Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Nobody takes Joan seriously.

Nobody takes Joan seriously.

My parents think I'm some kind of joke, some kind of little girl, some kind of airhead.
My sis, younger sis, sometimes act more like an older sis instead, making me some what like an, ya, airhead.
My friends also treat me like some sort of entertainment machine, one who brainlessly provide mere fun and laughter, like an airhead.
My prof too treat me like an airhead, grading me as accordance to the expectations of an airhead.

I'm sick of being treated like an airhead.

Yes, I know, I might me a little dense sometimes, but i'm not all that stupid you know. I do have a brain and an intellect, just that I usually keep them aside as it's taxing to always lug them around. After years of education, I must say that I didn't pass my exams by being an airhead, I had used my brain and intellect, sometimes crooked smartness to get me through.

I didn't by fluke or anything get by my years of education getting As and Bs. I worked hard for them, not meaning that I was hardworking, but I applied my knowledge well using my smartness, intellect and my brain.

To further prevent people from misunderstanding Joan, she has decided to make a birthday resolution 30 days before her birthday. Once past my 20th birthday, I shan't be that stupid airhead people knew me as. I shall let people see the more serious, matured, intellectual side of me. I shall cease my Stupidity Symptoms column. I shall not play with any more *actions*, nor will I open my eyes wide in innocent and ask "is it?!". I shall also not take anymore wide eyed big headed self portraits of myself. Instead, Joan will talk less, work more, not take too much interest in the junior world out there. She'll be treated as peers by her dear friends, even those friends who are much older, Joan will be able to match to your level. She'll be seen as a big sister or a motherly image to those younger than her.

To the dear friend who scoffed when I said I'd be more serious and matured, I'll do it. Even though you'd said that I can only act it, I know after my birthday, I'll be a changed woman. I'll be a woman, no longer a girl, a little girl. I'll refer myself as this lady, instead of this little girl as I'd always done.

For now, I'll have 20 days more of being an airhead. Maybe I should try and enjoy being it now cos once past muy birthday, I'll no longer have a chance to ease up anymore.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Joan's sick. Very sick.

Joan's sick.

Very sick.

Think it was cos Jon and Victoria got eliminated, my body went on protest... hehe... Joan woke up on wed morning with an itchy throat and as the day progressed, Joan drank lots and lots of water to prevent herself from falling sick, but towards the end of the day, Joan still fell sick. Lost her voice. Thursday went to see doc cos didnt want her sickness to worsen, so dropped by YIH to see the sch doc which wasnt as bad as she thought. She went home on thu night so that she can rest more comfortably with the care of her parents and her sis. Skipped workshop on Fri so that she can have more rest and try and at least get better so that she can go sentosa the next day. But the Sentosa trip was so fun that Joan forgot to take her medicine and today, she's in a worse state than ever... poor thing...

This Sentosa trip is the most fun Sentosa trip Joan had ever had! So even if now I'm almost dying, I'd say it's worth it man! To my that group of friends, you guys are the best man! Come next week after the AGM, say, shall we tear down Kristy's house? woohoo~ It's such a long time since I had such a crazy time with a big group of ppl... think this girl is growing old liao... haha...

Nothing to add liao... Joan haven't been doing much thinking lately, as you can tell out of the lack in sustanial posts. And she hasn't been watching any great movies or read any nice books to add to my reviews.

Haven't watched any movies since my grandma went, so now that the mourning period's over, people, do jio Joan out to watch movies! Joan's pretty okay with any kind of movie, as long as it's either entertaining, or meaningful, or artistic, so guess that's pretty much everything liao... haha... Although Joan do prefer going to either GV Marina or Cineleisure to watch movies.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Amazing Race 6

Amazing Race 6, Wednesdays 10pm ch5

I'm hooked onto the programme. Even after six series, the show never fails to provide me with fresh and new entertainment each episode. Why? Each country is different. Every country featured in the show is different and even if the countries are the same, the places they visit is very much different. Every pair of contestants is different. Even though most of the pairs are like good-looking couples, everybody in the show have a different personality and the way they handle relationship either with other contestants or with their partner is different.

Who am I supporting in this leg?

I guess most people would be shocked to find out that I actually quite like Victoria and Jonathan. They are the most colourful pair in this race, except for maybe the father-daughter pair, cos they are coloured. haha... racist joke, ignore pls...


Well, I guess that says a lot of things. He's the most interesting person in the game, and probably has a character enough to feed every other contestant since the start of the series. He's the most chauvinist person ever. But sometimes, he does have a point and his point is in fact an effective game plan, just that the way he puts his words across to Victoria is rather harsh. He's not really that bad as I think the editing of the show made him out to be. I mean, he has been married to Victoria for quite some time already, and I suppose that if she really couldn't stand him, or if he's really that bad, she wouldn't have married him or would have already divorced him long ago.

If you scrutinise every single episode, you'd notice, that there seems to be a tinge of tenderness of Jonathan in him, just that I guess most of these scenes didnt enter the final cut. We must understand that it's his this explosive character that hooks people to their tv sets to want to find out when is Victoria going to burst. Okay, to give some examples of Jonathan's tenderness, there was one scene where Jonathan made a wrong judgement, Victoria asked him to apologise. We might guess that Jonathan being the biggest chauvinist with the biggest ego would say some crap and shirk out of apologising, but he didn't. Jonathan readily admitted his mistake and apologised to Victoria.

Well, bearing this in mind, everytime he makes Victoria apologise, I guess that's only normal to want her to apologise when he had did that. Perhaps the only problem with him is the tone of voice he used. He always sounds like he's trying hard to be superior to his wife, but I believe that that's part of the problem with the editing of the final show.

Another incident, was in Africa, Jonathan was so taken in by the little kids that he started out giving sweets to them. Victoria commented that he indeed loved kids. I don't think a guy who loves kids is capable of any violent actions to his wife. This was in stark contrast with another female contestant who when seeing the kids commented that the people here "could not stop breeding".

Well, Jonathan did mention in the start of the show that he might come across to people as hot-tempered, but he is actually, in fact, "passionate". haha... Joan like passionate guys...

But sometimes, Jonathan does take things a little to far. then we can only lament poor Victoria. Like in the words of another female contestant, Victoria is really very "pitiful". Victora comes across to me as a really emotional person, and I think her personality fits with Jonathan very well, so I'm hoping that they can go all out and win the race, then we can say that that's Victoria's reward for sticking by the side of the most obnoxious tv character. She does deserves something out of this race.

To end, I must emphasise another point, that I think Jonathan and Victoria are quite well off. They listed their job as entrepeuneurs and in the opening video, their house seems to be very big and nice along with their own private pool. Before we condemn Jonathan's temper, we must bear in mind that hot-tempered people would have reached that far, especially if it's in business. But I'd think that it's his passion that brought him that far.

In Jonathan's terms "It's passion, passion."

Joan like guys like that. Very colourful and very attractive. Dont think that there are many these sort of people around, is there?

Cant wait for tonight's episode of Amazing Race.

But I dont think I can tahan another episode of Adam's whining. He's like a big baby man... No wonder his girlfriend broke up, and I dont think this game can bring them back together as it only exposes more of his falibilities. He better take a leaf out of Jonathan's book sia...

More on the Amazing Race after the game concludes. Will give you my two-cents worth of remarks... hehe...

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


When this girl is busy it seems like she's very busy, but when she's free, she's so goddamn boliao.

But comparing, i'd rather be goddamn boliao than stressed like siao. What do I do when I'm stressed? I cry, I make myself feel bad, I think that the whole world hates me, I hole myself up in a corner and pretend that no one in the world needs me. And today, I found out that I was labelled as a big show off. Like what the crap?! A person who does front stage work and not back stage work. Okay... I'm bitter, I'm indignant, I feel terribly misunderstood. Then again, why shd I care about what others think when my conscience is clear? Bah...

When bad things come, always note that they don't just come, they swarm towards you. Yup... I hate cors. Someone should just screw cors. Like what the heck? I'm missing one tutorial and the only slot where there's vacancy for that tutorial is Wednesdays 10am. As you guys know, Joan not a morning person. But somehow, after the initial indignant, shouts and cries and unhappiness, I feel so numb.


I think that's the ultimate extreme point of unhappiness. Sucks... My heart is dead.

At this point in time, I feel so vulnerable, like anyone can just enter the void space in my heart and take over the whole of it. But I dont want that to happen. Or rather, I want that to happen. I just dont know what I want or what I dont want, see, I'm being vulnerable. You can even make me believe that shit can turn into gold and with all my wit even at this point in time, i'll still believe. I dont know...

I want to sleep, but I dont want to sleep.

I want to call somebody to pour out all my problems, but I dont want to feel so naked in front of that person.

I want to cry, but i dont want people to think that i'm being weak.

What can I do? Who can help me? Do I actually want to do anything? Do I actually want people to help me? I don't know. Like I said, I'm freaking in complete conflict with myself.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Joan is bored stiff, part 2!

Yes, this girl is back to killing time. She's now squating in the AS7 computer lab cos the one in the library is packed like PACKED and she has absolutely nothing to do until 7.

Just share with everyone something pathetic then I shall continue my review on my past posts. But I guess most people would rather not read the latter. haha... Okay, I had decided that this semester I shall be a mugger, so on I went to the Co-op to get my textbooks and had wanted to start reading them to consolidate my lectures. But fate has it then I'm not a mugger and denied my from purchasing my books as ALL of them are due in next week. Pretty sad sia... So, hence, therefore, Joan is here now typing nonsense.

18 November 2003
My rankings still stands. I still think so, yup...

23 November 2003
Right now, I'm wearing a 37degrees tee, yup, although I absolutely detest that place for their sizing, I still bought quite a bit of their clothes. And my size for their clothes, tees, an L. Yes, a big fat L! Ironically, I'm an S in ALL other sizings available in Singapore, I'm an S, 8, 34, in UK and Continental sizings respectively for tees, so I don't think I'm really that large, am I?

1 December 2003
The tan has long since faded, but before it faded it was burnt. The camera is now obsolete compared with other new models out in the market. I'm too old to fit back in my prom dress and all my friends too. I miss my DHS juniors. Eunice is picking up well. I miss the 4B mates. My bag is weathered at the present moment. And I managed to send out all the cards on time, but half of them were written 2 sec before I sent them out, sitting at Coffee Bean in Marine Parade and that has since closed down liao. Time changed, things changed, people do change too. BTW, that P-word is my fav PROCRASTINATION. haha...

11 December 2003
The quotes mentioned were in my old old blogskins, so I guess they are like sorta lost liao. Do watch Ashes of Time if you wanna know what's the quotes like. Battle Royale, do watch it too, if you can get it cos it's illegal. And the manga I mentioned, Singapore stopped importing them liao, think they kena banned liao. hai...

13 December 2003
T is outa my life now. haha... And I still can't find my ex-classmates, nor have I struck the lottery. Yes, I do lead quite a sad sad life. Yup, Ng Shihui, Derrick Kong, Christopher See, Elaine Wong, if you see this, or if anybody who knows them see this, PLS CONTACT THIS GIRL IMMEDIATELY. Thanks!

16 December 2003
My rooms still in the state it was then, only there might be more things now. I've been listening over and over to the album Leiqiao and the more I listen to it the more I love it! Do buy the album. It's a classic.

22 December 2003
I've changed my handphone again since that phone. I still miss my dear Blossoms, but I do love my present phone loads, lots more than Blossom's replacement. My phone's now named Ah Lian cos of it's dress, the previous dress made me name her black baby--bb.

24 December 2003
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle is great reading. Mystic with fanciful actions, Joan recommends it to all would like manga.

28 December 2003
I still have the vcd with me, or do I? Did I lent it to you, Yanling? Have you returned it to me? hehe... Can't remember liao, but I still don't like that perspective of Hitler. Reunion dinner was great, btw. And those products I mentions did not really work. haha...

2 January 2004
I reviewed my New Year Resolutions some time back liao, so won't repeat them again. Maybe I would, if I'm bored enough to review my posts all the way until recent. Better hope I don't sia...

8 January 2004
A rather cringe worthy post. I sounded so boastful! How could you guys actually read my blog with tsk-ing?!

12 January 2004
The dinner was well worth waiting for man! It was great! It was better than great man! I'm floating now, but wonder if we'll go there again this year cos after the sad event, we aren't really supposed to celebrate, but can't we fulfill our tummies?! But still, dinner will never be the same ever again. hai...

15 January 2004
It wasn't really as bad as I made it out to be. It was actually quite fun. I kinda missed it, especially now that I'm back studying and studying really sucks big time man.

20 January 2004
Hmm... Kinda missed my old blogskin. That was a nice one. Then again, I really like this current skin that's why I've been using it for ages liao. hehe...

22 January 2004
I absolutely refuse to read this post again. It's cocky and makes my tummy growl. BTW, I still have yet master the art of posting pictures online. Yes, I am that pathetic... Oh man, if only what I wrote is right in front of me right now, really, would I even care to continue with this shit? And my cravings for xiaolongbao is still going strong. hai...

25 January 2004
Yes, I took the dumbs SATS for NOTHING. WTH!

27 January 2004
I've given up on learning ziwei doushu already. haha... It's too complicated for a normal person to understand much less a Joan.

29 January 2004
Oh... I must tell you! That day I was singing KTV and Peiyi managed to locate that song and we sang it. It was a classic man... A damn nice song! Now on it will become one of my KTV-must sing songs liao.

31 January 2004
To people concern over my friendship, it's all clear! It was fine liao... So much so that I can't really remember what happened at that time so it wasn't really something very serious, I guess.

3 February 2004
I still don't meet up with the CDS people regularly save for Yanling. And I still have yet struck Toto. I pledge here, if I ever strike top prize in Toto, I'll definitely force all of you CDS people out for dinner with me! I'll force, bribe, blackmail, and make sure all of you are present!

5 February 2004
A dear girl had really thought that I really struck Toto and messaged me to congradulate me. Well, guess she just read the entry in passing. But I still wish that one day, everybody will message me congradulating me on striking Toto and I need not tell them that it was a mistake.

7 February 2004
If you read the side of my blog, I listed this movie as my fav movie. It wasn't actually so. My fav movie originally written by the side was Eternal Sunshine of the Spottless mind, but I changed it after watching the TV premeire of the movie Being John Malcovich and before I turned into a anti-Charlie Kaufman activist. I guess Being John Malcovich shows us the true colours of the Jew scriptwriter. And who else dares to counter me on the argument that the Jews are out to conquer the world?!

10 February 2004
I still like Faye!

13 February 2004
What a heart-wrenching piece written on such a heart-wrenching day. To all, I've walked out of this traphole with lots of injuries and now, I must say what I need is time, and if possible, that Prince Charming to sweep me off my feet and away on some horseback...

17 February 2004
It wasn't that bad la... But a little daydreaming is always good. haha...

20 February 2004
More of Joan's musings.

23 February 2004
Now that I've got my ABB B3 in my pocket in my hand in my tummy in my future, that post is nothing liao. That's worries over nothing. haha... If only I knew my grades when I wrote that piece, I wouldn't need to be so so moody. haha...

Okay... It although isn't really time for me to go off liao but i'm bored stiff from crapping. Utter crap sia. Haven't wrote anything decent in the past hour or so and I'm so utterly amazed that I can write all this nonsense on and on.

Just on an ending note, I'm surprised about my postings for February 2004. There is NOT a single mention on my BIRTHDAY!!! Guess there wasn't much to write about ba... That means I had a sad sad birthday. And I guess it would be so this year again. wahaha...

Just like ytd, if you feel your time have been wasted, claim your free xiaolongbao-s from me! And also kudos to everyone who got till here with me!

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Joan is bored stiff!

Joan is bored stiff!

This will be the most boliao post Joan has ever posted here and pls forgive her if she bored you stiff too. She'll treat you xiaolongbao-s if you are unhappy with her, just call her up, drop an sms withher, or im her, and arrange a time and date for your free xiaolongbao! haha... So this is how desperate Joan's getting now with her crazy craving for xiaolongbao. haha...

Joan lay in bed last night and couldn't fall asleep cos she had this extensive craving for xiaolongbao-s. wahaha...

Okay... On with the most pathetic piece of post ever:

A review of all of Joan's previous posts, starting from 19 September 2003.

That was when I first got my blog. I created a blog cos everybody around me had a blog and were talking about stuff they posted on it and I felt miserably left out due to my technological expertise, or rather inexpertise. It was exam period when I first created it and I guess my prelim grades of CEE C6 does explains everything.

20 September 2003
Joan thanked her dear friend Shuhui for her technical help and went on posting a story she wrote. Now looking back, that story's really juvenile and probably contains some very serious grammar errors that now looking back at it, I'll cringe. It's very funny that my most prized piece of writing is never posted online sia. Think maybe one day, I shall post that piece, wait for it ba, I'll let it go through a couple more editions before putting it up.

22 September 2003
That was a Communist issue. I think that explains my political stand. oops... Don't come catch me, send me to prison hor... By the way, yup, Joan finally managed to purchase that book on Chin Peng in Kinokuniya and have by now finished the book cover to cover.

27 September 2003
A nonsenisical piece. haha... BTW, the blank is supposed to be diamond, yup, if you guys don't know.

2 October 2003
The ending to my story. I think the endings sucks. I'd completed it pretty hastily so I guess that's why it's so ba...

11 October 2003
The poem I wrote before I had the inspiration for that story, maybe it gives some hindsights.

16 October 2003
I'm so glad to be able to announce that 2046 is finally completed and I'd watched it liao. Refer to my critique on the movie somewhere in my blog, perhaps if i'm really that boliao today I might get till there, if not the search through the archives yourself ba. In short 2046 was quite a disappointment in that it had not matched up to my expectations, still it was a commendable piece by my fav director.

18 October 2003
That incident mentioned in that dream I wrote still haunts me occasionally. If there was a most memorable mistake, or most terrible mistake I ever made story telling competition and I decide to join, I guess that's what I'll write about.

28 October 2003
Now that I've been there done that, it's a piece of cake actually. hahaha... Was talking about taking my A level exams if you hadn't caught what I mean, btw. haha... Now that I've my ABB B3 in solid black and white on a piece of official document, I can claim that haiyo, what was the worries about?!

30 October 2003
A short piece on one of my perennial favourite topics. Totalitarianism. haha...

31 October 2003
Had not managed to collect those dumb bottle caps and hence did not get to see my dearest Wubai in Singapore, BUT, the next time I WILL GET TO SEE HIM!!!

Okay, I shall stop here now as I've filled up my time and now I've to go. haha... Might continue if I ever get too bored again or if I ever need to fill up my time doing nothing! For those who've managed to read until this period at the end, I must say, wah zai sia.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Tsunami Disaster Relief

Tsunami Disaster Relief

I'm sure by now everybody should have at least donated some money to some charity that would be donating to the above cause. The most well-known agency collecting aid for this cause would be the Red Cross Society of Singapore. We can see their tin cans everywhere, adverts on all newspapers and magazines, one newspaper has even tied up with that agency to collect donations.

But this girl here, our dearest Joan, hasn't donated a single cent to any organisation yet.


The reason to Joan is very simple. Like other charity donation drives which Joan scoffs at, she absolutely has no intention of donating money that contributes to some rich official's coffers.

Red Cross had said right from the start of their donation drive that they only want money. No food, no clothes, no nothing except money. Well, I think donations shouldn't be like that. Even though we've seen in other donation drives some people donated things like bikinis, hats and god knows what for the Relief, it'd be damning to just ask for money that ultimately would be used to acquire clothes and food which could be donated by us. So why money? According to Red Cross, they said that it would be logistically more viable for them to purchase these goods. Then again, here's the big question:

Where are they going to buy those relief stuff from?

According to Red Cross, the money that we Singaporeans had donated will be sent over to their Red Cross headquarters in London, then from there the London Red Cross would then decide how they'd like to allocated the money to the various afflicted nations. Hence, it would most likely be that the relief items would be bought in London, or Europe. Imagine millions of dollars just flowing out of our little economy into the already fat pockets of the European Union, not a very pretty sight ain't it?

If we were to donate in kind or to an agency based in Singapore, at least those relief items would be purchased in our homeland and our economy would remain in equilibrium. Okay, I might sound a bit overtly nationalistic but I always believe that we must have the might to sustain ourselves before we do out part and help others.

Back to my main point, before anybody accuses me of being unfeeling towards the disaster victims, I feel pained for them just like everyone else. I also think that they would need our aid, it's just the operations of Red Cross that I distrust. As a newpaper had reported, there are fears that up to 25% of the donations would end up as operation costs for the Red Cross. Is that what we had wanted?! Had we donated money so that it could be spent on such?! To me, I'd think that it's a pure waste of money! Hence my boycott of the Society.

I would everyone else who don't want their money used other purposes than relief do so too!

If you really don't mind your money used for other Red Cross purposes, really, I'm not stopping you from donating money to them, after all, it's your money. haha...

But then again, would all the other 75% of the donations end up aiding the disaster victims?

I don't think so. A big portion of that money would somehow find it's way into the coffers of some local big shot official. Maybe not so much for these Red Cross funds, but definitely so for those funds contributed by the various nations in the name of reconstructing South Asia. This would be especially so bearing in mind that those countries afflicted by the disaster are all pretty corrupt countries. Who can cross their hearts and say that India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand is not corrupt you are either ignorant or very ignorant.

This whole Red Cross affair reminds me of one particular local charity organisation that Joan absolutely detests. NKF.

We all know that 25% of NKF funds goes to some obscure cause other than helping needy patients and we know that the NKF building is VERY nicely furnished and lots of people are still donating during their charity shows as they want to win a condo or a car or god knows what.

Is that still charity?

Joan doesn't think so. yup... And as such, Joan is hugely ANTI-NKF.

But please don't think that I'm just another selfish brat. Cos I ain't. Perhaps is what I deem as charity and helping others is different from other people.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

On a midnight bus home...

On a midnight bus home...

I was taking a midnight bus home yesterday. I was the only passenger on board the bus for most of the ride, except for the bus driver, that is. Then a thought suddenly flasked through my mind, what would make the bus driver freak out???

I thought of two spooky scenarios, which would be scarier...

On board the midnight bus, the bus driver had not stopped to pick up any passengers at all as the night was quiet and all folks have returned home. The dutiful bus driver concentrated on his driving when suddenly he had the urge to turn his head back to look at the seats of his bus. At the far end of the bus sat a long haired, pale faced female passenger.


On board the midnight bus, the bus driver had picked up a long haired, pale faced female passenger only as the night was quiet and all other folks have returned home. The dutiful bus driver concentrated on his driving when suddenly he had the urge to turn his face back to look at the seats of his bus. There was nobody on board the bus.

hmm... Joan would freak out on both occasions, but seriously thinking, which would one rather face? Which is scarier?

Give it a thought!

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Steven Lim

Steven Lim

Joan has never been reduced to tears watching variety programmes, ever. But as most things, there'll have to be a start somewhere. Steven Lim started it.

What is humour?

Joan doesn't think that strutting around in a yellow swimming trunks is very humorous. Hence, Joan wasn't exactly very entertained by Steven Lim, in fact, she was cringing throughout his performance she unfortunately saw on TV, the sad variety programme of Top Fun.

It is quite ironic to think that just the day before Joan was explaining to her friends why she absolutely detested Stephen Chow and Ben Stiller and would never pay to watch Kung Fu Hustle and Meet the Fockers, their respective movies now running. Joan finds that Stephen Chow and Ben Stiller kind of humour are not very funny and instead is rather disgusting. Sad to say, Joan would be putting Steven Lim up among detestable humour with Stephen Chow and Ben Stiller.

And everytime I think about that time I met him in Orchard, my goosepimples would appear. I'd go, oh my god, oh my god, he was 20cm away from me?!! It sounds so disgusting that I'm feeling so faint now.

Really, I wonder which decent person would do what he did on national TV. It's either he just has a burning desire to perform and/or let people know about him, or he is plain mad. I saw how the female guests in Top Fun were reduced into tears then realised that tears were too streaming down my face. Was it lears of laughter? Someone asked me. Definitely no! It was more like tears of disgust. My body was cringing so badly that I thought I was going to get spasms, but instead, tears just uncontrollably ran down my face. Yes, Steven Lim is that bad.

This makes me wonder. After Singapore Idol and Econ Night last year, why could the Top Fun producers still allow Steven Lim up on stage?!! Someone should just ban him from being on national TV and disallow him to ply his trade in Orchard, ever. I think I'm having a phobia of Orchard ever since I met him there and kena terrorised by his wanna pluck eyebrows routine. For once, I'm showing due respect to Mark Lee, for walking out on this horrifying guy.

*salutes Mark Lee*

But still, my most cringing TV/movie moment is awarded to Stephen Chow. In one of his Sun Wukong shows, the second one actually, Xian Lu Qi Yuan, I was most horrified by the scene where Stephen Chow's character had his crotch burned. I always flip over when I see that scene on reruns on TV. Can the relevant people doing the TV programmes just burn that tape and never show that show ever again, please?

Hai... The degradation of TV that makes even the most diehard TV fan not want to watch TV... What else has life in store for this girl with eyes wide opened in horror?!!