Sunday, April 29, 2007


I'm not a sweets lover, neither do I have a sweet tooth. I don't have the habit of indulging in desserts most of the time, only occasionally feeding in to my cravings. But recently, I found this magnificently wonderful dessert, at my current favourite eating joint no less.

Mango Sorbet
mango sorbet
This was the first one I tried. I tried it only because I thought that we ordered too little food, and the mango sure looks really good, and I love mangoes a lot. haha~

It turned out to be absolutely wonderful. It's better than all the Ice Mango desserts in the various Hong Kong cafes, or even than the one at NUH food court. The mango fragrance was there, since the sorbet was really set in a real mango, there were even mango lined around the inner skin. The sorbet wasn't too sour, nor too sweet, just nice, the way I like it.

After the meal, I was raving to two different waitresses about the mango sorbet and the both of them separately suggested I come back again and try the peach sorbet.

Indeed, just after like two days, I decided to head back to Ichiban Boshi and try the peach sorbet. I ordered that as soon as we stepped into the restaurant, and had our dessert before the food. haha~ The temptations of sweets.

Peach Sorbet
peach sorbet
The peach was set more aesthetically good looking than the mango, so I was very excited about it, but it lacked the fragrance of the mango. Perhaps it's because peaches generally are not as fragrant than mangoes, but it's still a nice eat. It's light and fluffy, not too strong sweet, sour or creamy taste, with the light lingering of peach hanging on the tip of the tongue. Still, I think I'll have the mango one again the next time I head down Ichiban Boshi.

The thing about the sorbets is that it's difficult to scoop, so it is necessary that two people to share a portion of it. One person to hold down the fruit while the other scoops. Also must becareful not to let the fruit fly out of the bowl if not that's the end of the dessert. Luckily it's set in a bowl, if it were to have been set on a plate, our fruits would have flown all over the place long before we could have them.

I love Ichiban Boshi! The sushi there is different than those in other sushi joints, and the taste and quality is so much better, and now with the amazing desserts, I don't think I'll ever want to go to another sushi joint again. The best thing is that the prices are comparable. Sushi are $1.90 and red plates are at $5.30. Ordered food are also about the same as other Japanese mid range restaurants. The sorbets are at $6.90 per piece but it feeds two people comfortably, so I think it's quite worthwhile.

The best thing is that the service is really good. I frequent the ones at Wisma Atria and Esplanade very often, and I can vouch that the service there are very good. Once me and a couple of friends sat at Esplanade's Ichiban Boshi for a couple of hours, the tea was topped up very promptly and we weren't chased away. The waiters and waitresses were funny and nice and even allowed us to film within their premises.

The waiters and waitresses at Wisma are also very nice. As I mentioned earlier, they recommended me the peach sorbet, but it was not just that, they made a point to check with us about the food after our meal. I always thought it's only the higher end restuarants that the waiters actually bother to check with the guests about the quality of the food, so it's really nice to see a mid-range eatery with such competent service.

And it also helps that there's this really cute waiter at Wisma. Once, I was walking straight and talking to my sister, and he was coming our from the counter, and he banged into me. He was so cute when he started apologising profusely and making sure that I was okay, and that it was an accident and not purposely. I think if it were from some other sushi joint with lousy service, the waiter would probably make it seem like it's my fault. Okay, but it's not just about service. He's cute. hahaha~

I think I just have a thing for cute waiters that make me want to go back to that particular joint for meals. I remember the other time when I was so infatuated with the manager at Holland V's Crystal Jade Lamian Xiaolongbao. I went there so often that he recognised me. Too bad, he transferred out apparently to Wisma's CJ Express, but I haven't seen him there before. I only saw him once walking around Wisma, but not in the shop. Anyway, now that I've set my eyes upon this other cute waiter in Ichiban Boshi, I think I'll just stick to stalking out at Ichiban Boshi. Besides, the cute waiter at Ichiban Boshi is younger. hahaha~

Okay, I better stop here before I sound too hua chi. Yup, so for desserts, and eye candy, head down to Ichiban Boshi!

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