Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I is Sibeh Hungry Fella

During German class this evening, and like most other German classes I have, I'd make some noise when there's nothing to do and say my standard line "Ich habe Hunger!" Cindy should fully understand my idiocyncracies. hahaha~

This evening, there was no Cindy, but there was Xinli and Yingfong. Then we started a discussion of Rotiprata mit Eis.

Then later, just about an hour ago, I was online with the other Cindy, and we started talking about cravings. She had cravings for Pizzahut. Thinking through, I started listing down a list of my cravings...

seafood pasta
seafood pizza
chicken supreme pizza
xiaolongbao (how can a list of Joan's cravings exclude my xlb?)
peking duck
salmon sashimi
famous amos cookies
chicken wings
fish and chips

I want to eat so many things but I only have one stomach, not to mention a small purse. What should I do leh...

Cindy mentioned something that got me thinking. She asked me if I was eating so much because of my depression. I know I've always had diet problems, but to put it this way seems a bit weird, because the last two times I lasped into severe depression I went on days without eating anything. My record is three days without food. But after a bout, I'd always turn to eating more. Maybe I eat to cure depression, but for severe cases, I'd go hungry. I'm of extreme ends.

Still on the sushi and sashimi craze. I got this horrendous craving for fish ever since last Friday watching Survivor Panama Exile Island. That disgusting Cirie who was afraid of leaves and what's under the leaves gave another stunner by saying that she's afraid of raw fish too. "I never had sushi in my life. I don't know if I'm going to wake up with a horrible stomach problem tomorrow." I gagged. But watching them eat those raw fish made me crave for sashimi even more.

After Cindy left, I started chatting with Eugene korkor. Two nocturnal animals who are always hungry ended up as usual talking about food. It started with this picture first, which I used as my MSN display picture.
He asked me to take that picture down.

The conversation turned to one which we decided to go eat sakae buffet tomorrow. Like all other no life people who hang online 24/7, the first point of research is to hit the internet to check out the price for Sakae's sushi buffet.

From the Sakae's webbie.

I didn't know that there was no lunch time buffet in most places.
I didn't know I was also a student.
Then I realised that that tea time offer is student targeted, think of the time, 3-6, just nice end school but students not wanting to go home yet, then think of the student rates, and also the locations of the Sakaes, all in neighbourhood (think: school) areas.

Then I caught sign of this other promotion.
Teppanyaki sounds so yummy. I'm hoping that slowly Sakae will bring it into the other Sakaes with Teppanyaki outlets (read: Parkway).

But this other promotion lagi caught my eye.
At my favourite shopping centre, a nice ungodly hour, with sustenence, and also the free red plate special. The only downside, I don't think I can really eat that much in 2 hours, maybe if it's a three hour thing then it'll be more worthwhile. But then again, this promotion only means one thing to me. My Marina Square is fast becoming a hub, a hub for nocturnals, which is very good! Can go watch late night movies, then get a drink then have some fish.

Okay, me shall buy my fish tomorrow, in my second favourite shopping centre. Then I can shunbian pick up my last Body Shop brush to make my set complete. Maybe pop by MPH and get some good reads, maybe can pop by the food court to get the dim sum.

And not to forget the Famous Amos cookies and Jack and Jill potato chips. OMG... I'm getting nervous just by thinking about it. I cannot cannot bear to see my team lose. We've been rubbing everyone the wrong way lately, so if we lose we'd really lose very badly and everybody will make fun of us.

*cross fingers*

Hope history can repeat itself, repeat from our feat from the last season. If not, please can I have that gorrilla guy to get into a freak accident and render him unable to make it for the match tomorrow. And please have my dear Lamps to be fully fit.

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cindy said...

i love sushi buffet!! haha..