Monday, March 06, 2006

Reply to another Anon

I don't know why I still allow anonymous comments.

I'd like to clarify a couple of things to this particular anonymous whoever that person is. I am not spoilt, okay, maybe I am spoilt, at times, but I don't get whatever I want. I always believe in one thing, karma. What goes around comes around. Some might say I have money I can spend, I can be happy, but am I really happy? People want things they can't have. I know what I can't have. And I need these material stuff to fill up the void in me.

I don't spend unnecessarily, my friends all know that. I'm the kind of person who only takes the bus all around Singapore because I have bus concession and I don't want to pay extra for MRT. But it doesn't matter if you don't know, there is no reason for you to know about this anyway.

Actually I don't even think you'd be reading this post because apparantly you aren't a regular here, if not you'd know that I'm definitely not someone who's act cute, or who whines incessantly, but because I feel in incensed, maybe I thought it might be better for me to clarify myself, lest some other people get the wrong idea of me.

Maybe things all boil down to the green eye syndrome. We always see others being better than us and we aren't happy about it. Sometimes I feel the same way too sometimes, yea... I'm guilty of it too, so I aren't reprimanding that ignorant person. We all are different people, save some value judgement on people, maybe you can feel happier.

Well, to that guy, if you think I'm not worthy of your vote, then so be it. I'm not begging anyone to vote for me. If it does sound like I'm begging, then I guess you over flatter yourself.
I'm just posting the link for people who really do care about voting for me to vote for me, if they want to. The bulk of my readers are lurkers anyway.

Thinking about it, I have never posted an anonymous comment. What's the use of saying something yet hiding behind a veil? Like in emails, flaming wars, the most ineffective tool is sending anonymous hate mails.

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