Thursday, December 09, 2004

The Merger

What the goddamn heck is blogger coming to?!

My blogger homepage is in chinese! And I dont understand half of it... Damn! My chinese isn't supposed to be that bad, but how come I can't understand much of what's up there?! And I'll be going off for my chinese drama camp like two days later, what if I can't understand the chinese they use there then how?! Ohmygod! I need to practise my chinese like right now, if not I'll be alienated in the camp. Bu ke yi, wo yao jiang hua yu. Dan shi, ni men ting de dong wo zhe yang de hua yu ma?

Heck that la...

Was thinking what should I talk about today. Was deciding between my current favourite TV shows, the slew of channel U programmes like Jie Da Huan Xi (Virtues of Harmony) like how cute is Frankie Lam (Lin Wenlong) or say my Bixuejian (Crimson Sabre) cute cute Kong Wah (Jiang Hua) and Lin Jiadong, or the reality programmes little Joan has become so addicted to like Amazing Race and Survivor, especially after today's Amazing Race, I'd wanted to talk about Jonathan and Victoria, but then, I've decided not to be that shallow.

So the topic of the day would be the merger of SPH and Mediacorp and the fate of the employee, in particular, the SPH artistes.

Offered a transfer to Mediacorp TV Holdings:

- Adam Chen
Good for him. I'm sure he'll do fine there. Jiayou ba!

- Michelle Chia
Well, she's so hot, Mediacorp can't afford to lose her.

- Celest Chong
Ditto. Just caught her in O. Her performance seems quite good. Yup, think that she's very pretty too. Ya, and Mediacorp can help her cut an album and earn more money from the dumb Taiwanese people. Okay, I'm digressing a bit, just thinking about the dumb Taiwanese people who are going to buy Sylvester's album. haha...

- Quan Yifeng
I think this is a big big joke. They sacked her. And she turned to SPH who made her big. Now that she's big, apparently Mediacorp want her back. How pathetic can Mediacorp be?!

- Guo Liang
Clap our hands. Let's not hear any more from pathetic hosts in Channel anymore. Mark Lee was bad enough, then that weird guy Chen Jianbin is the ultimate. Channel 8 needs people like Guo Liang if not, my chinese will just remain like what you people had experienced earlier.

-Apple Hong
Seems like Mediacorp are just sweeping up the cute young things from SPH.

- Hu Bing
Ditto. Not that I find him cute. But apparently many blind girls out there do. And the dumb Taiwanese people I'd been harping on.

- Eelyn Kok

- Ann Kok
Ditto. But I need to add. Ann can never regain her San Jie status anymore.

- Ezann Lee
Ditto. She's young, she's cute, she's fresh, just good for those idol dramas Channel 8 wants to emmulate from the Taiwanese to earn their fast cash. Remember, they are dumb. Technically, they are not really dumb cos they can shout very very loudly, more like they are blind.

- Darren Lim
He's got talent. I've got nothing to add, just hope that Mediacorp knows how to make good use of talent.

- Kym Ng
I'm betting that she'll regain her status as the Ah Jie of variety shows and kick counterpart Sharon Au to her long awaited and procrastinated studies so that I need not cringe whenever she comes on the tv screen.

- Wang Ailing
Well, even though I've the telly plugged into my belly button, I honestly have no idea who this girl is, so I can't say much about her.

- Adrain Pang
Put him in Channel 5! There's a lack of quality actors there. Channel 5 seems to be poaching lots of can't speak english Channel 8 actors cos of there apparent lack of it and Adrian will fit just nicely there. The only halfway decent Channel 5 programme with decent english is First Touch and I want more of it, but where is it?!

- Lynn Poh
Cute young thing. Definitely want to get the contract.

- Ix Shen
Actually I was quite shocked cos he seemed over the hill for Mediacorp even though he really can act. Remember, he beat Christopher Lee in the Star Search eons ago? haha... Actually I remember it cos I'm still sore over it.

-Constance Song
She didn't really had much of a career when she was back in Mediacorp but I really hope that after her decent outing in SPH, she'll make it big again.

- Bryan Wong
Yup. There's a big gap in Channel 8's vairety programmes, just look at Top Fun, don't you just want to puke at Chen Jianbin?

- Ben Yeo
My favourite! Ah Ben! And he not only beats all the Channel 8 hosts flat, he can act! He can make up for some cute guy in some idol dramas Channel 8 so want to produce. Ah Ben! I'll support you wherever you go!

- Helen Cheung
I don't watch news. Okay, actually, I do, but I prefer Wang Yanqing.

Offered a postition at SPH:

- Wang Yanqing (print)
Actually, I personally think that this move is to prevent the newscasters from losing their jobs and I really pity them cos I prefer the Channel U newscasters to the Channel 8 ones with the exception of Huang Xiuling. Yes, people, the TV set is so plugged into me that I do watch the news.

- Lina Ng (marketing)
I'm totally disappointed that she didn't get the Mediacorp contract cos she really can act.

- Evelyn Tan (circulation)

- Chew Huoy Min (print)
She is cuter than Huang Xiuling. Really, I'd rather have her read out news than say Cai Ying, or my most hated Channel 8 newscaster, Qi Qi! I hate Qi Qi! Her chinese sucks! Really, Mediacorp should have sacked the incompetent people from stable to let in the competent people from the other company.

Artistes out of work:
I really pity them. Sending my condolences over to them.

- Ann Poh
Anyway, she would have been typecast in Channel 8, but still, I feel rather sad to see her leave just like that. I mean, on any grounds, she is still a better compere than Patricia Mok.

- Chen Huihui
Some rumours are floating that Mediacorp is making use of this merger to get back at artistes who walked out on them to gloat over their apparent superiority. And Chen Huihui is damn good an actress. I'm like catching her again on Channel 8 5.30 in that rerun of the show.

- Erica Lee
Ditto. Unlike her younger sister Ezann, she's no longer young and cute. And her snub on Mediacorp eons ago is back to haunt her.

- Cherie Lim
I never liked her. And she's really stale liao, so I'm not going to say much.

- Liu Qiulian
Her acting is really good, pity she's old liao. Haiz...

- Wang Liuyan
Never heard of her.

- Adrain Lim
Never heard of him.

- Bernard Tan
He can act. But he's stale. Pity...

- Benjamin Heng
I'm damn damn damn shocked that he wasn't offered the contract. I love you, Chen Guangwei! Ah Seow! I guess, we'll have to see him in dunno what little little productions only. Really, is Mediacorp blind?! They're like giving up a potential Idol lor... He has all the makings to make it big.

- David Leong
Never heard of him.

- Darren Seah

- Dick Su

- Johnson Low

- Li Wenhai
He's also in that rerun of a show that i'm catching at 5.30. Pities to him.

- Shaun Chen
My second biggest surprise after Benjamin Heng. I think it's Mediacorp's way of getting back at him after he snubbed them after they made him big as Xiaoxing. He's also in that 5.30 rerun. He's cute. My advice to him, Shaun, head for Taiwan! You can be big there.

- Peter Yu
Stale actors are so over liao.

- Xavier Teo
Never heard of him.

- Wymen Yong
Who the heck is this person?! I dont even know if this person's a he or a she!

Artistes on retainer who were not offered a transfer:
I don't really understand what this means

- Catherine Tan
Does this means that they might be given jobs on project basis? Well, really, I think Channel 5 needs this pool of girls sia.

- Cynthia Lee
She says she has been offered some projects so I guess I won't pity her that much. After all, there is life in the english drama scene in Singapore. All my best wishes to these girls!

- Pamela Oei
I just don't understand why Mediacorp don't want to take them in? They could use some talent in Channel 5. Channel 5 shows just sucks man. Wonder why am I still watching them...

- Steph Song
Really, Rui'en should just go back to Channel 8 and/or Taiwan. Rui'en looks really fat in Steph's Achar! Steph should have reprised her role sia and not have Rui'en taking it up. Rui'en, chubby cuteness might let you get by in the chinese channel cos we all know Taiwanese people are blind and dumb, but Channel 5 people are comparatively more matured and sensible and won't go for you. Give me back Steph.

In all, fuck Mediacorp in their horribleness of their handling of this whole merger affair. Really, this is an unfair merger. If this was truly a fair merger, then I expect to see incompetent Mediacorp artistes kena retrenched by them, but did we see snything like this? No... Fuck you Mediacorp!

In light of this merger, I only have one wish. I want to see through all the programmes i'm currently watching now. I want to finish watching my Virtues of Harmony. I think my Crimson Sabre will end by then anyway. I also want to continue watching those 11.30 variety programmes now on Channel U like the three Jacky Wu shows, Hello Jacky, The Guess Show, and IQ Go Go Go. Hope that isn't too much to ask for.

I wonder what will life be like after the merger. If we will be gonna left with Channel 8 and the pathetic shows they produce than I think I'm gonna die. Like how am I to live with My Mighty In-Laws, or Double Happiness II which really undercuts the original version. Without Hong Kong drama serials, I think I'm so going to die.

Maybe I shouln't have wrote all these in my blog. I should be writing in to the press! They can publicise my plight and hopefully I can get something out of it!

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