Sunday, January 23, 2005

Joan's sick. Very sick.

Joan's sick.

Very sick.

Think it was cos Jon and Victoria got eliminated, my body went on protest... hehe... Joan woke up on wed morning with an itchy throat and as the day progressed, Joan drank lots and lots of water to prevent herself from falling sick, but towards the end of the day, Joan still fell sick. Lost her voice. Thursday went to see doc cos didnt want her sickness to worsen, so dropped by YIH to see the sch doc which wasnt as bad as she thought. She went home on thu night so that she can rest more comfortably with the care of her parents and her sis. Skipped workshop on Fri so that she can have more rest and try and at least get better so that she can go sentosa the next day. But the Sentosa trip was so fun that Joan forgot to take her medicine and today, she's in a worse state than ever... poor thing...

This Sentosa trip is the most fun Sentosa trip Joan had ever had! So even if now I'm almost dying, I'd say it's worth it man! To my that group of friends, you guys are the best man! Come next week after the AGM, say, shall we tear down Kristy's house? woohoo~ It's such a long time since I had such a crazy time with a big group of ppl... think this girl is growing old liao... haha...

Nothing to add liao... Joan haven't been doing much thinking lately, as you can tell out of the lack in sustanial posts. And she hasn't been watching any great movies or read any nice books to add to my reviews.

Haven't watched any movies since my grandma went, so now that the mourning period's over, people, do jio Joan out to watch movies! Joan's pretty okay with any kind of movie, as long as it's either entertaining, or meaningful, or artistic, so guess that's pretty much everything liao... haha... Although Joan do prefer going to either GV Marina or Cineleisure to watch movies.

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