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Can We Return To The Old Times Again?

I've been meaning to write a short story on fuck buddies ever since I wrote this piece, but never got around writing it because I'm lazy. Finally I decided that it should wait no more lest it disappears in my blackhole of imagination forever. But since I'm not in a writing state tonight, I've got a test tomorrow, a football match to watch at 3.30am later, a movie review that I want to put up later too, and my wireless connection is dc-ing again, my mouse is not working, and loads of other problems, I shall write an excerpt instead of a full short story.

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Can We Return To The Old Times Again?
(an excerpt)

The story so far: He has a girlfriend, she is single but not looking for anyone. His girlfriend knows that she is his friend. In fact, he knew her long before he met his girlfriend.

They were lounging on a couch in her house watching a DVD together. He sat on one while she sat on the other end, but they were not that separated given that it was a two seater couch. It was an art house film.

Halfway into the film, he leaned over on her shoulder, eyes still gazed on the flatscreen playing the movie. The last time he was over for a movie, they ended up fucking on that couch. Now to think about it, the last couple of times also ended with them making a loveseat out of that couch. In fact, everytime he brought a DVD over to her house it meant he wanted sex from her. Maybe she knew his intentions, and made sure that he only came over to her place for a movie only when she wanted sex too.

Subconsciously, he did what he felt like doing, which mirrored what he did everytime he was over with a DVD in hand. He reached out his hand and kneaded her breast, but his eyes were still afixed on the plasma screen. She reached out for his other hand and brought it around her, eyes never once left the television screen too.

A handphone rang.

She hesitated. But after a slight deliberation, she picked up the handphone lying on the coffee table and passed it over to him. He too paused in front of the phone before reaching for it. He glanced at the screen and picked up the call. His head still nestled on her shoulder and he still had a hand on her breast. She contented herself in the fantasy of the movie.

"Yes?" he asked into the phone.

She made sure the surround system of the movie floated over the other end of the phone connection before picking up the remote control and hitting the pause button.

"Can I call you back later? After the film. No, wait, I think maybe I'll call you tonight."

She brushed his hand away from her breast. She straightened herself from her position, forcing him to remove his head from her shoulder. Not the least, she got up from the couch and went to the kitchen.

He stared at her as she walked away half listening to what was said by the person on the other end of the phone. One was the girl he was in love with, another was the girl he was making love with, which did he really wanted? Maybe at that very moment, he was her instead of his girlfriend, but maybe it was only for that passing moment.

"I'm sorry. I'll call you back tonight, okay?" with the he ended the call. He knew that his girlfriend knew that he meant it if he puts the call down, so it was no use calling him again.

He looked across the living room searching for a sign of her. But she was nowhere to be seen. He knew she hated it when his girlfriend came between the both of them. It was his fault that she was always putting up a false front on front of his girlfriend.

He went into the kitchen to look for her, he thought he had seen her walking to the kitchen when she left him. She wasn't there.

Her apartment wasn't really that big, two bedrooms and the large living room which was originally two rooms made into one, and the kitchen. If she was not in the kitchen, there was only one other place she could be. It excited him to think about where she could be. Maybe, for once they could make love on something else other than the couch?

"Hey baby..." he greeted as he opened her bedroom door.

"Isn't your baby on the phone with you?" she retorted sacarstically.

He hadn't expected that phone call affected her this much. Momentarily he was at a loss for words, he couldn't disagree with her because they all knew that he called his girlfriend his baby, but agreeing with what she said was a bigger no no. In the end, he opted for not saying anything, and joined her on her large bed. Even under this circumstance, he had still hoped that maybe he was going to get lucky tonight.

Should he hug her, kiss her, or just caress her parts? He thought. Although he didn't know what to do, he knew perfectly well what he souldn't be doing, and that was to say anythign more to her. Instead he opted for doing all three.

He hugged her first before planting his lips full on her, then reaching out his hands and caressing all about her. Initially she resisted. But he felt confident that what he was doing was the right thing to do that he held her in him more tightly and overcame her resistance. This happened once before. They were making out on the couch when he received a message from his girlfriend. She looked over and saw it, and chided him for being disloyal to his girlfriend. He said he wasn't being disloyal, and that ended that night effectively. She made him leave without the DVD in hand. After that occasion, they talked about it. She told him, from the perspective of a female friend of his, that that wasn't the way to handle a girl, and she went on to tell him what he should be doing. He thought that she had successfully displaced herself as two different personas to him.

That night, he didn't wanted a fuck very badly, that he let his subcounscious body doing everything he remembered from her lecture. Naturally, she succumbed. He got lucky.

"That was what I once told you to do in such a circumstance, wasn't it?" she asked him tersely.

Slowly, he reclaimed his consciousness. He did felt guilty about what he just did, but he wasn't about to say so, he knew that she knew it and he wasn't about to get into another teary session with her about what they are to each other. He was tired and all he wanted was a little snooze.

During that nap, he dreamt. He dreamt about the past, when they were the best of friends during their school days. He dreamt of the time when he met his girlfriend too, and the times they had together, and him not wanting to touch his girlfriend till they got married. Then he dreamt of the night when they first watched a DVD in her new apartment, on her new couch, using her new home theatre system, and how much he wanted just her that night.

He woke up in a start.

He had his arms around her. As he slowly studied her face, this thought came into him, maybe he should come around her place with a DVD less often.

But this thought usually just disappears the next time he touches a new DVD.

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Anonymous said...

you're an erotica writer?

the part is a bit trashy but maybe you are influenced by certain novellists?

erm... not that there's anything wrong about writing about sex acts or anything just that as a preview you might want to give readers more than just eerr erotic themes? ; ) t.