Monday, December 27, 2004

Reputation preceeds a person

Stupidity Symptoms 11
Joan and Friend went to buy earrings. As we all know, Joan likes pearls and likes pearl earrings so she could not resist taking a second look at the pearl earrings on display. She spotted a pair of earrings with the pearls all bunched up like grapes. She held them up amused to her friends and said in rapid Chinese, “Chi putao but u putao pi, bu chi putao dao tu putao pi.” Then seeing that her customer likes pearls, the salesgirl brought over to Joan a bigger collection of pearl earrings and Joan continued reciting the above lines until she left the store and Friend made her shut up.


An update on Joan's life.

She went for two camps and hell lot of fun disturbing people and being super enthu for a change. I don't know where did I get the energy from, but I managed to cope well without adequate sleep and morning sicknesses. In fact, I think that putting my mind away from all the unhappiness was what made me held out for so long. Okay, I didn't really manage to hold out totally. I broke down once throughout. But coming out from that made Joan a stronger girl!

I like going for these sort of camps and getting to know a whole lot more people and making friends with them. It is easy to get close to them during camps as we live, eat, play together, but what must come out of this is the effort to stay close even after the camp. But camps are also the time when one really finds out that there are certain people that working together with isn't really that great an idea. It is not that that person is not a good worker, but sometimes, there is a clash of methods of going about doing stuff and is hard to reach a comprimise. Well, in such circumstances, it's better to steer clear away from that person if there's a next time to be working together. But we can still be friends, just not working partners. I guess that's why some people advise not to marry your colleague.

Another thing I've understood from my camps:

Reputation preceeds a person

I made a fast friend in the second of my camps and we were going along quite well until on towards the end of the camp he revealled to me this...

Friend: Actually, I've heard about you before.
Joan: (shocked) What did you hear about me?
Friend: Not very nice things.
Joan: (lagi shocked) Like what?
Friend: I heard from my friend that you said some pretty nasty things during a class.

Friend was referring to the time when I said some things during a tutorial trying to justify Hitler's actions.

As we all know, Joan is anti-Semitic, but really, do Jews deserve to die? NO! Of course not. Nobody deserves to die. Then again, let me go through the arguments once again.

Is it justifiable to hate Jews?

We all have people we dislike. You might hate hypocrites, arrogant people, poor people, horny people, or whatever kind of people, so why can't I hate Jews? They are also a kind of people that one can not like due to certain characteristics. Some people hate Christains, some hate Muslims, some hate Blacks. I'm just hating the Jews.

How much so that I hate Jews, I'll never justify the fact that Hitler did indiscriminately killed them.


It can be justified using argument. On paper, I shall argue it ou t for you to see how it goes, but really, I think that nobody should die like that.

Is it justifiable for Hitler to kill Jews?

Jews are a group of people, like any other groups of people who can be hypocrites, arrogant people, poor people, horny people, or whatever kind of people, for all that matters, they can be murderers. So if it's justifiable to apply capital punishment on murderers, why isn't it justifiable to apply capital punishment on the Jews. Just as long as there's a rule stating that it is illegal to be a Jew, they can apply that punishment. For the law to be in place, a whole bureaucractic procedure have to be involved and we MUST remember that Hitler went through all these.

Hitler did NOT sieze power by coups or force or anything like that, he won power via elections and winning over the political leaders at that point in time.

It is just like in some countries with capital punishment. The moral issues remains, do we have the right to kill another fellow human being? And this is the reason why some so called first-world developed countries did away with capital punishment as they think that it is against freedom. Before we can say such, we must always remember that the so called most free country the USA, still exercises capital punishment, so how can they slam Hitler just like that?

Before people start calling me neo-Nazi or something similar, I must say that, I'm not Nazified. I'm just a discerning history student who want to justify SOME of Hitler's actions. The most important thing in anti-Semitism is that it did not start in Hitler's hands and neither was the Holocaust the worst effect of anti-Semitism.

The Russians should be the main culprits. After all, they were the ones who were said to have faked to Protocols of the Elders of Zion and their pogroms killed more people than the concentration camps.


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