my cousin. so we 3 little girls who always dont shop till we literary drop did shop till we collapse with sheer happiness this time round.

the first set of clothing i bought is kind off rock chic, a pink long sleeved printed blouse which edges are slightly frayed with an attached printed tie (available at esprit, sgd99), the bottom is a low rise denim side-zipped miniskirt with an attached tarnished-looking metal chain by the side (also available at esprit, sgd79).

my sis got herself a black sleeveless tee printed with a large female face in front with glittery stones stuck on her brow (also available at esprit, sgd49), her bottom is a low rise side buckled miniskirt of a shimmery grey material (also available at esprit, sgd89). if interested, you can always go and look for it! heehee...

the next set of clothing i bought was from 37degrees. i never bought anything there before because the clothes there are really miniatured. i once spotted this really nice top there, but to my horrors, i couldnt fit into an L size (even though im M for esprit), i also couldnt fit into their XL bottoms. but now, after my successful dieting regime, after shedding 10kg off my total weight and 3in off my beloved waist, im an L and L at 37degrees (at esprit its still an M and a slightly smaller 36, from previously a 38).

to further my point of the exceptionally flattering gauge of singaporean girls of 37degrees, i will use the example of my little sis, 13 years of age, tipping the scales at 42kg, 160cm (shes really skinny but since she is the outdoorsy person, the 42kg is mostly muscle weight, shes REALLY skinny), shes thinner than all my friends, even the bit-sized people like peiting (sorry for the description). okay, my sis wears an XS and 32 at esprit which is damn small, but at 37degrees, shes an M and M! need i say any more about the range of clothes produced by 37degrees?!

anyway, back to my main point on shopping. i bought a set of beachwear consisting of a white top with a small stitched blue flower at the top left corner and blue elastic band-like spag straps and a pair of board shorts which is pink with blue trimmings by the side. my sis and cousin bought a whole lot more clothes there and since its 37degrees, i think you can get the kind of idea what the clothes are like, so if you are interested in getting that such of clothes (and you are bit to my sized, sorry to those people who are of a more regular size, you can either patronise other shops or go on a diet like me), ya, 37degrees is the place for you!

btw, we saw these pair of LV pink $1000 boots which my aunt promised us if she struck 4D. if she really did, id definitely wear that together with the esprit clothes id just bought for prom... really, greek goddess-like white dress, daniel yam $100 sliver slippers, who cares?!

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Joan's Top 10 Screen Couples

star awards have introduced this new award, home viewers favourite tv pairing, so what makes a good pairing? especially for two actors to come together for a romantic scene... well, technically, the looks of the two artistes should be compatible, then there must be chemistry between the two of them. to pull crowds, these two artistes should preferable be, well, superstars.

over the past 18 years i’ve been watching tv and movies, there are some great screen couples that are just legends, some interesting artistes that have never paired with each other, but i personally think that they would look great together. hence, my top 10 list of romantic pairings that i’d like to see (for some, again)

1. takeshi kaneshiro & faye wong
i’ve once seen them together presenting some award for a certain golden horse award ceremony and they looked just great together. their personalities seem to be very much alike too and when put together just oozes charismatic appeal. i think that the only person who can bring the two mega-stars together would be wong kar wai, so i don’t suppose i can get to see them on screen together in the near future seeing the pace of his 2046... then again, isn’t chungking express starred by the both of them and tony leung and lin ching hsia? pity they weren’t paired together then...

2. chang chen & rene liu
they’ve never acted together, but individually their acting skills can never be undermined, one a protege of dear wong kar wai, another a multiple winner of film awards. both have eyes that relate a whole range of feelings that words cannot be use to express, the high foreheads and cheekbones of the both of them would further make them look good on screen together. well, if the both of them ever come together for a movie, it would most probably be an award-winning one, like all others they’d done separately.

3. tony leung & leslie cheung
they had (note the tense) acted together as a gay couple, they had shared a kiss on camera after one of them won a best actor award, but they can never come together in another show ever again. still, of all other gay couples i’ve seen be it real or reel, none can beat the above pair in terms of suitability of looks together or the charm they could together use on the crowd...

4. leonardo dicaprio & claire danes
i’ve always thought that a male should always have darker hair than a female for them to look great together, but after romeo and juliet, and my recent hitler aryan race craze from studying too much history, i think young blondes should mate with their fellow counterparts. okay, other than their hair and eye colour, the above pair’s youth also plays a part in them looking great together. i really think that their looks drips out essences of r&j, really.

5. christopher lee & fann wong
after the almost a hundred shows they did together, i mean, need i say anymore to further my argument? if you say yes, pls watch channel 8 both 7 and 9 pm slots. (as in the show after the exponentially rolling downhill holland v)

6. tony leung & maggie cheung
in the mood for love. i dont suppose id need any more explanations for this pair too.

7. pierce brosnan & nicole kidman
a blonde with a gentleman in a tuxedo would look ditzy, more like a prostitute than a bond girl; a brunette with a gentleman in a tuxedo would look too serious, i mean who would want to watch a move when you can can watch the various ministers with their wives on cnn? and i personally think that halle berry is like the worst bond girl ever. so, that would leave a red head look just so perfect with the tux! her tall slim built looks nicer against the strong and sedated look of dear mr bond.

8. aaron kwok & jacqueline ng
jacqueline ng, or wu chien-lien a starlet of the 90s, but not so sure where she is now, once did a pathetic tv serial with channel 8, but more remembered as some flower vase with top hong kong actors. so why aaron kwok? they did a typical hong kong hun-hun movie together, but it is the facial shape of the both of them that’s very striking, the thick eyebrows just accentuates their passion together.
(nb: a hun-hun movie is one where the male protagonist happens to be a gangster and would appear when the female flower vase appears in need of some sort of help thus making the male protagonist having to severe all ties with the underworld and having both the underworld and the law enforcers being after his life. usually ends with either one of the leads dying, sometimes both. often a genre of movie linked with people like andy lau, aaron kwok, ekin cheng and the likes of it, usually people also dont remember the female lead.)

9. keanu reeves & annie yi
annie yi, better known as mrs harlem yu is the embodiment of the typical taiwanese cute girl, but because of her age and the length of her career in the showbiz, she is more suited to be placed beside this silent man of 40. his emotionless expression really needs to be very much soften by the energy of a giggly girl, if not, he would become a piece of concrete statue in a few years time. ya, and sorry mr yu for thinking that your wife don’t look compatible with you even when she’s your first love. (fun fact: she’s his first love, but he’s not her first love)

10. wubai & tarcy su
ever seen the mv of bei4dong4? if you’ve seen it, you’d understand. not only that, her songs done by him just seems to be really great that he always takes them back to sing, so there’s this rapport between them already, so just move over from behind the mic to the centrestage!