Thursday, December 16, 2004

More Updates

Stupidity Symptoms 10
Joan was doing sound for a little production. When in the little control room with Friend, Friend complained that it was quite dark and he could not see his cue sheet very clearly. Joan told Friend to say that he is fridge, he is a fridge (in Chinese). "Wo shi bingxiang." Then Joan told Friend to open his mouth and use the little light to see. Friend went like, "hao leng ah..." Joan replied, "of course hao leng what. Ni shi bingxiang what..."

Updates in Joan's life...

* she is broke after 2 shopping trips buying the following:
1 pair of pants from Chaos
1 Conan comic
1 Wubai dvd
1 Winnie the Pooh soft toy
2 Fruitbasket comic (English version, so it's more expensive)
1 bracelet
1 gift pen
2 pens from Muji
1 handphone strap
1 history book on Hitler

and tomorrow there's another shopping trip lined up where she will definitely be buying the following:
1, or 2 seamless underwear
at least 3 packets of chilled sausages from Raffles Deli

* Joan's obsessed with her son and daughter.
She wants to sent her son to either VS, ACS I or worse case circumstance, DHS. And she wants to build a big garden with a maze and pond for her daughter.

* She went for a chinese drama camp and put up a little production.
In the meantime, she entertained everybody with the fridge joke, stories of her son and daughter and got aches in every part of her body.

* Joan fell in love with taking pictures on her little black handphone she named dark baby.
She is like taking pics of everyone and everything now. This is even though she has had camera phones for a little more than a year liao. Her previous phone was also a camera phone, but I think it's cos she bought the cable liao that made her able to take as many pics as she wants and to be able to keep all of them.

yup, friends, do call me up to have your photos taken with me!

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