Sunday, April 29, 2007


I'm not a sweets lover, neither do I have a sweet tooth. I don't have the habit of indulging in desserts most of the time, only occasionally feeding in to my cravings. But recently, I found this magnificently wonderful dessert, at my current favourite eating joint no less.

Mango Sorbet
mango sorbet
This was the first one I tried. I tried it only because I thought that we ordered too little food, and the mango sure looks really good, and I love mangoes a lot. haha~

It turned out to be absolutely wonderful. It's better than all the Ice Mango desserts in the various Hong Kong cafes, or even than the one at NUH food court. The mango fragrance was there, since the sorbet was really set in a real mango, there were even mango lined around the inner skin. The sorbet wasn't too sour, nor too sweet, just nice, the way I like it.

After the meal, I was raving to two different waitresses about the mango sorbet and the both of them separately suggested I come back again and try the peach sorbet.

Indeed, just after like two days, I decided to head back to Ichiban Boshi and try the peach sorbet. I ordered that as soon as we stepped into the restaurant, and had our dessert before the food. haha~ The temptations of sweets.

Peach Sorbet
peach sorbet
The peach was set more aesthetically good looking than the mango, so I was very excited about it, but it lacked the fragrance of the mango. Perhaps it's because peaches generally are not as fragrant than mangoes, but it's still a nice eat. It's light and fluffy, not too strong sweet, sour or creamy taste, with the light lingering of peach hanging on the tip of the tongue. Still, I think I'll have the mango one again the next time I head down Ichiban Boshi.

The thing about the sorbets is that it's difficult to scoop, so it is necessary that two people to share a portion of it. One person to hold down the fruit while the other scoops. Also must becareful not to let the fruit fly out of the bowl if not that's the end of the dessert. Luckily it's set in a bowl, if it were to have been set on a plate, our fruits would have flown all over the place long before we could have them.

I love Ichiban Boshi! The sushi there is different than those in other sushi joints, and the taste and quality is so much better, and now with the amazing desserts, I don't think I'll ever want to go to another sushi joint again. The best thing is that the prices are comparable. Sushi are $1.90 and red plates are at $5.30. Ordered food are also about the same as other Japanese mid range restaurants. The sorbets are at $6.90 per piece but it feeds two people comfortably, so I think it's quite worthwhile.

The best thing is that the service is really good. I frequent the ones at Wisma Atria and Esplanade very often, and I can vouch that the service there are very good. Once me and a couple of friends sat at Esplanade's Ichiban Boshi for a couple of hours, the tea was topped up very promptly and we weren't chased away. The waiters and waitresses were funny and nice and even allowed us to film within their premises.

The waiters and waitresses at Wisma are also very nice. As I mentioned earlier, they recommended me the peach sorbet, but it was not just that, they made a point to check with us about the food after our meal. I always thought it's only the higher end restuarants that the waiters actually bother to check with the guests about the quality of the food, so it's really nice to see a mid-range eatery with such competent service.

And it also helps that there's this really cute waiter at Wisma. Once, I was walking straight and talking to my sister, and he was coming our from the counter, and he banged into me. He was so cute when he started apologising profusely and making sure that I was okay, and that it was an accident and not purposely. I think if it were from some other sushi joint with lousy service, the waiter would probably make it seem like it's my fault. Okay, but it's not just about service. He's cute. hahaha~

I think I just have a thing for cute waiters that make me want to go back to that particular joint for meals. I remember the other time when I was so infatuated with the manager at Holland V's Crystal Jade Lamian Xiaolongbao. I went there so often that he recognised me. Too bad, he transferred out apparently to Wisma's CJ Express, but I haven't seen him there before. I only saw him once walking around Wisma, but not in the shop. Anyway, now that I've set my eyes upon this other cute waiter in Ichiban Boshi, I think I'll just stick to stalking out at Ichiban Boshi. Besides, the cute waiter at Ichiban Boshi is younger. hahaha~

Okay, I better stop here before I sound too hua chi. Yup, so for desserts, and eye candy, head down to Ichiban Boshi!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

My Sister Says...

This is back by popular demand, and also because of neverending supply.

Because my father doesn't stay with us.
Sister: Later I want to call daddie.
Me: Then you pass the phone to me after you're done.
Sister: You call him yourself lah.
Me: Don't need la, you call him then I shun bian lah.
Sister: You want to call him for what?
Me: I want to talk to him lah, duh...

This is between me and my mother regarding my sister.
Me: What time is your daughter coming home? Is she having dinner at home?
Mother: Don't know leh. You call her lah.
Me: Why me? You're her mother, you should call her.
Mother: You're her sister, you should be concerned about your sister.
In the end, neither of us called her.

Me: I'm so screwed, I've got exams tomorrow.
Sister: I got maths test tomorrow. I'm at page 4, and there's still one whole stack of notes over there. What are you studying?
Me: Forensic Science.
Sister: You can do forensic science? Not just your European Studies stuff...
Me: Ya, we need to go cross faculty and GEMs.
Sister: So if I do maths, I can do forensic science also.
Me: Maths would be under the faculty of science, you cannot do forensic science as cross faculty module.
Sister: Medicine leh? Or those pharmacualtical stuff?
Me: I don't think you can cross fac anything from medicine, pharmacy is part of faculty of science.
Sister: Law leh?
Me: Law can.
Sister: Eh, no!!! I'm not going to NUS, I'm going to Cambridge to study. What nonsense am I talking about!
For those who don't catch the joke, for the past few days my sister has been harping on wanting to go to Cambridge to study. How she's going to pay for it is another matter altogether.

This the funniest one yet involving both my mother and my sister.
My sister went to bang on my mother's door.
Mother: (condescending tone) What? What?
Sister: Help me make Ribena!
Me: Can't you make yourself?
Sister: I don't know how.
Mother: So late already haven't sleep yet?
Sister: I don't want talk to you. lalala~ I not hearing anything.
Me: (to my mother) She's the one who's asking a favour lor.
Mother: Yalor. Always like that one.
Sister: (to me) Why are you helping her?
Mother: (to me) You want breakfast tomorrow anot?
Me: Don't want.
Sister: (to mother) What am I having for breakfast tomorrow?
Me: I thought you don't want to talk to your mother?
Sister: Sheesh... Stop helping her.
Mother: (to me) Then you want birds' nest anot?
Me: I want.
Sister: How come I don't have?
Mother: I thought you not talking to me? So late haven't sleep, you want tomorrow go to school and sleep in school again is it? At night don't want to sleep... (went on with more nagging)
Note: I get the birds' nest because I was supposed to have it yesterday but was too full so I declined. And I get to have it because I'm having my exams. My mother always gives the ones having exams more 'tonic' even though I don't see how birds' nest can help me remember more stuff.

This is a conversation I had with the father regarding the sister.
Me: Where are we going to eat?
Father: Dunno where that girl says she want to go.
Me: Kenny Rogers right?
Father: At Suntec...
Me: But now 9pm already leh, by the time we go back home then go Suntec already very late. Why don't we go Parkway instead?
Father: You think she'd choose Suntec because of the food meh? Sure got other motives one. Later will say walk here, or walk there, then thise very nice, that very nice.
Me: hahaha...
Me: Oh yar hor! Today's friday, got midnight shopping!
Father: hahaha...

After a hearty meal at Swensons which saw my whole family being overfed, the sister decides to order Topless Five, five scoops of ice cream. This sister chose five weird flavours that only she would eat.
Father: Wah, all these what flavours one? Only got one (chocolate) for us to eat is it?
Sister: I ask you all what flavours you one you never answer me.
My dad went on to give out the spoons to all of us. I declined, then he passed one to my mother.
Mother: (in cantonese) 看她怎样吃着去。

I was lying in my room when I heard my sister outside so I called for her, but she didn't reply me. After about 5min, she MSN-ed me.
Sister: did you call me just now?
Me: Ya... Help me pour a cup of water.
Sister: Call mum to help you. It's out of the way for me to go to the kitchen.
Then my mum came in to ask me about something else.
Sister: (shouting from her room) I also want.
Mother: Want what?
Me: Help me pour a cup of water.
Sister: I also want a cup of water.
Mother: Two lazy pigs.

That's it for now, I'll try and collect more stupid tales from the family and share another time~

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My Sister Says...

As my life takes a nosedive, with exams looming and me staying at home doing nothing but chatting with Someone and studying for my forensic science module, my sister spices up my life with her interesting tales, and her much more colourful life.

Sister: Hey Jie, you want to go for a swim tomorrow afternoon?
Me: No, I'm having my period.
Sister: Oh yar hor. Oh, and I'm having mine too.
Me: Then you ask for what???
Sister: I forgot.

Sister: Jie, you know what is computer science anot?
Me: Something to do with computers? Not very sure...
Sister: Oh shit! For my electives I don't know what to put, so I put discrete maths as my second choice, I think my first choice is cannot get one.
Me: What is discrete maths?
Sister: I don't know. Then I went to check it out, it says it's computer science. If I get that then how?
Me: Die lor...
Sister: I don't know anything about computers.

Sister: You know in secondary school I learn Dreamweaver and Flash before?
Me: You did???
Sister: Ya...
Me: Then you can do that discrete maths thingie mah...
Sister: No, I don't know how. That time I just went for the course and the teacher say click what I just click. You call me to do those stuff now I cannot do one.

Sister: My friend said that an average JC student only sleeps three hours a day.
Me: So little? Last time I in JC I sleep a lot leh...
Sister: I also sleep a lot.
Me: I sleep a lot in school.
Sister: Ya, in school very nice to sleep.
Me: I'd sleeping during breaks, I got a lot of breaks. Every break I'd either eat or sleep.
Sister: I don't have breaks, I prefer to sleep in lectures.

Sister: Just now during maths lecture I was trying to sleep when my friend keep waking me up.
Me: Good what.
Sister: No la, she disturb me sleep. Every time I almost fall asleep, she'd wake me up.
Me: hahaha.
Sister: Then I cannot stand it liao I told her I want to sleep. Then she orh, I help you copy notes.
Me: She helped you copy your maths notes???
Sister: Ya...

At 1am at night
Sister: I must go book tennis court before someone else books it.
Me: At 1am at night?
Sister: Ya...
After a while, she came back
Sister: Kanasai, someone went at midnight to go and book tennis court! I wanted to book 7-8 or 8-9 cannot book, now have to book 9-10, and somemore that person book both courts. But I also book table tennis 8-9. I think I know who's the one who booked it, must be that wear blue colour shirt one, or that guy with the ear stud. They always play during that time one.
Me: You can go Joel Koh's house to play what.
Sister: Don't want la. He stay so far away, after play finish so tired I still need to walk back. So late already lor, still walk so far.
Me: So, that's why you want him to come over to play instead? hahaha...
Okay, the funniest part of this whole conversation is that Joel Koh stays very near our place, it's within walking distance. Safe enough to say, walking to Joel Koh's place is faster than walking to (my sister's) school.

Sister: I need to buy tennis ball.
Me: You don't have balls meh?
Sister: Don't have. I only got one ball left.
Me: Why? Then usually how you play?
Sister: Actually I have two balls one, then Joel Koh went to borrow from his friend another two balls, but that day we lost one ball, don't know whose ball it is.
Me: So you gave up your ball?
Sister: The balls is last time I pick up from the tennis court one. Somebody left the balls behind then I went to take.
Me: Wait, you said before Joel Koh last time got take tennis lessons one, how come he don't have ball?
Sister: Don't know, maybe he use the coach ones lor.

Sister: I want to play table tennis but I don't have ball.
Me: Go buy lor, table tennis ball very cheap one.
Sister: Don't need la, Joel Koh say he can take from school.
Me: Huh? Take from where?
Sister: He's in the school team one what.
Me: Oh I see...
Sister: I ask him take ball then he ask 10 balls enough anot.
Me: hahaha

Sister: I don't like to walk home (from school). There's this cat behind that always stares at me.
Me: You know cats can recognise faces?
Sister: Ya, that's why I always damn scared. Just now the cat was there again lor, then I don't dare go near. Then when somebody come, the cat will run away, but the cat see me won't run away.
Me: Maybe you go nearer a bit then it will run away.
Sister: Don't know leh... Just now I had to call someone to help me scare away the cat then I can come back home lor.

Sister: You know for our project, we need to find sponsorship.
Me: Ya...
Sister: So I say Sim Wong Hoo will sponsor us. But my teacher say we're only students and Creative don't need our publicity. Then my friend say Sim Wong Hoo will definitely sponsor us because he's my uncle. The teacher really believe leh...

Sister: Hey Jie! You can help me do my GP project!
Me: What project?
Sister: GP! The topic is on the Holocaust.
Me: I've a couple of books in the cupboard you can look at them.
Sister: Ya, I know you have books on that, so you can help me do the project!
Me: ...

Okay, that's about it. Maybe if I collect a bit more of her funny shite I can do a second part to it. Really, if I don't have my sister to spice up my life, I think my life will head straight down to the boring zone. I don't do anything much at home, controlling myself from watching too much stuff online. Even when my sister's not around in the afternoons, me and my mum entertain ourselves by taking delight in coming up with strategies to curb my sister's telephone habits. But the thing is that we never implemented it on her because my mum doesn't want to play the bad person, and neither do I. hahaha~ My lazy mum and my stupid sis.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Superhero Vs Supervillain

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Kare Kano: Reminiscence

For a brief introduction to the above forementioned manga, please read it's wikipedia page or my blog entry on it.

As I mentioned before Kare Kano is the shortened name for Kareshi Kanojo no Jijo. The translated title is His and Her Circumstances. "Kareshi" although can mean "he", can also mean "boyfriend" which of course is referring to Arima Soichiro, likewise "Kanojo" can mean both "she" and "girlfriend" and which is of course Soichiro's girlfriend Miyazawa Yukino.

The reason for me bringing up this manga again is because this was the inspiration for me to write Yu Yi. I modelled the narrator after Soichiro. Yes, for those who have yet realised, the narrator is a male. The subject of the story was a bit more vague, I was also inspired partly by Yukino, but after writing that piece and reading that piece over again, I realised that the subject resembles me more than she resembles Yukino. Maybe it's the free spirited nature in the both of us. Yukino although might also be a free spirited character, she also has this charisma in her that enabled her to attract Soichiro. The subject in Yu Yi lacks this charm.

The relationship between the narrator and the subject is also different from the relationship between Soichiro and Yukino. Yukino really loves Soichiro.

Rewind to when Soichiro first tried to confess to Yukino, this was played out in a flashback of Soichiro narrating to Yukino after they were together. Soichiro had wrote a note to ask Yukino out to the Sakura trees, but because of some other reasons, he was unable to confess to Yukino. He only managed to confess on another occasion, this time he was successful. Yukino at that point in time rejected him flatly. However, as Yukino described the rejection to her two sisters, one of them mentioned that right from the start Yukino had already taken special notice of Soichiro if not she wouldn't have wanted to be in all ways better than him.

In another twist of fate, Yukino lowered her guard and Soichiro found out that Yukino was in fact a farce, and was a total slob at home. The anime depicts this scene very well, and made it very funny, better than the manga. There were a couple more conflicts between Yukino and Soichiro and over that course, Yukino realised that she was in fact very much drawn to Soichiro that she likes him. However as Soichiro had confessed to her before the expose, she wasn't sure if he still liked her.

Then comes the second confession of Soichiro. As he describes his feelings then in a later scene, he said that although he was first attracted to the farce image of Yukino, the more he learnt about the true her, the more he found her similiar to himself and the more he liked her, so there was a growth and development of his feelings towards her over the course of time. Although Yukino by this point in time knows that she likes Soichiro, and with the second confession, knows that Soichiro still likes her despite her being a total farce, doesn't tell him straight that she likes him.

I think this has got to do with a myraid of factors. Firstly, consider Yukino's reflex action, she didn't expect that second confession, hence there couldn't be the most natural reaction then. Then there's the circumstance she was in, at the metro station with an oncoming train, and Soichiro's reassurance that sort of just puts a full stop to the discussion. And most importantly there's the "otome" (translated very loosely it means something like virgin maiden) character inside Yukino.

The most difficult thing is not to tell a person you like him, but to tell a person who told you that he likes you that you like him.

Anyway, Yukino didn't say it, she did something else during some committee meeting with Soichiro, but that's not the point. The anime version was also better in this sence because we were able to see the struggles of Yukino, not knowing what she wanted to do, or say.

Another thing I want to bring up is the TV documentary I watched last Friday at 8.30pm. It's called 《圆点》之《重逢》, this girl she went all the way up to North Vietnam to look for her father. All these years growing up, she never met her father before, so there was a burning curiosity to what her father was like. When she first saw her father, in her own words, she said that she didn't feel anything about him, it was almost like they were strangers. But as she stayed with him over the next couple of days, and she went around to see how his life was like over there, she felt a bond between them, it was almost as if the stranger was becoming her father, over the span of that couple of days.

It's no different from Soichiro and his father Reiji Arima. Soichiro felt nothing when he first saw Reiji, but after Reiji kidnapped him and made him stay by his side for the next ten days, it is clear that Soichiro felt the bond between them, in fact, it was so clear to Soichiro that he loved Reiji. The scenes from Kare Kano played out to seem so much similiar from that girl's tale in Yuan Dian that I really took a double take. Just as her father brought her around the village, brought her to see his friends, his students, and how he was living his life over the past twenty over years, Reiji brought Soichiro with him along to his concert tours, brought him to meet his agent and all the media following him, brought him to drink, and just showed him how he was living his life over the past seventeen years, playing the piano and being given that new lease of life. I guess such things indeed do happen in real life too.

Okay, now I've got this huge urge to want to buy the complete set of Kare Kano. I don't even mind buying the entire set in Chinese, but after I've stopped my damned diet plan, my expenses have been rising and I don't have that spare cash to buy anymore manga. Maybe I should go back on that diet...

Saturday, April 21, 2007

作词:姚谦 作曲:姚谦 编曲:鲍比达
Elva Hsiao

OS: 那个大学的夜晚,当我一个背转身,我和林冲,既是生离也是死别了。



OS: 始终是这么的雪夜上的道路无止尽的奔跑,握住他的手,对他说出我的爱。

Friday, April 20, 2007

An Open Letter

An open letter to the guy who propositioned me

I’m sorry it took me this long to decide to pen such an open letter to you. I know that there’s a high chance that you’d get to read it here, hence this open letter. Ya, I do feel a bit awkward if I were to write a letter, or even to answer to you directly. Maybe it’s your possible response that I fear.

Let’s just put it this way simply, I’m not new to propositions, in fact, I think I get more propositions than date requests. Okay, maybe not in the recent terms since I’ve backed out of the field after the rough patch fiasco. To put things bluntly, every guy who propositioned me had more things to offer than you did, but I went along and humoured you because I treated you as a friend. And I really value your friendship. I hope this matter didn’t get too out of hand because I really do want to retain your friendship.

To be very honest, right from the very start, I had already known that I wouldn’t honour this proposition. For this matter of fact, I’m really sorry if I’d got your hopes up. Or maybe, somewhere deep inside you, you’d already known that I’d disappoint. Even though I wouldn’t agree to partake in the proposition, I do hope that one day we can go out and have coffee or something. Friends mah~

Maybe if things were to happen when I was younger, more lost, and more restless, things might be different. But now that I’m older, more matured, and I can feel my biological clock ticking down, such superficial excitement doesn’t strike a chord in me. There’s also no need for me to explore anything, or want to find out anything more now that I’m wiser, and perhaps a bit more experienced. Maybe that’s what you’re looking for at this moment. I’m really sorry, what we both are seeking at this present moment seems to be totally different.

I know you’re a commitment phobic, and I told you I was too. Indeed I was, but now that I feel the darned biological clock ticking down, and also now that I’ve been through and finally got over the rough patch, the mentality is somewhat different from before. If there’s one thing that I should thank RP for is that from that experience I realised that what I want most from a guy is a sense of security. Stability and security. I need to settle down, before time falls harshly upon me, I don’t really have much time left of the shelf. Commitment doesn’t seem to be that scary after all, if there can be a person I can rely on.

As I once said guy have a longer shelf life than the female counterparts, there isn’t a pressing need for you to settle down as yet, but I seriously think that you need that special someone to rein you in, and perhaps satisfy some of your deprivations. Ya, but if you think you still do not want to commit, then just ignore my advice ba. Ultimately, it’s still your life, you make the decisions, you live as you like it. Just as long as there’d be no regrets when you look back at your life some time down the road.

Have fun, stay well, and don’t break too many girls’ hearts~ hahaha... And more importantly, good luck for the examinations. Yup, don't worry too much about the unimportant stuff, just put your whole heart and soul into the finals.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Another Meme

I can't seem to pass a meme without having the urge to do it too. Maybe because it makes good blogging fodder. ah well...

1. Song that always makes you sad?
It used to be 爱你一万年 until I finally got over it. Actually before that 扑火 was also a song which regularly made me feel sad, but I lost that damned CD, so until I find it back, I won't get to hear it and I won't get sad by it. Recently, maybe because of nostalgia, Mary Hopkin's Those Were the Days is my sad song, even though the song is not really that sad. I feel old.

2. Last thing you bought?
500g of Bak Kwa, and my lunch and dinner. If excluding food, then it's those Body Focus creams and stuff. I spent so much on it, I better manage to become prettier.

3. Last person you argued with?
Don't know. Can't remember.

4. Do you put Butter before putting the peanut butter on?
I do NOT eat peanut butter.

5. One of your stuffed animals' names as a kid?
As a kid, can't remember, I didn't have that many stuffed animals. I think now most of my stuffed toys are named.

6. Favorite person?
Should I be filial and say it's one of my parents, or should I just say it's only of the shuai ges I fawn over, or should I try and think of one of my friends, or should I go dig out the graves of my dead authoritarians whom I study about, or should I just say it's me?

7. Favorite day of the week?
Days when there are no school, no work, nothing at all. I get to stay in bed the whole day doing nothing productive and without worrying about the next day.

8. Favorite Sundae topping?
Not a fan of sundaes, too sweet liao.

9. Did you take Piano lessons?
Used to, didn't do well, hated it.

10. Most frequent song played?
Currently it's Corrinne May's Something About You.

11. T.V. show you secretly enjoy?
Secretly? hmm... I'm not really that secret a person leh... The Jacky Show, The Guess Show, perhaps? I haven't been really announcing to everyone that I totally dig Jacky's variety programmes.

12. Would you rather play basketball or hockey?
Because I'm a girl, I'd say basketball, but if I were a guy, or if I were to want which sport my son were to play, hockey. It's a man's game. I remember Farrell saying his brothers all grew up with broken teeth and broken whatnots. damn cool~

13. Date someone older or younger?
Older, definitely.

14. One place you would like to travel right now?
I was just telling Terrence I really want to go back Germany, but not right now, I want to go after I get my license, and perhaps some experience, then go on a road trip around Germany with a video and a camera and document my experience. If say now ah, I want to go Shanghai and eat xiaolongbao, Hokkaido and eat snow crabs, back to Germany and eat Spargels with Schinken.

15. Do you use umbrellas?
Only when it rains. I think people who carry umbrellas in the sun are damn guniang. And I don't carry umbrellas in my bag either, I think it's unglam. Somehow, I think most of my friends do have the habit of carrying umbrellas. Good for this lazy girl.

16. Do you know all the words to the Canadian national anthem?
I don't even know any word in it.

17. Your relationship status?

18. Describe your boyfriend/girlfriend?

19. Do you prefer Blondes or Brunettes?
Blondes, for guys la, for females I don't care.

20. Best job you ever had?
As an NEET.

21. did you go to your high school prom?

22. perfect time to wake up?
When I wake up.

23. perfect time to go to bed?

24. do you use your queen right away in chess?
I don't know how to play chess. Eh, but I'm very good in Chinese Chess.

25. Ever been in a car accident?
Only minor langgars, me as passenger.

26. closer to mom or dad...or neither?
Both. They each serve a different purpose.

27. what age is this exciting life over for you?
When I get kidney failure. Damn, I think I'll just die if I ever have the need to watch my diet, not eat greasy stuff, cut down on my sodium intake, I'd just die, I'd just DIE.

28. what decade during the 20th century would you have chosen to be a teenager?
90s, perhaps. but I think being a teenager during the 2000s was quite cool too.

29. Favorite shoes you have EVER owned?
Birks, no, maybe the Havianas. I am so lup sup. Oh, I remember I have a pair of very nice Daniel Yam slippers somewhere inside some box. My friends used to call it the Cinderella shoes.

30. Do you have an article of clothing you have had since you were in high school?
This CK Jeans off white dress, maybe a couple more stuff, I don't have the habit of throwing stuff away and I usually buy clothes which can withstand seasonal changes.

31. Were you in track and field?
Swim Team.

32. Were you ever in a school talent show?

33. Have you ever written in a library book?
Write as in there are actual words, no.

34. Allergic to?

35. Favorite fruit(s)?
Mango, starfruit, longans.

36. The last thing you ate?
Old Chang Kee Currypok. My parents brought it back, asked who wanted to eat it, I ate it, then my sister realised I was eating it and she threw a temper because she don't have.

37. Baseball hat or toque?
Simi si toque?

38. Do you shampoo first in the shower or soap?
Shampoo. In order, I go in drench myself, shampoo first time, brush teeth, cleanse face, shampoo second time, condition hair, soap. After I come out still got leave in conditioner and moisturise and my body firming lotions and anti stretch marks cream. Someone thought that stretch marks only occurs in pregnant women. erm...

39. Wet the toothbrush or brush dry with the toothpaste?

40. Pen or pencil?
Pencil, can erase. Actually it depends la. Also on the mood, since pens got many colours. Oh damn... I need people to remind me to buy pens before going into the examination hall, I don't think my black and blues can last that long, and I don't supposed the Profs would like it if I write in pink.

41. Have you ever gambled at a casino?
Nope, but I would like to try one day, but of course, within limits.

42. Have you thrown up on a plane?

43. Have you thrown up in a car?
Once, but it's the problem of the food I ate. Strawberry Pocky. From then on I absolutely HATE strawberry pocky and every other strawberry confectionary on earth, but I still eat the fruit though, the taste is very different.

44. Have you thrown up at work?
In school. Damn my morning sickness.

45. Do you scream on roller coasters?

46. Who was your first prom date?
My proms all no dates one leh...

47. Who was your first room mate?
I always get single rooms.

48. What alcoholic beverage did you drink when you got drunk for the first time?
Never got drunk before.

49. What was your first job?

50. What was your first car?

51. When did you go to your first funeral?
When I was a kid I suppose, my great grandmother. I don't remember much about it, no, I don't remember anything about it.

52. How old were you when you first moved away from your home?

53. Who was your first grade teacher?
Some woman. But my second grade was was a Mdm (or is it Mrs) Chan, then third grade is Jenny Goh.

54. Where did you go on your first airplane ride?
UK. When I was like one and half years old. I didn't even have a passport then, think it was a joint passport or something, and I don't remember anything about it. I don't even remember the return journey even though I was three and a half then.

55. When you snuck out of your house for the first time, who was it with?
I never needed to sneak out of the house. I get pretty much quite a lot of freedom. hehehe~

56. Who was your first Best Friend and are you still friends with them?
When I was four years old, I had think "best friend" called Clara (or is it Clare?), she was Eurasian, and we both spoke no Chinese, hence we bonded. I didn't keep in contact with her after we left Kindergarten. I don't have one best friend now, but I have many close friends, and I think I'm happy with all of them.

57. Where did you live the first time you moved out of your parent's house?
PGP, then I went to KFH, then I went Germany. But it's bullshit one la, I went back home during the weekends and I brought my laundry back and my dad brought half my room into the room, it didn't even feel like I moved out lor.

58. Who is the first person you call when you have a bad day?
I don't call people, not usually. Maybe MSN more often, or SMS, sometimes I do call, but that's when it's really serious. erm... Who? Those who received my MSN/SMS/calls would know who they are I suppose.

59. Who's wedding were you in the first time you were a bridesmaid or a groomsmen?
None yet.

60. What is the first thing you do in the morning?
Look at the time, check my handphone (concurrently), decide if I should sleep somemore.

61. What was the first concert you attended?
First paid one was Faye Wong's. I blogged about it, but lazy to retrieve the link.

62. First tattoo or piercing?
My ears. Only them, one on each, and I'll never pierce anything again, neither will I get a tattoo.

63. First celebrity crush?
Leonardo DiCaprio. I crushed on him when I was a preteen, but during my rebellious teenage years, I shunned him because every girl seemed to be totally in love with him. Now that I'm older and more matured, and Leo is older and more matured, I see him as a really really good actor, more than a heartthrob.

64. How tall are you barefoot?

65. Have you ever smoked?

66. Do you own a gun?

67. Do you hate someone right now?

68. Do you get nervous?

69. What do you think of hot dogs?
I'm hungry. I love all sort of sausages, erm... Okay, all sort of pork and chicken and once I tried a turkey one. With cheese~

70. What's your favorite Christmas song?
Don't have one.

71. What do you prefer to drink in the morning?
Coke, but recently been cutting down, so water.

72. Do you do push ups?

73. Is your bathroom clean?
Yup~ Although my sister will beg to differ, but I say it's clean can already.

74.What's your favorite piece of jewellery?
My pearl earrings? My pearl bracelet? Don't know leh, I seldom wear them.

75. Do you like painkillers?
Like, as in taking them without purpose? No.

76. What is your secret weapon to lure in the opposite sex?
If say then is not secret already. hehehe~

77. Do you own a knife?
Kitchen got.

78. Do you have H.I.V?
Don't think so ba... Don't scare me leh...

79. Middle Name?
My name is Joan Ang L- with Joan being my given name, Ang being my family name and L- being my Chinese name, so I don't have a middle name.

80. Name 3 things u wanna do at this exact moment?
Eat, sleep, lose weight.
It sounds damn oxymoronic, but well...

81. Name the last 3 apparels you have bought lately:
Apparels ah? Bag counted anot? If not then probably my new year clothes.

82. Name 3 drinks you regularly drink:
Water, Yeo's crysanthemum tea which I seem to have a neverending supply of in the fridge thanks to my grandfather, now I stopped Coke, so maybe I should say Ice Lemon Tea, or maybe apple juice, or Ribena, dunno leh...

83. What time did you wake up today?
10.50am, actually was awakened by an SMS at 9am, but I forced myself to go back to sleep but difficult, then alarm rang at 10.30, but because of the disruption, I was too tired then couldn't wake up then in the end drag until so late.

84. Current worry?
Exam results, when I haven't even taken the exams yet. hahahaha~

85. Current hate?
Growing fat.

86. Favorite place to be?
My bed, or maybe in the arms of someone I like ba, if there is such a person.

87. Least favorite place to be?
Don't know leh...

88.Where would you like to go now?
Now, bathe, then sleep. Tired~

89. Do you own slippers?
Of course, plenty, favourites my Havianas.

90. What are you wearing?
My sundress, haven't changed out of it, though I removed all the things I wear underneath it. I want to go and bathe now, then change into sleeping wear.

91. Do you burn or tan?
Burn. Shucks.

92. Favorite color/s?
Magenta. Red.

93. Would you like to be a pirate?
I am one already. wahahaha~ Aikhui, it's not fair!!!

94. Last time you had an alcoholic drink?
That time when I laced my sister's apple juice with vodka, I had some too.

95. What songs you listen in your shower?
I don't listen to anything in the shower.

96. What did you fear was going to get you at night as a child?
As a child, don't think had any fears.

97.What's in your pocket/s right now?
No pockets. I dont usually use pockets because most of my clothes don't have them so even those few which has I don't make it a point to use them since I already have the habit of not using them.

98. Last thing that made you laugh?
Usually it's people who make fun of me lor, then they laugh at me lor. bah~

99. Best bed sheets you had as a child?
Don't remember any.

100. Worst injury you've ever had?
I fell off the bike, not that bad la, some scratches a bit of blood, I blogged about it but lazy to find.

101. How many TVs do you have in your house?
3. One small one which used to be in my hostel, now it's just there collecting dust. One lousy one which takes 5 min after you swtich it on to have a blurry image and another 15 min to have a clear image. One LCD TV which the parents use. My dad always treats himself and his wife better than his children. bah~

102. Who is your loudest friend?
All about the same ba.

103.Who is your most silent friend?
I talk so much I cannot stand it if my friend don't talk so I'll make them talk, so I don't have any silent friends.

104. Does someone have a crush on you?
A friend used to tell this to me make me don't feel depressed all the time, and don't do unglam things outside, then I read in this blog which gives a more detailed version of the theory.
Everyone has 10 secret admirers, but you can't know who they are, because if you know who they are then it's not a secret, so there's no way of knowing the 10 people.
Okay, I personally think that that theory is bulls la, but... It's nice to think of people out there who might have a crush on me~

105. Do you wish on shooting stars?
Can't remember seeing one, so I don't know if I wished on it anot.

106. What is your favorite book?

107. What is your favorite candy?
Don't know. Haribo?

108. What song do/did you want played at your wedding?
I wonder what would happen if I played Rihanna's Unfaithful. hahaha... No la...
天下有情人 I'm such a sucker... awww...

109. What were you doing 12 AM last night?
Reading blogs, chatting, that's the only stuff I do anyway.

110. What was the First thing you did today?
As in first thing after midnight or first thing after I woke up? After midnight's probably as above, after I woke up is check handphone. Someone messaged me at 9am in the morning lor, wake me up force me to check the phone. But then hor, I totally cannot remember the contents of the message. That's why people, don't SMS me in the morning because if I check the message in a droswy mood then I won't remember the contents of the message, then if important then I'd miss it.

Okay, I so tired liao... Must go bathe, then finish reading all the blogs, then I want go sleep... Good night~

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Amazing Race and Survivor

Almost every season, I'd do a short write up on my favourite reality programmes and I'd share my favourite contestants and bitch about the other contestants, this season, I think my write up is a bit late because Rob and Amber was eliminated way too early, and there weren't any Yul-like characters in Survivor. But still, now that the season is peaking, let me share with you a couple of my insights.

The Amazing Race 11: All Stars
Channel 5
Mondays 8am, or 8.30pm

I used to taped the morning version, but recently been coming back home in time to watch the evening version. It's pretty weird NOT to see some of the more colourful characters coming back but seeing some of the very irritating characters back on screen again, I really wonder what are the producers thinking. None of my favourites came back, except for Rob and Amber, and one half of Eric and Jeremy, but I don't particularly like Danielle, so...

I was rooting for Romber right from the start. I might have hated Romber in Survivor All Stars sometime back, but seeing them as racers on The Amazing Race made me realise that they are good racers, and I couldn't help but support them while they were racing. They came back strong again, better than before, and swept all the first place winnings in the first few legs of the race. It's a pity that it was just one slight misfortune that sent them out of the race, if not they'd surely have the means to win the race.

Because of some slight problems, I wasn't able to catch the full episode of the leg which Romber was eliminated, I only managed to catch the last part, and it was awful. Failing at searching for something is always the most horrible way to be booted out of the game. But at least Rob and Amber can go out of the game with their many prizes they won in the earlier legs and be contented.

After booting out Rob and Amber, for a brief period I was a bit disheartened with The Amazing Race because I didn't know who to support. If there's any team I know I hate, that would be Charla and Mirna. They are disgusting. Almost as bad as the Weavers. They go around saying everyone is bad but don't realise that they are the worst lot of all. And they treat the locals horribly, undercutting the locals, whining at them, kidnapping them to get them to show them the way. And with the cabbies, they either only know how to say "faster" "hurry" "my friend" "you must help us", it's just so disgusting. They play dirty with other groups but yet don't allow other groups to play dirty with them, I mean, where's the logic behind it? For Romber, they know that other groups will play dirty with them that's why they play dirty, at least they realise that playing dirty is all part of the game. I really can't believe Mirna is a lawyer.

After the booting of Romber, I decided to support Eric and Danielle, because Eric was from one half of my favourite TAR 9 team. I didn't really like Danielle because she sounded really whiny, but after watching a few more episodes, I thought she was really quite spunky. As she mentioned, she happens to do all the physical tasks for her team. Ya, she does them, not Eric. lol~ From TAR 9, the tasks then were not as physically demanding as this season's, and Eric and Jeremy's game plan was to have fun have fun and have more fun. Seems like Eric's game plan have repurcussions on the tasks he wants to do now.

But seriously, as a team, they're a physical threat. Eric is able to smoothen out the failings of Danielle when she was with Danni, and Danielle's able to leverage out her strengths and fulfill her maximal potential. It's a bit different to also include Eric and Danielle because they were from different teams during TAR 9, the other teams were really all star teams. Personally, I think this is a huge gamble, but looking at how things are going now, seems like this is paying off.

*spoilers ahead*
I've been trawling spoiler websites which give the exact boot order of the teams, and because of this boot list, I'm somewhat disappointed because it was accurately predicted about the elimination of Romber. Then again, if the boot list is correct, we might be able to see Eric and Danielle winning it. Oh well... We'll see how things go.
*spoilers end here*

I'm actually quite glad that Uchenna and Joyce were eliminated because they were the only team who had won the million dollars, and I don't think that they should deserve to win it again, particularly since they game plan doesn't excite me at all.

Survivor 14
Channel 5
Fridays 11pm

I really cannot stand Channel 5 for slating Survivor at such a late time slot, but because this semester I've been doing Forensic Science, I don't know what to make of that time slot. Had it been at 10pm, I'd stay back in school to watch finish before going back home, but since it's at 11pm, I usually tape the show and watch after it ends because I usually reach home at about 11.15-11.30pm. A bit sucky.

I didn't know who to support when I first started watching it. Everyone seemed so pathetic. There's Rocky who's always shouting, there's Boo who's accident prone, there's a bunch of strong black guys whom I cannot tell apart (but now i do) and there's a lot of old people. My early favourite was Michelle because she's small and cute, and she seemed strong in challenges and smart in puzzles, and she was the one who made fire using spectacles for her team. And she got booted out in a twist event last week. Sucks, I hate Dreamz all the more now.

Dreamz appeared to be such a sympathetic character earlier on since he was always bullied by Lisi and Stacy, but as I watch him vote, I think he's more like a sucker. Every week he talks about wanting to vote off Lisi but ends up voting off someone nice. This week he talks about voting off Stacy because she bullied him but he goes on to vote off Michelle. I can't wait for next week and see Mookie's flare up at him.

There are a lot of twists and turns in this season of Survivor, from the have and have not camps, the exile island not having hidden immunity idols, and the placing of two idols and the tribal switch, wow... it's all fun! I particularly liked the tribal switch because it prevented an Ulong-ing from happening, even though Ravu lost ALL the immunity challenges, at least the original Ravus were not all voted off like what happened in Ulong.

My favourite is Survivor is actually Yau-Man. He's like the oldest player, a physics nerd, looks like a frail old man, but he's actually quite cool. He was raised in Borneo, so he's acustomed to the climate and with some of the Fijian tools, and most of all, he has a very interesting game plan. First, he works by snooping around, then after getting clues to the idol, he collaborates to dig out the idol, then he wins challenges for his tribe, also, he's the provider of the tribe since he's able to deal with coconuts effectively. He's really the underestimated player.

He's cute also, and he comes up with really witty quotes. One just can't help but adore such a cute nerd. hahaha~

*spoilers ahead*
Likewise for Survivor, there are spoilers who correctly placed the boot order, and if that happens then Yau Man won't be able to get that million dollars. grr... If the spoilers are correct, then maybe I'd hope that Earl can win.
*spoilers end here*

Earl is an amazing guy, he's so double faced that I don't know what to think about him. In fron of the tribe, he's the leader, honest and dignified, but in front of the cameras during confessionals, he bitches about everything and he laughs like a king and everyone is his pawns. He said from the beginning, he'll show everyone his poker face. He's so amazing. I don't know if I should like him or not.

So, Yau-Man and Eric and Danielle are my favourites, help me root for them too~

Monday, April 16, 2007

The Last Date

The Last Date

Scarlett and Ming had known each other for more than ten years. They were friends for more than ten years. They were very good friends. In fact, they were so close to each other that most people around them often mistook them as a couple. But they knew that they were not as what people thought they were. Yes, sometimes they might kiss, sometimes they might do some other stuff, but they were still friends.

A couple of times Ming did want to take their relationship further, but every time when Scarlett sensed something like that was to happen, she would pre-empt him and involve herself with another guy. It was not too long later did Ming give up hope and found himself a girlfriend. Ming, being the good guy he was, was quite committed to his girlfriend, although sometimes things still happened between him and Scarlett. By this time, all those around them, even Shan, Ming’s girlfriend, came to accept that Ming and Scarlett were just very close friends. Of course, only Ming and Scarlett knew the truth.

Ming was the kind of person who wanted love and security. To him, Scarlett was the epitome of love. The passionate beauty who lit up his life and brought him immediate fun and joy, but he found no security in her. She had her slew of men, and wanted to make no commitments, and he knew that, he knew that she was involved with many men other than himself. Sometimes, she would proclaim herself to be in love with some guy, which would instantly disappoint Ming. In stark contrast, Shan was the perfect, faithful wife any guy could ask for. Even though Ming felt no burning passion for Shan, he knew he could count on her forever.

As time ticked on, Ming knew that the time has come for him to stop playing the field and settle down. He needed to get married. He needed to placate his parents, and to propagate before he could not make it. But did he really want to marry Shan? Or was he going to marry Shan but still continue his affairs with Scarlett? It was a tough decision for Ming.

One night, as Ming stayed over with Scarlett, he told her his thoughts, and made her a proposition.

“Would you marry me?” asked Ming.

Scarlett was taken aback by his sudden proposal. “What about Shan?” she asked.

“Nothing about her,” Ming said. And after a short pause and taking in the full connotations behind Scarlett’s words, he continued, “I’d of course break up with her, leave her, whatever.”

“What about her feelings?” Scarlett probed.

“What what about her feelings?” Ming was frustrated. He only wanted Scarlett to say yes. Once Scarlett said yes, he would break up with Shan, leave her and be happy with her. Shan was not in his plans. He did not care about her. He never knew what he wanted to do with her. Ming, in most people’s eyes, was a nice guy, a responsible person whom they could all rely on, but little did they know. However, in this Ming that stood before Scarlett, she saw nothing about that Ming everyone thought they knew.

“I won’t allow Shan to be unhappy.” declared Scarlett finally. Not that it was really because she did not want Shan to be unhappy, but it was the only excuse she could think of at this moment.

“I love you. I want to marry you. How do you feel about it?” Ming tried another stance.

“I don’t want to marry you,” Scarlett put it across as simply as she could.

That night ended with Ming leaving Scarlett’s place. He had some sort of expected Scarlett’s answer, he knew Scarlett well enough to know that she was not the kind of person who was willing to settle down. She did not even want to be his girlfriend, so why did he think that wife was ever a possibility.

Although earlier Ming appeared to be irresponsible and insensitive, he was actually very committed to his girlfriend. Since Scarlett did not want to marry him, and he wanted to marry, he was going to propose to Shan. He knew for sure that Shan would marry him. In fact, she has been talking about getting an apartment with him and having kids – even though they have yet had sex – and other aspects of married life.

A few nights later, Ming dropped by Scarlett’s place again.

“I’ll be marrying Shan,” Ming informed Scarlett.

“Am I supposed to congratulate you?” asked Scarlett.

“Maybe, if you want to,” replied Ming. “I think we should stop seeing each other,” Ming dropped the bombshell. “I’ll feel bad to Shan. I mean, all along, what I wanted was some form of security from her and I think it’s time for me to repay her with the sincerity that she’s been showering on me all the while. She’s a nice girl and everything.”

As Ming went on explaining, he was silently hoping that Scarlett would cut short his speech and say she wanted him instead, but she just watched on him just as silent as his hopes.

After Ming left, Scarlett felt a sense of loss. She had been together with Ming for more than ten years, even though she had never openly felt any love for Ming, she did have a part of her heart stuck onto Ming. As Ming was talking, many moments had Scarlett wanted to stop him and just hold him tightly in her arms forever, but she stopped herself. She knew clearly what kind of girl she was and what kind of girl Shan was. She also knew which girl was better for Ming. If she kept Ming by her side, Ming would never get to marry her. Even if marriage was not on their cards, she was also currently involved with two other men whom she was not planning to leave. This, she knew clearly, was not fair to Ming. He deserved better, he deserved a Shan who could give him her whole heart and soul and body.

However, as time wore on, as Scarlett saw Ming making wedding preparations with Shan, the more envious she felt. That could have been me, she thought, ignoring the other thoughts that cried out that it was also her who did not want to be in that position. Slowly, she drifted apart from Ming and Shan, partly because they did not need her around, but also partly because she could not bear to see them so sweetly together.

Slowly, Scarlett purged Ming out of her life. First, they stopped meeting up, then they stopped communication with each other, next Scarlett decided to return all of Ming’s stuff he had left at her place, clothes, DVDs, even the lovers’ couch they had bought together which they always used to sit on and watch DVDs together and sometimes spend the night on. One by one, piece by piece, Scarlett confronted all their past as she cleared out Ming’s personal items and all their memories.

Then she saw this lying in her drawer. A pair of concert tickets of their favourite rock group. A pair of tickets to a yet-to-be-held concert. They bought the tickets three months ago when they were first released so that they could secure the best seats, and indeed, there were to be seated in the first row, right in front of their idols. But that pair of tickets meant that Scarlett and Ming had to go on that last date two weeks later, the day after Ming and Shan were to be married.

to be continued...
(but will not be posted on the blog, what would follow would be the actual date and the resolvement of Ming and Scarlett and Shan)

1. Thanks to Aikhui who proof-read this piece even though I didn't ask him to. He has sharp eyes, and I have bad typing. He was the one who also helped me correct a word from Yu Yi.

2. This was written last semester during the time when I was collating pieces about Fuck Buddies, or Friends with Benefits, since some people think it sounds crude. Maybe it's because I was first exposed to the term FB that's why I tend to use the term Fuck Buddies instead.
Anyway, look at the insight which explains why I'm writing all these. And these other Ming and Scarlett and Shan pieces about their relationship. Each is a standalone story, each character is circumstantially different but fundamentally the same, if you understand what I mean.
Sorry.Bei Ying
The Revenge
Can We Return To The Old Times Again?

3. The characters are all taken from Scarlett Flight, only that I've given them different developmental circumstances. But I distinguished Adele from Scarlett because I want to let Adele be the victim, she deserves it. Anyway, even if Adele didn't die she won't turn out to be as fickle as Scarlett, so I'd leave only that distinct difference. Yes, and Ming is really not that bad a guy fundamentally.

4. Most importantly, all my writings are totally fictional and stemmed from my hyperactive imagination and not related to any persons dead or living. Any resemblence is either because you inspired me, totally coincidental, or a figment of your imagination.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


You are 93% Pisces

That's it, no questioning anything.

Saturday, April 14, 2007










即使分手,她也会继续走下去,找另一个会爱她疼她的人。而我呢?很难。。。 我要留住她。但是我也很想知道她心里究竟在想些什么。我很辛苦。辛苦中,带着一股幸福,又带着嫉妒,也带着害怕,多重复杂的心绪。


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Return of Terror

Before I can walk out of the shadow in my mind, it came back to haunt. Remember this other post a little more than a month ago? I'm still affected by that event, and today, that thing came back and made me tear again. Even as I'm writing this post now, my fingers are shaking, and I can't type that well, I can feel my eyes swollen from that big emotional outburst earlier on, and I can feel the tears welling again. Any slight movements now on will just make me cry all over again.

Even since that last incident, every time I bathed, I'd check the shower curtains, and make sure that there's no unidentifed flying objects there. And my heart would instinctively skip a beat as my leg steps into the shower area. I'm still until now, a little more than a month later, still very much traumatised by that thing even though it's down the sewages now, probably recycled and made into newater.

I was playing my handphone game just now, preparing to take a nap before I start work when suddenly from the corner of my eye I saw that huge cockroach perched on the wall across from me. It was right beside my Sakura poster, just beside Syaoran's face. That wasn't scary because it was far away from me. It wasn't moving, only it's feelers were twitching. I was pretty calm at that moment. I thought of going to get the Baygon and drown it with the same brand of chemicals that killed hundred thousands of jews sixty plus years ago. (Baygon is made by Bayer which was part of the IG Farben which formulated the gas for the gas chambers during the holocaust.)

I finally decided against it and crept up over to my mother's room and gently woke her up. When she saw the big big cockroach, she too was grossed out by the sheer size of that thing. Of all times, I wished my dad was around. At least he wasn't afraid of cockroaches, and I know I can count on him. Instead, my mother, for all that I admire in her, picked up the swatter and the Baygon and armed herself for the battle with the cockroach.

But it flew across over to my clothes hanger. She smacked it, I saw it drop, but we couldn't find the dead body. I'm the kind who must see the dead body if not I won't be appeased that kind of person. So we searched around for the dead body. We sprayed a bit hoping that it would panic and we can catch it, but to no avail. Finally, my mother spotted it behind the bathroom door. After a bit of battling, it flew out of the window. Or at least we thought that it did.

My mother closed the window and told me to go to sleep.

Feeling still quite all right, I decided to play a few more handphone game before I did my work. Just as I was playing happily, suddenly, this big black shadow charged at me.

I shrieked, and jumped out of my bed, messing up my hair, hoping that that big black unidentified object is not in my hair. My mother woke up and scolded me for being so noisy. My sister woke up and told me to shut up. But by then my knees were weak and my whole body was shivering, and my eyes were heavy and wet. I think my heart stopped beating. Everything was in a shock to me.

As my mother searched for the body of the cockroach while wondering how was it that that thing was still in my room when she thought she saw it flying out. Slowly, me and my mother removed everything on my bed, since it was towards me that it charged at a couple of minutes ago. To say that I have a lot of things on my bed is to say that Bill Gates is rich, that's an understatement of the century. I have 3 big pillow, one bolster, one cushion pillow, one set of mini pillow and bolster, and three bags, shawl, towel, my file, notebook, pencil case, wallet, a pile of papers, my German dictionary, earphones all on a normal single bed.

As the pieces were slowly removed from the bed, we still saw no sign of that unidentified flying object. Then suddenly, I saw this huge cockroach crawling towards my mother's feet. I shrieked again and ran all the way to the living room leaving my mother to deal with that thing by her feet and my sister to shout even more from her sleep. After that thing was smacked by the swatter by my mother, picked up in tissue and made sure that thing won't terrorise me again, I sat down in the couch in the living room and before I know it, the flood gates opened.

My sister was still shouting in her sleep with my mother trying to tell her that there was a cockroach, I was sobbing like mad. The events were unfolding within me as soon as I had the time to myself to recollect the incident. That thing charged towards me. That thing probably touched or brushed against me. That did it. I cried and cried from the fear that thing brought upon me.

Sometime a bit later, my mother noticed that I was crying. She was like why are you scared, I'm scared too, but there's nothing you can do about it. That thing doesn't have teeth to bit you, it's just gross only. But I just couldn't stop the teard from flowing down. I really wished that there was at least some men in the house to control the situation and clear the disgusting thing and purge them from the house.

I finally decided to calm myself and sooth my nerves by taking a bath, but I still feared the cockroach from the previous incident. This time round, every small sound of ruffling makes my ears jump up straight. I'm so traumatised by that thing.

I was in such a bad shape that I decided to open a can of Coke to calm myself down and to lift up my spirits.

I hate cockroaches, esoecially those that come too close to me. *shudders*

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What song is that?

It's 7min30s long, with another version being 8min40s long.
It's one of the very very very few songs he sang which is neither written nor composed by himself.
It's one of the few songs that doesn't have a studio recording version of it, only the LIVE version, in concert CDs and compilations.

Yet that song remains as one of his signature songs.

The song's composer is a Japanese guy. I'm been trawling websites googling for the composer but still unable to find out who he is. I know his name, but that's about it. It doesn't help that he has a very common name. My interest in the composer came in the form of another music composer of the same name. I've been wondering if they are the same person. But until now, I'm unable to clear this question. The other composer (or if he's the same one) writes the theme songs for anime, Detective Conan, in fact, so he has been doing it for 10 years already. I really want to know if they're the same person. Until the day I can read Japanese well (which is like never), I probably won't know the truth.

There are two versions of this song. One is the 7min+ one which is a duet with some other male singer, and is also the one released earlier, and supposedly more popular version. It always amazes me that he can sing and play a song that long. I remember in the days when I still listened to the radio, one particular deejay commented that if he wanted to go to the toilet, he'd play this song, so that there's enough time for him to rush to the toilet.

The other version is 8min+ and it only features him, but there's a twist to the song, and there's a clear change in tempo of the song. I first heard it in the concert vcd. Then during his concert which I went for, he sang this too. Mostly, this would be a song which he'd get the audience to sing along. Hence, there's no one version of the song which features entirely of his voice.

I like this song, a lot. But I also have come to want to avoid it.
Too many broken promises, too many disappointments, too many farces...

The other day, while talking to Someone, I noticed his MSN showed the songs he has on windows media player, okay, it's not just the other day but quite a few times already, and each time I see that song there I can feel a bit of me die inside. It doesn't help that the song is damn long and it'll be featured there for a longer period of time than most other normal songs.

Then yesterday I cracked. That song appeared on my shuffle. Listening through the whole song once again made me realise that their voices are very similiar, and it made me want to get over from the stigma of the song. Time does have a very interesting effect on people.

I got the LIVE solo version one from Someone (I previously only have the duet version of it) and let it play on repeat mode.

Maybe it's the different style of singing, maybe it's me facing with the past and able to stand up against the stigma, maybe it's because this version was from Someone, maybe maybe maybe some other possibilities.

I will not call you on Friday after my test, even though you told me to call you even if my answer is negative.
I will not answer to your MSN messages too.
Even if one day I were to meet you on the streets, I'll walk pass you as if nothing ever happened.
Of course, as I've gave you my word before, I'll never do anything that will upset you.

I am happy with my life now.

Maybe I was then stupid to think that your voice and his is quite similiar. Maybe I was even stupider to think that anyone who sings his song must be a good person. Maybe I just feel that if you could like him you must be a nice guy.

eh... Side track a bit. I sudeenly remembered it's also because of him that I got to know Someone better. Rewind a couple of months ago, had I not known that Someone liked him, I wouldn't have bothered reading his blog, wouldn't have bothered to add him on MSN, wouldn't have bothered to chat with him, wouldn't have bothered to want to know more about him, then perhaps he'd become yet another passing classmate like so many others who had went by along with the semester. (eh, hope Someone won't be too upset to hear this)

Kind of stupid for me to think that anyone who likes him must be a nice person.

Okay, after closing this passage of my life, I can play any song and not be boggled down my anything else. And I can say that still, this is of of the songs that I like a lot, and probably the most iconic song of live music. Comeon, not anybody can have an 8min song okay.

PS: I realised that I didn't mention any title, neither did I mention the singer, nor any names at all. Intentional? Probably the subconscious mind is controlling me, don't want say the title, don't want to mention names, this post isn't really that all very important, and I'm not unhappy, just a bit into the pensive and reflective mood.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cousin Sammi

A couple of days ago me and my sister, and my sister's friend, brought our little cousin out to VivoCity. That girl is sehr cute. We brought her out to play, to buy things, and to eat junk food, well, I'd say me and my sister really dote on her so much that we caved in to all her requests. Usually when she's with the parents, she don't get to go out that often, don't get to buy anything, and don't get to eat much junk food.

Cute right? We were all wearing pink shoes~ Taken on the escalator within Harbourfront MRT station. Sammi was still quite shy with us, didn't really talk much, so at least she was not that bratty to handle. I can't really take care of kids who scream and cry the whole time, Sammi didn't cry at all~ Her father thought that she'd cry, but really, she got to play, got toys to bring home, got to eat McDees, and they gave her a balloon somemore, why would she cry? hehe...

Instead, we had to spend time cajoling her instead to talk more. At least she greeting me and my sister but she was too shy to greet my sister's friend that we gave up cajoling her. If there's one word to describe her, I'd say "princess". The way she's dressed the way she shyly looks away, it's damn princessy, almost to the extent of being a bit too prissy.

But I still love her. hehehe~

Notice she's carrying that little purse thingie in her hands, her mum put some coins inside for her to let her sit one of those kiddie rides. The little purse is supposedly to emulate the grown ups carrying bags. But well, as all kids are, their attention span is about as long as mine, and no sooner than a couple of minutes later that purse was kept by my sister in her bag instead, leaving Sammi's hands free to grab other stuff.

Her shirt was also supposedly to be tucked in, but in came out in about less than a couple of minutes. Me and my sister being pigs didn't bother to stuff the shirt back into the pants because we know fully well that it will come out in no time. But I think tuck out also quite cool. Actually she shouldn't have worn long pants because we went up to the Vivo roof there to play, so she got sweaty in no time. But at least because she was wearing long pants, we had an excuse not to let her near the murky waters. The water at the wading pool at Vivo roof is really gross. Totally yellow and murky, worse than seawater. yucks...

We played at the playground, played the slides. At first I brought her up and let her slide down to my sister to catch. Sammi was afraid of going up the slide herself, and she was actually quite shy around the other children, not daring to talk to them, so she mostly stuck around with us, not even letting go of our hands.

For this picture, I swapped with my sister and stayed at the foot of the slide to catch because I was running out of breath from going up and going down. That girl is really so princessy that she needs escorts to take her up and down the slide. But granted, she's still young. I thought she was already 3+ years old, but I later found out that she was still only 2+ years old. dots me.

It was because I thought she was 3+ that I bought for her a Play-Doh set which marked to be for kids above 3. But luckily her mother later said that she does like to play with play doh so at least it isn't wasted. I used to enjoy Play Doh as a kid took, that's why I didn't hesitate to buy her that. I remember once as a kid I begged my parents to buy me this set of 6 colours. haha~ But Sammi is quite an interesting one. When she picked out the set she wanted, I helped her take another set that was stuck deeper within the pile, can't help it, my auntie tendencies surfaced, but Sammi kept back the one I took and picked out the one she originally chose and didn't let go of it. Favouritism, I guess.

Being the super indulgent eldest cousin, I allowed her to choose her drink, and not surprisingly Ribena was it. My sister then fed her taiwan sausage, but she only ate two mouths of it. When we went to Subway, I fed her part of my sandwich. That girl is really power man. First she ate the bread I gave her, then I gave her turkey ham which she passed in favour of normal ham, then she didn't want the bacon either. Then while eating the ham, she made sure that there was not a single speck of vegetable on the ham. She even unfolded the ham to check for no vegetables. Later I managed to get more turkey ham and bacon down her, but still not vegetable and no bread either.

So young already so picky in food, next time grow up how? Later like me like that then really no good leh... hehehe...

Because me and my sister felt that Sammi wasn't eating enough, we asked her what she wanted to eat. Let's just say, all kids are the same, they won't say they want to eat Xiaolongbao or Salmon Sashimi (okay, those are what I like, can...), she of course, naturally, not surprisingly asked for McDonald's. So off we went to get her some French Fries.

I strongly suspect that there's something within McDees French Fries that make all children in the world addicted to them that that's the only thing the kids can think of when they want food.

Because there were so many families with kids at McDonald's, we didn't manage to snag a table. But there was one place left that had a place to sit, that was the bench Mr Ronald McDonald himself was sitting at. My sister and her friend sat there and left me to get the fries. I didn't realise it until I got back that Sammi was sitted snugly on Ronald McDonald's lap.

It's so cute la. I didn't have a place to sit though, but luckily the table beside us had an extra chair, so I borrowed the chair. Because I didn't feel that all comfortable sharing a table with them, I pulled the chair over to face Mr Ronald McDonald and Sammi, also to watch on her eat.

At first when my aunt passed Sammi over to my sister, she told my sister that it's okay if Sammi went hungry for a night. dots... Did she ever think that me and my sister would let our precious little cousin go hungry? My sister had still bought this packet of Winnie the Pooh sugared gummi earlier from 7-11 to treat Sammi lor. Like we'd let her go hungry. Besides we both are softies, if the princess wants McDees, then so be it. haha~

My aunt was also very funny, she mouthed the words McDonalds and said D instead of saying the name of the fast food restaurant out loud. I guess children will always be children who wants to eat junk food and their ears can pick up any slight of the word.

In McDonald's balloons come on request. The table beside us had requested for a balloon and Sammi saw it. Of course, all kids loves balloons, especially Sammi who has this fondness for balls and stuff. It came down to the auntie of the group who was also ordering the food to ask for a balloon. I guess it's pretty obvious that this girl wants the balloon for another little girl because this girl doesn't see much of a need of a balloon. Lol~

But it's a pity that they gave us a green balloon. Nothing against green, but I think Sammi might appreciate a pink balloon even more. Anyway, we let her hold the balloon as long as she ate and ate finished everything.

Remember I talked about she having that pouch for the kiddie rides, we saw a couple in Harbourfront Mall where we went to the McDonald's. So here she is in her kiddie ride. Let me tell you, kiddie rides are a big rip off man. Gone are the days when rides were at 20cents each (my time), or even 50cents each (my sister's time), this ride cost $2. dots...

Even though things are getting more expensive these days, I can't help but feel my bio-clock ticking when with my little cousin.
Ya, I think I'd really like to have a kid. My James and Jadies. hehehe... Oh well.

Anyway, that last photo and the next were not taken on the Vivo trip but on another occasion so you can see me in there and I look like shit. I'm too lazy to open photoshop and do something to my face, so there you have me without my face being painted nor aesthetically enhanced.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Updates in My Life

The past couple of weeks was a rush, deadlines, projects, tests and whatnots. I still have stuff to rush until the end of the week. Really, I can't wait for this week to end even though I know I screwed up my CAs. Coupled in with the fact that 2 of my modules are non-examinable, I know I just know my this semester is pretty much screwed.

Another symptom I can feel from me being so stressed are the physical symptoms, my morning sickness is back, the feelings of wanting to puke, the sniffling, which I didn't notice until Someone pointed it out, and the weak constitution, the most damning symptom I could have. I really feel so much under the pressure. For the first time, I decided to give food a pass, the cheese sausage from bizad somemore, because I just wasn't feeling too well. There must be something really wrong with me.

Outside of school, I tried to busy myself, not think too much about other problems, and I should say I was quite successful. Spending time with friends, and family, bringing my little cousin out for the day, manja-ing my dad, kajiao-ing Someone, meeting up with old friends, striking a diet bet with dear Cindy, making new friends. I was happy. But today something unexpected popped up, really spoiled my mood for the rest of the night.

Rough Patch came back to haunt. If that's not the worst, I was sorely disappointed by another person. I guess I won't be watching Broadway Beng now.

I don't understand why some relationships between people can go wrong so suddenly. It is due to a prolonged build up of tension that when there's a crack, the whole thing breaks, or is it because it just suddenly breaks without any reason or anything. I'm really afraid of making new friendships with the fear of something going to go awry sooner or later. Or maybe there's just something wrong with me. I'm too filled up with insecurites and inferiorities that sometimes I really hate myself.

I need a hug, a tight hug, a comforting voice to tell me that it's not my problem. I need a shoulder for me to cry on. I've been holding back the tears for too long already, I need an outlet. I just need somewhere to vent out everything.

I'm not supposed to be emo tonight, I'm not actually feeling that emo, really. Don't know why this post just ends up sounding quite emo. I was talking to this person from my class, realised that he stays in Serangoon Gardens, in fact he has been staying there since forever. I thought back about my growing up years at the back alleys of Serangoon Gardens, with my cousin, with my grandmother, with my grandfather. I think of how my grandfather looked when I saw him last Saturday. Somewhere inside me I can feel the pain. Just that person said that his mother said that his grandmother probably knew my grandmother when she was alive. I miss her.

I'll be getting a bit random from here on. I'm just going to type whatever that comes into my head. But I suddenly can't think of anything now.

Someone was telling me about his friend's sob story, maybe the night's getting into me, the more I think of the story the worse I feel. Seems like the story has a counter effect on me. I think my rough patch is a more of a sob story when comparing both stories. Maybe because Rough Patch never treated me well, maybe because things dragged on until things blew out of proportions, maybe the masochist in me just wants me to feel worse than I already am.

Someone was saying that he for a period of time he'd avoid this certain area because of some reasons, I replied that there isn't a need to avoid because I believe that one won't see what one doesn't want to see. The route I take to school every day goes by Rough Patch's place, it's unavoidable. But to think about it now, can there be a reason for me conditioned to fall asleep on the bus so that I am unconscious every time the bus passes by that place? Maybe it's not that I won't see what I don't want to see, but I'm escaping from what I don't want to see. I'm really not that strong after all.

I want to take a trip to somewhere, just to sit around and relax and chill. Don't need for shopping or anything, just a nice resort with a nice room, a nice beach or nice pool, and nice company, and some really great food. I don't mind gaining 1kg if I can just relax like that. My life is too saturated already. Conversely, I can just skip the resort, just bring me to somewhere quiet and tranquil, nice company and nice food. Just to sit around, with a pot of tea, and finger food, and chat and watch the sky turns grey. I'm really a simple person.

Have I mentioned that I need a hug?

On a lighter note, football looks great, both Chelsea and Werder Bremen are at second position looking to threaten. It might be a draw in the Champions League for Chelsea, but at least it isn't that difficult a score to overturn.

I'm feeling hungry now. I guess this means that the wave of unhappiness has past. I've got cravings for bizad's cheese sausage. I've a picture somewhere in my handphone, but it looks more phallic than appetising. I want to eat xiaolongbao also. I want to eat dim sum. In fact, I've been thinking about Yum Cha after Someone mentioned Chinatown, oh and that reminds me yet again of the sausage stand at Chinatown there too. damn... And like every night, I never fail to say I got cravings for Char Siew Rice. haha~

I need to watch more anime once the reading week sets in. I want to watch Rose of Versailles. Coming up soon but the fansubbers like not working very hard at are Les Miserable and Romeo x Juliet. Maybe I'll start reading manga online also. I thinking of buying a new set of manga since Furuba is ending. Should I buy the entire set of Kare Kano or should I start collecting Gakuen Alice, or should I just save up the money?

Aiya... I can't carry on this post anymore. I'll blog something decent sometime soon. good night~

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Ten Weird Things

Rule of the game:-Each player of this game starts off with 10 weird things or habits or little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged must write in a blog of their own 10 weird things or habits or little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you must choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. No tagbacks!

1. I must cover my face when I sleep. Usually I cover with a pillow, sometimes with my bolster, sometimes with my blanket, but usually pillow. I like my face to be warm and covered when I sleep so that nobody can see my eyes. Mostly I try to get my forehead and eyes covered, I think the forehead is the most important, it must be kept warm and snug when I sleep.

2. I'm very giam chye yet very anal about certain things. Like my books are all lined up neatly in my bookshelves, arranged in running order, or in height and genre order, books of the same series/author go together. But when I don't pack my books neatly, they're all strewn over my floor, my table, my chairs. My table and chairs are piled high with books and papers and godknowswhat. And my bed is not spared either.

3. If I want to buy something I'll buy it, if I don't want I won't. The time span I take to decide if I want to buy or not is usually not more than 30 seconds. Yes or no, I decide on the spot, after my decision, I won't change my mind, unless I walk by the shop again another time. Then I'd make another decision. And I'd buy the things I want myself, I usually don't really like people buying things for me, or don't give people the chance to buy things for me. That time I used to go out with this guy who liked to pick up my bill and that made me very frustrated. I wanted to buy this bag in a certain colour but out of stock so I didn't buy it in the end. But on another occasion, I decided to buy that bag but another design. It turned out that that guy too bought that bag in that design I bought for me, but since I had it already he didn't give it to me. Then another occasion I was out with that same guy and I saw this dress on display which I really liked but it was quite expensive. I decided to buy it, and I bought it. Then later that guy asked me why did I buy it. He had wanted me not to have bought it so that he could buy it for me but I was like "huh?" if I wanted it I can get it myself. Okay, I know I'm a bit too assertive sometimes, but I really feel paiseh to spend guy's money. I prefer to be doted in some other ways. lol~

4. I like to refer my mother as "your wife" when talking to my dad, and my sister as "your other daughter", and my dad's "your husband" and "your father", and so on. Just now with my aunt, I constantly referred to her as "your sister-in-law" when I was talking to my dad. I can refer every relative as a relative except for my ah gong because I give him a lot of respect. I sometimes refer myself to my parents as "your poor little daughter". It's quite fun sometimes, especially when my dad gives one of his witty retort or his gagging actions.

5. I'm very anal about my name. I think I mentioned this many times when doing such memes. I do not allow anyone I'm not close with to know my Chinese name. Nobody calls be that, except some close friends who want to kajiao me. If I'm not close to the person and he/she calls me by my Chinese name, I'd get very pissed. A certain blind prof once called me that by accident, I think he didn't see my English name, and I got so pissed that I wanted not to own up that's me, but in the end I just tsked and rolled my eyes and said "I'm Joan." I don't like it not because I don't like my Chinese name, but because I like it, and I find it too personal for non-close friends to know it. And my name Joan is a single syllabus name, I absolutely hate it when someone calls me Jo-an. Reason is very simple, my surname is Ang, say Joan Ang, it just sounds so cool. Jo-an Ang sounds like crap like that.

6. My computer table is also my make up dresser. Okay, I lay most of my computer stuff like my cables, external hard disks, memory cards and other whatnots on that table. And on the same table is my set of make up brushes, powder, blusher, foundations, conceallor and everything, which is really a lot of things because I don't throw my used up stuff after I finish using them. My mum's always nagging me about it, but I don't like to throw them, no reason for not doing so. The whitest elephant on my dresser/computer table is a big jewellry box which is absolutely empty. It's supposed to be for my jewellry but I don't have a habit of wearing them, so I don't know where they all are at the present moment, and I'm too lazy to find them.

7. I'm very restless, I cannot sit still in one place for long, I have very short attention span too, so if one is unable to capture my attention, I can get bored very easily. I can't stand long hour lectures, lessons, speeches, whatever. And when I'm restless I can be worse to handle than a three year old hyperactive kid. I'd either become a bit crazy crazy or I'd be really irritated and become very irritating.

8. I must eat at least two eggs every day. I love eggs. I like scrambled, fried, omelettes, stewed, everything, except for steamed eggs. I eat any type of unfertilised eggs, just except the steamed ones. My favourites are lor nngs, bak nngs, scrambled with dark soy sauce, normal scrabled, and tie dans! If my mum cooks, she definitely will have to cook an egg dish. And I cook eggs the best, I can cook almost all kinds of eggs which I like to eat, except for lor nng, which I have yet to master.

9. I collect Snapple bottle caps! I like to read the fun facts on the underside even though I know all the fun facts. And I know all the fun facts because I went to the snapple website and played that fun facts game, I played until I got only 6 mistakes. It's a damn waste of time, but I'm very boliao. But then, now you know this girl collects snapple bottle caps, please hehehe~ My favourite flavours are Pink Lemonade and Mango Madness. I was the one to beg the Coffee Club Xpress to bring in Mango Madness. lol~ So sometimes if lucky there it's sold. That day I saw Farrell drinking Pink Lemonade, I thought it looked damn weird cos to me Pink Lemonade is a girl's drink. hehehe...

10. I don't like to pass on memes. This shall die here. Although I just now while typing this thing out tried to manja Someone into doing it. Damn... I actually took 4 hours just to do this! Amazing...