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The Amazing Race and Survivor

Almost every season, I'd do a short write up on my favourite reality programmes and I'd share my favourite contestants and bitch about the other contestants, this season, I think my write up is a bit late because Rob and Amber was eliminated way too early, and there weren't any Yul-like characters in Survivor. But still, now that the season is peaking, let me share with you a couple of my insights.

The Amazing Race 11: All Stars
Channel 5
Mondays 8am, or 8.30pm

I used to taped the morning version, but recently been coming back home in time to watch the evening version. It's pretty weird NOT to see some of the more colourful characters coming back but seeing some of the very irritating characters back on screen again, I really wonder what are the producers thinking. None of my favourites came back, except for Rob and Amber, and one half of Eric and Jeremy, but I don't particularly like Danielle, so...

I was rooting for Romber right from the start. I might have hated Romber in Survivor All Stars sometime back, but seeing them as racers on The Amazing Race made me realise that they are good racers, and I couldn't help but support them while they were racing. They came back strong again, better than before, and swept all the first place winnings in the first few legs of the race. It's a pity that it was just one slight misfortune that sent them out of the race, if not they'd surely have the means to win the race.

Because of some slight problems, I wasn't able to catch the full episode of the leg which Romber was eliminated, I only managed to catch the last part, and it was awful. Failing at searching for something is always the most horrible way to be booted out of the game. But at least Rob and Amber can go out of the game with their many prizes they won in the earlier legs and be contented.

After booting out Rob and Amber, for a brief period I was a bit disheartened with The Amazing Race because I didn't know who to support. If there's any team I know I hate, that would be Charla and Mirna. They are disgusting. Almost as bad as the Weavers. They go around saying everyone is bad but don't realise that they are the worst lot of all. And they treat the locals horribly, undercutting the locals, whining at them, kidnapping them to get them to show them the way. And with the cabbies, they either only know how to say "faster" "hurry" "my friend" "you must help us", it's just so disgusting. They play dirty with other groups but yet don't allow other groups to play dirty with them, I mean, where's the logic behind it? For Romber, they know that other groups will play dirty with them that's why they play dirty, at least they realise that playing dirty is all part of the game. I really can't believe Mirna is a lawyer.

After the booting of Romber, I decided to support Eric and Danielle, because Eric was from one half of my favourite TAR 9 team. I didn't really like Danielle because she sounded really whiny, but after watching a few more episodes, I thought she was really quite spunky. As she mentioned, she happens to do all the physical tasks for her team. Ya, she does them, not Eric. lol~ From TAR 9, the tasks then were not as physically demanding as this season's, and Eric and Jeremy's game plan was to have fun have fun and have more fun. Seems like Eric's game plan have repurcussions on the tasks he wants to do now.

But seriously, as a team, they're a physical threat. Eric is able to smoothen out the failings of Danielle when she was with Danni, and Danielle's able to leverage out her strengths and fulfill her maximal potential. It's a bit different to also include Eric and Danielle because they were from different teams during TAR 9, the other teams were really all star teams. Personally, I think this is a huge gamble, but looking at how things are going now, seems like this is paying off.

*spoilers ahead*
I've been trawling spoiler websites which give the exact boot order of the teams, and because of this boot list, I'm somewhat disappointed because it was accurately predicted about the elimination of Romber. Then again, if the boot list is correct, we might be able to see Eric and Danielle winning it. Oh well... We'll see how things go.
*spoilers end here*

I'm actually quite glad that Uchenna and Joyce were eliminated because they were the only team who had won the million dollars, and I don't think that they should deserve to win it again, particularly since they game plan doesn't excite me at all.

Survivor 14
Channel 5
Fridays 11pm

I really cannot stand Channel 5 for slating Survivor at such a late time slot, but because this semester I've been doing Forensic Science, I don't know what to make of that time slot. Had it been at 10pm, I'd stay back in school to watch finish before going back home, but since it's at 11pm, I usually tape the show and watch after it ends because I usually reach home at about 11.15-11.30pm. A bit sucky.

I didn't know who to support when I first started watching it. Everyone seemed so pathetic. There's Rocky who's always shouting, there's Boo who's accident prone, there's a bunch of strong black guys whom I cannot tell apart (but now i do) and there's a lot of old people. My early favourite was Michelle because she's small and cute, and she seemed strong in challenges and smart in puzzles, and she was the one who made fire using spectacles for her team. And she got booted out in a twist event last week. Sucks, I hate Dreamz all the more now.

Dreamz appeared to be such a sympathetic character earlier on since he was always bullied by Lisi and Stacy, but as I watch him vote, I think he's more like a sucker. Every week he talks about wanting to vote off Lisi but ends up voting off someone nice. This week he talks about voting off Stacy because she bullied him but he goes on to vote off Michelle. I can't wait for next week and see Mookie's flare up at him.

There are a lot of twists and turns in this season of Survivor, from the have and have not camps, the exile island not having hidden immunity idols, and the placing of two idols and the tribal switch, wow... it's all fun! I particularly liked the tribal switch because it prevented an Ulong-ing from happening, even though Ravu lost ALL the immunity challenges, at least the original Ravus were not all voted off like what happened in Ulong.

My favourite is Survivor is actually Yau-Man. He's like the oldest player, a physics nerd, looks like a frail old man, but he's actually quite cool. He was raised in Borneo, so he's acustomed to the climate and with some of the Fijian tools, and most of all, he has a very interesting game plan. First, he works by snooping around, then after getting clues to the idol, he collaborates to dig out the idol, then he wins challenges for his tribe, also, he's the provider of the tribe since he's able to deal with coconuts effectively. He's really the underestimated player.

He's cute also, and he comes up with really witty quotes. One just can't help but adore such a cute nerd. hahaha~

*spoilers ahead*
Likewise for Survivor, there are spoilers who correctly placed the boot order, and if that happens then Yau Man won't be able to get that million dollars. grr... If the spoilers are correct, then maybe I'd hope that Earl can win.
*spoilers end here*

Earl is an amazing guy, he's so double faced that I don't know what to think about him. In fron of the tribe, he's the leader, honest and dignified, but in front of the cameras during confessionals, he bitches about everything and he laughs like a king and everyone is his pawns. He said from the beginning, he'll show everyone his poker face. He's so amazing. I don't know if I should like him or not.

So, Yau-Man and Eric and Danielle are my favourites, help me root for them too~

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