Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Nobody takes Joan seriously.

Nobody takes Joan seriously.

My parents think I'm some kind of joke, some kind of little girl, some kind of airhead.
My sis, younger sis, sometimes act more like an older sis instead, making me some what like an, ya, airhead.
My friends also treat me like some sort of entertainment machine, one who brainlessly provide mere fun and laughter, like an airhead.
My prof too treat me like an airhead, grading me as accordance to the expectations of an airhead.

I'm sick of being treated like an airhead.

Yes, I know, I might me a little dense sometimes, but i'm not all that stupid you know. I do have a brain and an intellect, just that I usually keep them aside as it's taxing to always lug them around. After years of education, I must say that I didn't pass my exams by being an airhead, I had used my brain and intellect, sometimes crooked smartness to get me through.

I didn't by fluke or anything get by my years of education getting As and Bs. I worked hard for them, not meaning that I was hardworking, but I applied my knowledge well using my smartness, intellect and my brain.

To further prevent people from misunderstanding Joan, she has decided to make a birthday resolution 30 days before her birthday. Once past my 20th birthday, I shan't be that stupid airhead people knew me as. I shall let people see the more serious, matured, intellectual side of me. I shall cease my Stupidity Symptoms column. I shall not play with any more *actions*, nor will I open my eyes wide in innocent and ask "is it?!". I shall also not take anymore wide eyed big headed self portraits of myself. Instead, Joan will talk less, work more, not take too much interest in the junior world out there. She'll be treated as peers by her dear friends, even those friends who are much older, Joan will be able to match to your level. She'll be seen as a big sister or a motherly image to those younger than her.

To the dear friend who scoffed when I said I'd be more serious and matured, I'll do it. Even though you'd said that I can only act it, I know after my birthday, I'll be a changed woman. I'll be a woman, no longer a girl, a little girl. I'll refer myself as this lady, instead of this little girl as I'd always done.

For now, I'll have 20 days more of being an airhead. Maybe I should try and enjoy being it now cos once past muy birthday, I'll no longer have a chance to ease up anymore.

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