Monday, December 27, 2004

Joan's Personal Encounter With A Tsunami

Joan's Personal Encounter With A Tsunami

With reference to the latest earth movements in the Indian Ocean, Joan would like to share with everyone her own personal encounter. It is horrifying to see the large numbers of deaths in South/Southeast Asia to gigantic waves and not directly to the 8.9-9.0 earthquake.

With improvements in technology and superior warning systems, earthquakes are no longer as deadly as before. Even a 9.0 earthquake would not be able to topple a tall building with strong foundation. Sadly the bulk of the deaths from these earthquakes are of poor rural peasants who, well, are rather neligible to the authoritites who do not try to save them cos they are seen to them as a waste of resources. Personally, I think there might even be a conspiracy theory in Indonesia. The epicentre of the earthquake is nearest to Aceh and as we all know, the Indonesian government isn't on that good terms with the Acehnese hence I am thinking that perhaps there might be a conspiracy theory that the authorities are holding back aid and relief to the Acehnese in hope that more of them (especially the extremists) would die and create less trouble for them.

*Disclaimer: This is JOAN'S random thoughts and should carry NO weight AT ALL.*

Other than the earthquakes, this massive movement of the earth crust brought along another disaster, tsunamis. Some call them tidal waves, but I don't think they are really caused by tides as we know that tides are caused by gravity and some weird relationship of the sun and moon and god knows what, so in here I shall call them tsunamis. At this point in time, 22 000 people from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Burma, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Somalia have been accounted dead. Many more are still missing, which technically means dead but without the locating of their bodies yet.

This brings back to my point. Singapore is much much nearer to the epicentre of the earthquake than India, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Somalia, yet we are not much affected by these movements. Yes, there were little shakes in some parts of the island, but not more than a wriggle and definitely no tsunamis and we are talking about an ISLAND surrounded by water very near to the epicentre. Why so? Thank god we are lucky.

Joan examined the map of the region and came to a conclusion that Sir Stamford Raffles indeed had great foresight. Singapore is surrounded by much larger land masses of islands like Sumatra, the Mainland, Java, Kalimantan and because of these blocks created by the land masses, there is a limit to the formation of large waves. Sri Lanka and India are unprotected by any land masses and are open to the vastness of the Indian Ocean. There is adequate, more than adequate length for killer waves to gather.

However, before we can smirk at the dead Indians, we must also beware of the deadliness of tsunamis too cos if the epicentre was not north of Sumatra and say north of Java, between Sumatra and Kalimantan, then Singapore is dead. Singapore is so tiny that I think one tsunami is enought to sweep up to Bishan.

*At this point, Joan looks out of her window, there is a black out at the car park outside her house. She knows that beyond the carpark is a cluster of low lying houses, then an expressway, and then after that lies the sea. A small tsunami is adequate to drown her if she's caught unawared. The night does looks quite scary*

Enough of that before I freak out.

When Joan was reading the papers about the tsunami and watching the news about it, she had a sense of deja vu. Somehow, she felt that she had experienced it before...

This brings us back to where she had started, "Joan's encounter with a tsunami"...

It was a couple of years back but not too long ago, say maybe when I was 17 or 18 (if you don't know, I'm closing on 20 now) when I had this very vivid dream. So vivid was the dream that I can remember it until now.

The scene was West Coast of the US, on board a luxury liner. The time was late morning. We were having a scumptous buffet spread for brunch on board the luxury liner. It wasn't exactly a cruise, but more of a private ship that ferried people to this offshore ship building area where I held an inspection job. I had just finished inspecting a number of ships. I can't remember who I was with, but I was definitely with a preteen boy among others. He could be my brother or my son or just somebody I know, anyway, the thing was that I was extremely concerned about him. Everything was going along fine. The feeling was something like on board Titanic before disaster struck, everyone was merry. Then suddenly, the ship took a dive and started speeding up. I saw a huge wave rising from behind the ship going to crash into us. The ship was racing with the wave, whichever reaches the shore first would be the winner. I grabbed the hand of the boy with me as tightly as he permitted as we ran up the shore. The gigantic wave about five stories high and was crashing fast into the streets. I had to run as quickly inland as possible with the boy still with me.

I can't remember what happened after that, but it was night already. I was safely in a warm house with heating facilities. The boy was upstairs sleeping and I was downstairs peering out of the window. The weather outside seemed to be very cold as my window was pretty much fogged up. People were streaming the streets, pushing and shoving.

Then I can't remember much liao. After that, I remembered that I too took the streets but as a voluntary relief worker. I was helping to direct the people to a safe place to rest. The boy wasnt with me at this time. The streets were all wet, and everyone was wet and hungry.

That's it...

It's very saddening to think that so many people have died. Okay, if you ask the urbanised Joan who she's sad for, it's actually the tourists in Thailand that she's most sad for. Tourists were there cos they wanted to escape the cold dry winter back in their homeland and NOT get into a cold WET journey of struggle for survival in a foreign land. Really, you can call Joan a bourgeois or a racist or whatever you want, but really, I don't really give a damn shit about the deaths of those pathetic Indian peasants. The world has too many peasants and this little deaths don't really cost us a lot. ha!

Okay... Really, nobody deserves to die, but if you're dead, then it's only your fate to blame. Even as I'm writing out this piece the death toll is still rising.

*Joan scrolls up and alters the death figures that she gave previously*


Wonder what the world is up to now?

It's saddening to know that the next most important news next to this earthquake/tsunami is about Ukraine opposition leader kena poisoned by his government, like what the?!

I think the only happy news now is that Meeting the Fockers set a new Christmas box office record. Diaoz... Maybe you guys don't know why I diao is that I have this adverse thing about Ben Stiller. Not just because he's a Jew, but more so I dislike his based humour. The Stephen Chow kinda humour... Yucks!

*Joan just heard that a very sad news*

*she is in no more mood to talk about tsunamis or earthquakes or Ben Stiller or even the pathetic salesman she met today*

Will talk about pathetic salesmen another time ba...

Reputation preceeds a person

Stupidity Symptoms 11
Joan and Friend went to buy earrings. As we all know, Joan likes pearls and likes pearl earrings so she could not resist taking a second look at the pearl earrings on display. She spotted a pair of earrings with the pearls all bunched up like grapes. She held them up amused to her friends and said in rapid Chinese, “Chi putao but u putao pi, bu chi putao dao tu putao pi.” Then seeing that her customer likes pearls, the salesgirl brought over to Joan a bigger collection of pearl earrings and Joan continued reciting the above lines until she left the store and Friend made her shut up.


An update on Joan's life.

She went for two camps and hell lot of fun disturbing people and being super enthu for a change. I don't know where did I get the energy from, but I managed to cope well without adequate sleep and morning sicknesses. In fact, I think that putting my mind away from all the unhappiness was what made me held out for so long. Okay, I didn't really manage to hold out totally. I broke down once throughout. But coming out from that made Joan a stronger girl!

I like going for these sort of camps and getting to know a whole lot more people and making friends with them. It is easy to get close to them during camps as we live, eat, play together, but what must come out of this is the effort to stay close even after the camp. But camps are also the time when one really finds out that there are certain people that working together with isn't really that great an idea. It is not that that person is not a good worker, but sometimes, there is a clash of methods of going about doing stuff and is hard to reach a comprimise. Well, in such circumstances, it's better to steer clear away from that person if there's a next time to be working together. But we can still be friends, just not working partners. I guess that's why some people advise not to marry your colleague.

Another thing I've understood from my camps:

Reputation preceeds a person

I made a fast friend in the second of my camps and we were going along quite well until on towards the end of the camp he revealled to me this...

Friend: Actually, I've heard about you before.
Joan: (shocked) What did you hear about me?
Friend: Not very nice things.
Joan: (lagi shocked) Like what?
Friend: I heard from my friend that you said some pretty nasty things during a class.

Friend was referring to the time when I said some things during a tutorial trying to justify Hitler's actions.

As we all know, Joan is anti-Semitic, but really, do Jews deserve to die? NO! Of course not. Nobody deserves to die. Then again, let me go through the arguments once again.

Is it justifiable to hate Jews?

We all have people we dislike. You might hate hypocrites, arrogant people, poor people, horny people, or whatever kind of people, so why can't I hate Jews? They are also a kind of people that one can not like due to certain characteristics. Some people hate Christains, some hate Muslims, some hate Blacks. I'm just hating the Jews.

How much so that I hate Jews, I'll never justify the fact that Hitler did indiscriminately killed them.


It can be justified using argument. On paper, I shall argue it ou t for you to see how it goes, but really, I think that nobody should die like that.

Is it justifiable for Hitler to kill Jews?

Jews are a group of people, like any other groups of people who can be hypocrites, arrogant people, poor people, horny people, or whatever kind of people, for all that matters, they can be murderers. So if it's justifiable to apply capital punishment on murderers, why isn't it justifiable to apply capital punishment on the Jews. Just as long as there's a rule stating that it is illegal to be a Jew, they can apply that punishment. For the law to be in place, a whole bureaucractic procedure have to be involved and we MUST remember that Hitler went through all these.

Hitler did NOT sieze power by coups or force or anything like that, he won power via elections and winning over the political leaders at that point in time.

It is just like in some countries with capital punishment. The moral issues remains, do we have the right to kill another fellow human being? And this is the reason why some so called first-world developed countries did away with capital punishment as they think that it is against freedom. Before we can say such, we must always remember that the so called most free country the USA, still exercises capital punishment, so how can they slam Hitler just like that?

Before people start calling me neo-Nazi or something similar, I must say that, I'm not Nazified. I'm just a discerning history student who want to justify SOME of Hitler's actions. The most important thing in anti-Semitism is that it did not start in Hitler's hands and neither was the Holocaust the worst effect of anti-Semitism.

The Russians should be the main culprits. After all, they were the ones who were said to have faked to Protocols of the Elders of Zion and their pogroms killed more people than the concentration camps.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

A review for the year 2004

A review for the year 2004

If you guys look through my archives, you would notice that at the beginning of this year I made a list of New Year Resolutions. Well, after almost a year, I shall now go through them once again and review how much have I achieved this year.

1. earn money
>>As we can see, before Joan went into uni she only took up two jobs. One a short stint with John Little and the other a 4 day stint with Ritz-Carlton, so she didn't really earn a lot of money. She didn't even bother taking up tuition jobs when it came her way and now she is back to being a full time uni student.
Conclusion: 30% accomplished
Luckily in the year of 2005 Joan need not worry about money problems as she will have to concentrate on her studies and the money problems shall be transferred to her dad. hehe...

2. learn diving
>>Joan really tried. She sign up with NUS dive club but freaked out in the end. Nothing's out of it and it seems like Joan's over this phase of life. Maybe later in life when she really got nothing better to do or have a more compelling reason to pick up diving ba...
Conclusion: 5% accomplished
Joan's now not thinking of learning how to dive liao. Instead, she's thinking of learning how to drive instead, but of course she'll have to first overcome her fears.

3. get good a level results
>>ABB, B3 A level results. Need I say anymore? Okay, the grades aren't really that spectacular to the high flying geeky students but to underachieving Joan who got only a CEE, C6 for her prelims, this is indeed a big achievement to her. The only regret is not getting A for history.
Conclusion: 90% accomplished
Next step, getting good grades in Uni. Do hons. Go for exchange programme. The sky's her limits!

4. get good SAT scores
>>1350. Need I say anymore too? Okay, wth... SATS were ruled of of contention after like two hours after its implementation so even if I did well for it it is of NO use AT ALL.
Conclusion: 50% accomplished
Heck sia... Anyway, Joan's thinking of getting her IQ tested. Really wondering how smart is she exactly, or not, by the way. hehe...

5. find a boyfriend
>>After a year and Joan is still here typing some have or don't have. Said.
Conclusion: 0% accomplished
That shall continue to be her sole mission in life... A long continous search for the perfect soul mate for the little girl. If only it rained men, good men. Or if only the guys she likes has eyes...

6. become prettier
>>So I'm not painting up my face every day, but with face masks and nose masks and toners, Joan is indeed looking more radiant than ever. And with her present weight of 47kg for her 168cm frame, I guess that's pretty decent ba. 32B-25-35. Isn't really that bad, I guess. And my cousin is dying to have my legs, so I guess they must be pretty nice. Yup... And I've changed my parting in my hair which people are saying that that makes me look nicer, so well...
Conclusion: 75% accomplished
But no girl would be satisfied with what they have. So Joan shall continue in her attempt to eliminate all acne from her face and all evidence that they were once plaguing her. Also on the cards is a reform in her dressing. Use clothes to bring out Joan's most beautiful side.

7. finish up everything im doing halfway
>>When I wrote this it was in direct reference to the writings I was doing and have been doing throughout my free time. Sadly to say, my completed works still remain as measely as ever. Gina is say 20% done, Scarlet Flight still 30% more to go, ya, and I'm even starting on something new, Diamond Dog even though I've yet to clear up what are still hanging on a thread. Really sad... But Joan did Separate Lives, so I guess that's a big accomplishment to her ba...
Conclusion: 10% accomplished
Yup... Need I say anymore?! 2005 will be Gina, Scarlet Flight and Diamond Dog.

8. be a more fanatical fan of faye and wubai
>>After initial fevour of giving out their CDs as birthday presents to my friends, I fell into oblivion and missed out on the birthdays od friends borned in the second half of the year. I also didn't buy Wubai's latest CD as promptly as I think I should. But I did go for Faye's autogragh sessions and I did go to watch 2046 as support for Faye Wong, but I don't really think I should receive that much credit.
Conclusion: 50% accomplished
I MUST continue with my mission for the spread of the Wubai and Faye faith in my people in the next year!

9. perm my hair
>>Straight as ever. Untouched by hairdressers. Said.
Conclusion: 0% accomplished
Not thinking of perming my hair now. But really thinking of getting my hair cut into something more stylish. 2005, that will be it.

10. get my ears pierced
>>Yup! I've got the holes as proof, but it sucks man. Never will I go through this torture ever again.
Conclusion: 100% accomplished
I will NEVER do it again. To think that my sis went to get another hole again. I think she's mad.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004



Why do I need a disclaimer? Especially at this point in time?
I've been horribly misunderstood!

First things first.
This piece though was titled A Conversation is nothing more than a MONOLOGUE.
Yes, Joan and Ping are technically the SAME PERSON.

Another important matter.
This is absolutely fictional!
It is a figment of Joan's over-reactive imagination.
I only named my characters Joan and Ping because I wanted people to see that technically they are the same person, but some people really thought that I was talking to myself. Really, I would have named my characters Alan and Sheng if you guys all know who's Alan Lim Li Sheng. Okay, actually, I've no idea who's he either. haha...

So why did Joan write that piece?

Because she always wanted to write a monologue.
She always wanted to write a mind-fiddling monologue.
So this very day when she had the time and feel, after watching some pretty mind-fiddling shows by dear charlie kaufman, she decided to pick up her pen, okay, laptop, and start writing away.

Maybe I should also add on and answer a few faqs.

Who is Godot?
No one in particular. In fact, I'm even doubting if he's human. He's more of an object that's personified ba...

What is Godot?
I dont know. Maybe someone should ask Samuel Beckett. I used the term Godot with his reference cos technically they are both the same abstract and also so that I could fit in my quotes.

What happened to you?
Nothing happened to me!
As mentioned before, this is PURELY FICTIONAL! Yes.

Okay, do read it not for it's face value, try to think of what you want at this very moment and how far it is from your reach. Think of the mood I created and how it affects you. Try and think of how one person can simultaneously be both Joan and Ping. Think of the stand of them and where would you stand between them.

Contact me for an in depth discussion if you want!

Friday, December 17, 2004

A Conversation

A Conversation

Joan: Why aren't you asleep yet?
Ping: I don't know.
Ping: I think I'm waiting.
Joan: For what you are waiting for?
Ping: I don't know.
Ping: I think I'm waiting for Godot.

Joan: Why are you waiting for Godot?
Joan: Why don't you just let Godot come to you?
Ping: I don't know.
Ping: I hadn't really wanted to wait for Godot.
Ping: I mean, don't everyone wants Godot to look for them instead?
Joan: Ya, so why are you still here waiting?
Ping: I don't know.
Ping: Perhaps it's because Godot didn't come and look for me that I'm here waiting.
Joan: Why don't you go look for Godot instead?
Ping: I don't know.
Ping: I don't want to ba...

Joan: How long will you stay here waiting?
Ping: I don't know.
Ping: Perhaps until I can't take it anymore.
Joan: What will you do then?
Ping: I don't know.
Ping: Sleep over it?
Joan: And not attempt to look for Godot?
Ping: I don't know.
Ping: I mean, what use would it be if I managed to contact Godot but receive no reply in return?
Ping: Wouldn't that be very embarrassing?
Joan: Why would it be embarrassing?
Ping: I don't know.
Ping: But it's like admitting a vulnerability.
Joan: Ya, I guess so.
Joan: But sometimes you can advance via retreating.

Joan: You should take control of your own life.
Joan: You should do what you want.
Joan: You should not leave your fate to Godot.
Ping: I don't know.
Joan: Yes, you know.
Joan: You shouldn't let one Godot ruin your life.
Joan: Go girl, go get a life.
Joan: Either you quit waiting for Godot or you just heck forget about Godot.
Ping: I don't know.
Ping: At this moment, I really had wanted Godot to come look for me.
Ping: But Godot did not appear.
Joan: So why don't you go look Godot up?
Ping: I don't know.
Ping: I don't dare to.
Ping: I think it might be better for me to forget about Godot.

Joan: You really want to quit waiting for Godot?
Ping: I don't know.
Ping: It sure beats stoning here waiting for nothing.
Joan: What if Godot comes after you leave and can't find you?
Ping: I don't know.
Ping: That's fate ba...

Joan: I wonder what's Godot doing now...
Ping: I don't know.
Ping: And don't want to know.
Joan: Why?
Joan: Aren't you curious?
Ping: I don't know.
Ping: I'm afraid of finding out things I don't want to find out.
Joan: Isn't that a bit like the ostrich?
Ping: I don't know.
Ping: Maybe a little.
Joan: So that means you really want to be an ostrich?
Ping: I don't know.

Joan: Really, my girl, what do you think dear Godot is thinking of right now?
Ping: I don't know.
Ping: Maybe Godot's thinking of how to get rid of my incessant disturbances?
Ping: Or maybe Godot's thinking of someone else?
Ping: Or maybe Godot just isn't thinking of anything in particular?
Ping: Maybe I'm just too sensitive.

Joan: If Godot is feeling happy now, I want you to feel two thousand times happier.
Ping: I don't know.
Ping: Although I do want to feel so, I don't think I can make it.
Joan: I really want you to feel two thousand times happier than Godot.
Ping: I don't know.
Ping: Why two thousand, by the way?
Joan: It's a quote.
Joan: And this too...
Joan: One thousand is too little.
Joan: Of course, if you can feel more than two thousand times happier than Godot it would be better, won't it?
Ping: I don't know.
Ping: To me, it doesn't really matter how I feel.
Ping: I will always feel better as long as Godot is not upset.

Joan: And Godot is letting you wait?
Ping: I don't know.
Ping: I don't think it's Godot's fault.
Ping: I mean, it was I who wanted to wait.
Joan: Why do you want to wait?
Ping: I don't know.
Ping: It's something that my head can't work out.
Ping: I guess you would have to ask my heart.
Joan: Heart, why?
Ping: I don't know.
Ping: My body isn't listening to the orders passed down from my brain.
Joan: I understand.
Joan: This happens.

Joan: What will you say to Godot when your wait is over?
Ping: I don't know.
Ping: I probably won't say much.
Ping: Don't really want Godot to know that I was waiting.
Joan: What a poor little thing you are.

Joan: What if Godot never arrives?
Joan: Will you go on waiting just like this?
Ping: I don't know.
Ping: I don't know.

Joan: You will just ruin your life like that!
Joan: There's more to life than Godot.
Ping: I don't know.
Ping: I just know that right now, at this very moment, presently, what I want most is Godot.
Joan: What a fucker?!
Ping: I don't know.
Joan: Well, you should!
Joan: Really, why am I wasting so much time listening to your whinings?!
Ping: I don't know.
Joan: Quit it!
Joan: Stop acting blur!
Joan: You think you can get anything you want by acting blur or acting cute?!
Joan: Let me tell you once and for all, Godot will never come!
Joan: You can go on waiting and waiting and waiting.
Ping: I don't know.
Ping: How did you know?
Joan: I read it.

Joan: I think you are really fucked up.
Ping: I know.
Joan: Surprised you knew that too.
Ping: I know.
Ping: What other fucked up being can do two opposite things at one time?
Ping: To wait and not waiting for Godot at the same time.
Joan: Ya, I know.
Joan: Go girl, go have a rest.
Joan: You need it.
Joan: Perhaps Godot is just by the lamp beside the window.
Ping: That's another quote, is it?
Joan: Ya...


Thursday, December 16, 2004

More Updates

Stupidity Symptoms 10
Joan was doing sound for a little production. When in the little control room with Friend, Friend complained that it was quite dark and he could not see his cue sheet very clearly. Joan told Friend to say that he is fridge, he is a fridge (in Chinese). "Wo shi bingxiang." Then Joan told Friend to open his mouth and use the little light to see. Friend went like, "hao leng ah..." Joan replied, "of course hao leng what. Ni shi bingxiang what..."

Updates in Joan's life...

* she is broke after 2 shopping trips buying the following:
1 pair of pants from Chaos
1 Conan comic
1 Wubai dvd
1 Winnie the Pooh soft toy
2 Fruitbasket comic (English version, so it's more expensive)
1 bracelet
1 gift pen
2 pens from Muji
1 handphone strap
1 history book on Hitler

and tomorrow there's another shopping trip lined up where she will definitely be buying the following:
1, or 2 seamless underwear
at least 3 packets of chilled sausages from Raffles Deli

* Joan's obsessed with her son and daughter.
She wants to sent her son to either VS, ACS I or worse case circumstance, DHS. And she wants to build a big garden with a maze and pond for her daughter.

* She went for a chinese drama camp and put up a little production.
In the meantime, she entertained everybody with the fridge joke, stories of her son and daughter and got aches in every part of her body.

* Joan fell in love with taking pictures on her little black handphone she named dark baby.
She is like taking pics of everyone and everything now. This is even though she has had camera phones for a little more than a year liao. Her previous phone was also a camera phone, but I think it's cos she bought the cable liao that made her able to take as many pics as she wants and to be able to keep all of them.

yup, friends, do call me up to have your photos taken with me!

Thursday, December 09, 2004

The Merger

What the goddamn heck is blogger coming to?!

My blogger homepage is in chinese! And I dont understand half of it... Damn! My chinese isn't supposed to be that bad, but how come I can't understand much of what's up there?! And I'll be going off for my chinese drama camp like two days later, what if I can't understand the chinese they use there then how?! Ohmygod! I need to practise my chinese like right now, if not I'll be alienated in the camp. Bu ke yi, wo yao jiang hua yu. Dan shi, ni men ting de dong wo zhe yang de hua yu ma?

Heck that la...

Was thinking what should I talk about today. Was deciding between my current favourite TV shows, the slew of channel U programmes like Jie Da Huan Xi (Virtues of Harmony) like how cute is Frankie Lam (Lin Wenlong) or say my Bixuejian (Crimson Sabre) cute cute Kong Wah (Jiang Hua) and Lin Jiadong, or the reality programmes little Joan has become so addicted to like Amazing Race and Survivor, especially after today's Amazing Race, I'd wanted to talk about Jonathan and Victoria, but then, I've decided not to be that shallow.

So the topic of the day would be the merger of SPH and Mediacorp and the fate of the employee, in particular, the SPH artistes.

Offered a transfer to Mediacorp TV Holdings:

- Adam Chen
Good for him. I'm sure he'll do fine there. Jiayou ba!

- Michelle Chia
Well, she's so hot, Mediacorp can't afford to lose her.

- Celest Chong
Ditto. Just caught her in O. Her performance seems quite good. Yup, think that she's very pretty too. Ya, and Mediacorp can help her cut an album and earn more money from the dumb Taiwanese people. Okay, I'm digressing a bit, just thinking about the dumb Taiwanese people who are going to buy Sylvester's album. haha...

- Quan Yifeng
I think this is a big big joke. They sacked her. And she turned to SPH who made her big. Now that she's big, apparently Mediacorp want her back. How pathetic can Mediacorp be?!

- Guo Liang
Clap our hands. Let's not hear any more from pathetic hosts in Channel anymore. Mark Lee was bad enough, then that weird guy Chen Jianbin is the ultimate. Channel 8 needs people like Guo Liang if not, my chinese will just remain like what you people had experienced earlier.

-Apple Hong
Seems like Mediacorp are just sweeping up the cute young things from SPH.

- Hu Bing
Ditto. Not that I find him cute. But apparently many blind girls out there do. And the dumb Taiwanese people I'd been harping on.

- Eelyn Kok

- Ann Kok
Ditto. But I need to add. Ann can never regain her San Jie status anymore.

- Ezann Lee
Ditto. She's young, she's cute, she's fresh, just good for those idol dramas Channel 8 wants to emmulate from the Taiwanese to earn their fast cash. Remember, they are dumb. Technically, they are not really dumb cos they can shout very very loudly, more like they are blind.

- Darren Lim
He's got talent. I've got nothing to add, just hope that Mediacorp knows how to make good use of talent.

- Kym Ng
I'm betting that she'll regain her status as the Ah Jie of variety shows and kick counterpart Sharon Au to her long awaited and procrastinated studies so that I need not cringe whenever she comes on the tv screen.

- Wang Ailing
Well, even though I've the telly plugged into my belly button, I honestly have no idea who this girl is, so I can't say much about her.

- Adrain Pang
Put him in Channel 5! There's a lack of quality actors there. Channel 5 seems to be poaching lots of can't speak english Channel 8 actors cos of there apparent lack of it and Adrian will fit just nicely there. The only halfway decent Channel 5 programme with decent english is First Touch and I want more of it, but where is it?!

- Lynn Poh
Cute young thing. Definitely want to get the contract.

- Ix Shen
Actually I was quite shocked cos he seemed over the hill for Mediacorp even though he really can act. Remember, he beat Christopher Lee in the Star Search eons ago? haha... Actually I remember it cos I'm still sore over it.

-Constance Song
She didn't really had much of a career when she was back in Mediacorp but I really hope that after her decent outing in SPH, she'll make it big again.

- Bryan Wong
Yup. There's a big gap in Channel 8's vairety programmes, just look at Top Fun, don't you just want to puke at Chen Jianbin?

- Ben Yeo
My favourite! Ah Ben! And he not only beats all the Channel 8 hosts flat, he can act! He can make up for some cute guy in some idol dramas Channel 8 so want to produce. Ah Ben! I'll support you wherever you go!

- Helen Cheung
I don't watch news. Okay, actually, I do, but I prefer Wang Yanqing.

Offered a postition at SPH:

- Wang Yanqing (print)
Actually, I personally think that this move is to prevent the newscasters from losing their jobs and I really pity them cos I prefer the Channel U newscasters to the Channel 8 ones with the exception of Huang Xiuling. Yes, people, the TV set is so plugged into me that I do watch the news.

- Lina Ng (marketing)
I'm totally disappointed that she didn't get the Mediacorp contract cos she really can act.

- Evelyn Tan (circulation)

- Chew Huoy Min (print)
She is cuter than Huang Xiuling. Really, I'd rather have her read out news than say Cai Ying, or my most hated Channel 8 newscaster, Qi Qi! I hate Qi Qi! Her chinese sucks! Really, Mediacorp should have sacked the incompetent people from stable to let in the competent people from the other company.

Artistes out of work:
I really pity them. Sending my condolences over to them.

- Ann Poh
Anyway, she would have been typecast in Channel 8, but still, I feel rather sad to see her leave just like that. I mean, on any grounds, she is still a better compere than Patricia Mok.

- Chen Huihui
Some rumours are floating that Mediacorp is making use of this merger to get back at artistes who walked out on them to gloat over their apparent superiority. And Chen Huihui is damn good an actress. I'm like catching her again on Channel 8 5.30 in that rerun of the show.

- Erica Lee
Ditto. Unlike her younger sister Ezann, she's no longer young and cute. And her snub on Mediacorp eons ago is back to haunt her.

- Cherie Lim
I never liked her. And she's really stale liao, so I'm not going to say much.

- Liu Qiulian
Her acting is really good, pity she's old liao. Haiz...

- Wang Liuyan
Never heard of her.

- Adrain Lim
Never heard of him.

- Bernard Tan
He can act. But he's stale. Pity...

- Benjamin Heng
I'm damn damn damn shocked that he wasn't offered the contract. I love you, Chen Guangwei! Ah Seow! I guess, we'll have to see him in dunno what little little productions only. Really, is Mediacorp blind?! They're like giving up a potential Idol lor... He has all the makings to make it big.

- David Leong
Never heard of him.

- Darren Seah

- Dick Su

- Johnson Low

- Li Wenhai
He's also in that rerun of a show that i'm catching at 5.30. Pities to him.

- Shaun Chen
My second biggest surprise after Benjamin Heng. I think it's Mediacorp's way of getting back at him after he snubbed them after they made him big as Xiaoxing. He's also in that 5.30 rerun. He's cute. My advice to him, Shaun, head for Taiwan! You can be big there.

- Peter Yu
Stale actors are so over liao.

- Xavier Teo
Never heard of him.

- Wymen Yong
Who the heck is this person?! I dont even know if this person's a he or a she!

Artistes on retainer who were not offered a transfer:
I don't really understand what this means

- Catherine Tan
Does this means that they might be given jobs on project basis? Well, really, I think Channel 5 needs this pool of girls sia.

- Cynthia Lee
She says she has been offered some projects so I guess I won't pity her that much. After all, there is life in the english drama scene in Singapore. All my best wishes to these girls!

- Pamela Oei
I just don't understand why Mediacorp don't want to take them in? They could use some talent in Channel 5. Channel 5 shows just sucks man. Wonder why am I still watching them...

- Steph Song
Really, Rui'en should just go back to Channel 8 and/or Taiwan. Rui'en looks really fat in Steph's Achar! Steph should have reprised her role sia and not have Rui'en taking it up. Rui'en, chubby cuteness might let you get by in the chinese channel cos we all know Taiwanese people are blind and dumb, but Channel 5 people are comparatively more matured and sensible and won't go for you. Give me back Steph.

In all, fuck Mediacorp in their horribleness of their handling of this whole merger affair. Really, this is an unfair merger. If this was truly a fair merger, then I expect to see incompetent Mediacorp artistes kena retrenched by them, but did we see snything like this? No... Fuck you Mediacorp!

In light of this merger, I only have one wish. I want to see through all the programmes i'm currently watching now. I want to finish watching my Virtues of Harmony. I think my Crimson Sabre will end by then anyway. I also want to continue watching those 11.30 variety programmes now on Channel U like the three Jacky Wu shows, Hello Jacky, The Guess Show, and IQ Go Go Go. Hope that isn't too much to ask for.

I wonder what will life be like after the merger. If we will be gonna left with Channel 8 and the pathetic shows they produce than I think I'm gonna die. Like how am I to live with My Mighty In-Laws, or Double Happiness II which really undercuts the original version. Without Hong Kong drama serials, I think I'm so going to die.

Maybe I shouln't have wrote all these in my blog. I should be writing in to the press! They can publicise my plight and hopefully I can get something out of it!

Monday, December 06, 2004

Thank you!

The past week has been an extremely difficult week for me. Many things happened and I was both emotionally and physically strained. But during this time, many friends came up to me to offer me help, condolences, emotional support, and made me feel more less pained.

I'd really like to use this opportunity to thank all those who had shown their care and concern to a little nobody like me. All your little kind acts and gestures have really touched me and i'd really appreciated that. Be it vis msn or a little sms or a call to comfort me, i really really appreciated it.

Thank you!

It's really heartening to know that even though your sky had fallen down on you there's still a group of friends helping to hold up half the sky.

To all my friends, from the bottom of my heart, I really really love all of you guys.

Thursday, December 02, 2004



life just sucks...

everybody just sucks...