Thursday, March 09, 2006

Sheer Sheer Ignorance

Remember a previous post I had regarding an Anonymous comment?
This one here, I said, "I don't know why I still allow anonymous comments."

Today, upon receiving yet another Anonymous comment, I realised one thing, I still allow those anonymous comments just to prove that there are a lot more ignorant fools in this world wide web than we all realise.

Comment of the Day:
Anonymous said...
you're an erotica writer?
the part is a bit trashy but maybe you are influenced by certain novellists?
erm... not that there's anything wrong about writing about sex acts or anything just that as a preview you might want to give readers more than just eerr erotic themes? ; ) t.
11:13 PM

I know in my side column I listed my pet peeve as ignorant fools, but seriously, sometimes they just make me laugh because of their sheer denseness.

Okay, I must be nice, I shouldn't go on laugh about other people's unpolished minds. Maybe they hadn't been through literature classes back in their school days. Maybe don't understand literature stuff. Maybe they just are not literature people. Yea... I mean this is the internet, right? Those people who hang out around here all day long aren't really that interested in literature, right? So I should give them a benefit of doubt~

To enlighten those unpolished minds, I shall give a basic 101 introduction to literature. Writing styles differ from one writer to another, right now, mine's mainly using third person's style of writing in a first person setting kind of narration.

What is first person and what is third person? And since there is a first and third person, there should also be a second persond, right? The answer to the latter is yes. First person's writing is the usage of "I". Today I went to the beach, I ate a lot of crabs, I whatever whatever. Autobiographies are all first person writings. Some authors also use first person's writing to invoke greater response and emotions from their readers. The downside using that would therefore be that viewpoints of the narration would be narrow, only from the narrator's point of view.

Third person is

*damn* blogger ate up my post!!! I'm not going to type everything again, neither am I go to give my blow by blow analysis fit for a seminar paper again.

So read
and these
and formulate the themes again.

I shall say it's only about stagnanted relationships and depression, mostly pertaining to women. If I've the time tonight maybe I'll come up with another blow by blow analysis.

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