Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My Sister Says...

As my life takes a nosedive, with exams looming and me staying at home doing nothing but chatting with Someone and studying for my forensic science module, my sister spices up my life with her interesting tales, and her much more colourful life.

Sister: Hey Jie, you want to go for a swim tomorrow afternoon?
Me: No, I'm having my period.
Sister: Oh yar hor. Oh, and I'm having mine too.
Me: Then you ask for what???
Sister: I forgot.

Sister: Jie, you know what is computer science anot?
Me: Something to do with computers? Not very sure...
Sister: Oh shit! For my electives I don't know what to put, so I put discrete maths as my second choice, I think my first choice is cannot get one.
Me: What is discrete maths?
Sister: I don't know. Then I went to check it out, it says it's computer science. If I get that then how?
Me: Die lor...
Sister: I don't know anything about computers.

Sister: You know in secondary school I learn Dreamweaver and Flash before?
Me: You did???
Sister: Ya...
Me: Then you can do that discrete maths thingie mah...
Sister: No, I don't know how. That time I just went for the course and the teacher say click what I just click. You call me to do those stuff now I cannot do one.

Sister: My friend said that an average JC student only sleeps three hours a day.
Me: So little? Last time I in JC I sleep a lot leh...
Sister: I also sleep a lot.
Me: I sleep a lot in school.
Sister: Ya, in school very nice to sleep.
Me: I'd sleeping during breaks, I got a lot of breaks. Every break I'd either eat or sleep.
Sister: I don't have breaks, I prefer to sleep in lectures.

Sister: Just now during maths lecture I was trying to sleep when my friend keep waking me up.
Me: Good what.
Sister: No la, she disturb me sleep. Every time I almost fall asleep, she'd wake me up.
Me: hahaha.
Sister: Then I cannot stand it liao I told her I want to sleep. Then she orh, I help you copy notes.
Me: She helped you copy your maths notes???
Sister: Ya...

At 1am at night
Sister: I must go book tennis court before someone else books it.
Me: At 1am at night?
Sister: Ya...
After a while, she came back
Sister: Kanasai, someone went at midnight to go and book tennis court! I wanted to book 7-8 or 8-9 cannot book, now have to book 9-10, and somemore that person book both courts. But I also book table tennis 8-9. I think I know who's the one who booked it, must be that wear blue colour shirt one, or that guy with the ear stud. They always play during that time one.
Me: You can go Joel Koh's house to play what.
Sister: Don't want la. He stay so far away, after play finish so tired I still need to walk back. So late already lor, still walk so far.
Me: So, that's why you want him to come over to play instead? hahaha...
Okay, the funniest part of this whole conversation is that Joel Koh stays very near our place, it's within walking distance. Safe enough to say, walking to Joel Koh's place is faster than walking to (my sister's) school.

Sister: I need to buy tennis ball.
Me: You don't have balls meh?
Sister: Don't have. I only got one ball left.
Me: Why? Then usually how you play?
Sister: Actually I have two balls one, then Joel Koh went to borrow from his friend another two balls, but that day we lost one ball, don't know whose ball it is.
Me: So you gave up your ball?
Sister: The balls is last time I pick up from the tennis court one. Somebody left the balls behind then I went to take.
Me: Wait, you said before Joel Koh last time got take tennis lessons one, how come he don't have ball?
Sister: Don't know, maybe he use the coach ones lor.

Sister: I want to play table tennis but I don't have ball.
Me: Go buy lor, table tennis ball very cheap one.
Sister: Don't need la, Joel Koh say he can take from school.
Me: Huh? Take from where?
Sister: He's in the school team one what.
Me: Oh I see...
Sister: I ask him take ball then he ask 10 balls enough anot.
Me: hahaha

Sister: I don't like to walk home (from school). There's this cat behind that always stares at me.
Me: You know cats can recognise faces?
Sister: Ya, that's why I always damn scared. Just now the cat was there again lor, then I don't dare go near. Then when somebody come, the cat will run away, but the cat see me won't run away.
Me: Maybe you go nearer a bit then it will run away.
Sister: Don't know leh... Just now I had to call someone to help me scare away the cat then I can come back home lor.

Sister: You know for our project, we need to find sponsorship.
Me: Ya...
Sister: So I say Sim Wong Hoo will sponsor us. But my teacher say we're only students and Creative don't need our publicity. Then my friend say Sim Wong Hoo will definitely sponsor us because he's my uncle. The teacher really believe leh...

Sister: Hey Jie! You can help me do my GP project!
Me: What project?
Sister: GP! The topic is on the Holocaust.
Me: I've a couple of books in the cupboard you can look at them.
Sister: Ya, I know you have books on that, so you can help me do the project!
Me: ...

Okay, that's about it. Maybe if I collect a bit more of her funny shite I can do a second part to it. Really, if I don't have my sister to spice up my life, I think my life will head straight down to the boring zone. I don't do anything much at home, controlling myself from watching too much stuff online. Even when my sister's not around in the afternoons, me and my mum entertain ourselves by taking delight in coming up with strategies to curb my sister's telephone habits. But the thing is that we never implemented it on her because my mum doesn't want to play the bad person, and neither do I. hahaha~ My lazy mum and my stupid sis.


chillycraps said...

lol our lecture gang also always help the sleeping member copy notes during lecture one~ =P

Or when I forgot to bring my notes, I'll just take his.

xxoos said...

borrowing notes to copy and helping people to copy has somewhat a different meaning to it. besides my sis and that classmate don't know each other as long as you long your lecture gang. different ruler there used to measure.

xingyi said...

Haha... u and ur sis are so funny! I think u all can start a new comedy show or website! The Sim Wong Hoo and table tennis jokes are my fave! U two are so hilarious!!!

xxoos said...

haha... maybe i should start collecting more of such jokes...

Cyn said...

hahaha.. me and my sis are reading this together.. and I realise some of the things you say are stuff we say too.. lol... must b something to do with sisterhood..

xxoos said...

haha... maybe cos we can be stupid in front of our family and not afraid that they'd think that we are stupid ba... hahaha~

EgGyBo! said...

lol.. when my sis and i bicker in church, my church friends would say, let's tune in to the PEH (our surname) channel. I think that's what siblings do to foster bonds. =P

xxoos said...

i think it's a good thing~

stephanie said...

hahaha funny !! =D

study hard JOAN!! i wish i saw u at esplanade tooo

xxoos said...

manyi told you about it already? news spread so fast... haha~

miss you too! let's meet up after the exams~

stephanie said...

haha ya!! she told me right after she met u at the steps! she was like "esplanade is so our place alrd" haha then i was suspecting u guys met at ichiban boshi, but apparently not! yessh! lets meeet up after the dang exams! before manyi and me zip off to texas! :P

xxoos said...