Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What song is that?

It's 7min30s long, with another version being 8min40s long.
It's one of the very very very few songs he sang which is neither written nor composed by himself.
It's one of the few songs that doesn't have a studio recording version of it, only the LIVE version, in concert CDs and compilations.

Yet that song remains as one of his signature songs.

The song's composer is a Japanese guy. I'm been trawling websites googling for the composer but still unable to find out who he is. I know his name, but that's about it. It doesn't help that he has a very common name. My interest in the composer came in the form of another music composer of the same name. I've been wondering if they are the same person. But until now, I'm unable to clear this question. The other composer (or if he's the same one) writes the theme songs for anime, Detective Conan, in fact, so he has been doing it for 10 years already. I really want to know if they're the same person. Until the day I can read Japanese well (which is like never), I probably won't know the truth.

There are two versions of this song. One is the 7min+ one which is a duet with some other male singer, and is also the one released earlier, and supposedly more popular version. It always amazes me that he can sing and play a song that long. I remember in the days when I still listened to the radio, one particular deejay commented that if he wanted to go to the toilet, he'd play this song, so that there's enough time for him to rush to the toilet.

The other version is 8min+ and it only features him, but there's a twist to the song, and there's a clear change in tempo of the song. I first heard it in the concert vcd. Then during his concert which I went for, he sang this too. Mostly, this would be a song which he'd get the audience to sing along. Hence, there's no one version of the song which features entirely of his voice.

I like this song, a lot. But I also have come to want to avoid it.
Too many broken promises, too many disappointments, too many farces...

The other day, while talking to Someone, I noticed his MSN showed the songs he has on windows media player, okay, it's not just the other day but quite a few times already, and each time I see that song there I can feel a bit of me die inside. It doesn't help that the song is damn long and it'll be featured there for a longer period of time than most other normal songs.

Then yesterday I cracked. That song appeared on my shuffle. Listening through the whole song once again made me realise that their voices are very similiar, and it made me want to get over from the stigma of the song. Time does have a very interesting effect on people.

I got the LIVE solo version one from Someone (I previously only have the duet version of it) and let it play on repeat mode.

Maybe it's the different style of singing, maybe it's me facing with the past and able to stand up against the stigma, maybe it's because this version was from Someone, maybe maybe maybe some other possibilities.

I will not call you on Friday after my test, even though you told me to call you even if my answer is negative.
I will not answer to your MSN messages too.
Even if one day I were to meet you on the streets, I'll walk pass you as if nothing ever happened.
Of course, as I've gave you my word before, I'll never do anything that will upset you.

I am happy with my life now.

Maybe I was then stupid to think that your voice and his is quite similiar. Maybe I was even stupider to think that anyone who sings his song must be a good person. Maybe I just feel that if you could like him you must be a nice guy.

eh... Side track a bit. I sudeenly remembered it's also because of him that I got to know Someone better. Rewind a couple of months ago, had I not known that Someone liked him, I wouldn't have bothered reading his blog, wouldn't have bothered to add him on MSN, wouldn't have bothered to chat with him, wouldn't have bothered to want to know more about him, then perhaps he'd become yet another passing classmate like so many others who had went by along with the semester. (eh, hope Someone won't be too upset to hear this)

Kind of stupid for me to think that anyone who likes him must be a nice person.

Okay, after closing this passage of my life, I can play any song and not be boggled down my anything else. And I can say that still, this is of of the songs that I like a lot, and probably the most iconic song of live music. Comeon, not anybody can have an 8min song okay.

PS: I realised that I didn't mention any title, neither did I mention the singer, nor any names at all. Intentional? Probably the subconscious mind is controlling me, don't want say the title, don't want to mention names, this post isn't really that all very important, and I'm not unhappy, just a bit into the pensive and reflective mood.

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