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predator vs prey

predator vs prey

cool... Sounds like some low budget B grade Hollywood movie featuring some of the contestents from The Next Action Star. By the way, the reality programme has really reached the nadir of reality programmes. When you thought you can't get anything new of from the google box, this new but not fresh programme comes out and stuns youwith its sheer stupidity. One thing, like all others who are admires of action movies, we know that a good action star isn't borned in a reality series. They either grow up as body doubles and learn their stunts as they go along or they already are some martial arts exponent who after years of honing of skill finally meets with retirement and acting seems like a fun retirement plan.

Okay, I'm digressing, but anyway, where was I? yup... Predator vs Prey...

I was bathing in the cramped teeny weeny bathroom cubicle in my toilet in pgp and well, started feeling rather icky about the large number of flies in there. Last semester, I'd make it a point to spray the ceilings and wall of the toilet cubicles with my trusty Baygon before bathing so that I can kill all the flies and bathe in peace. More like cleaniness, though. This makes me wonder, how does the person who washes the toilet washes the toilet when the toilets aren't clean?!

Yes, you can call me pampered or what, but I'm just nitpicky. I mean, growing up in the east coast does shapes your life to one who's smart, laid back, and rich. Yes, rich, as in wealthy. I bet if you do a demographics on wealth in Singapore, people in the east coast are indeed wealthier than most places, though Bukit Timah is not included. People in the east coast probably are also smarter yet more laid back. Being laid back would also mean that they are happier, at least in comparison to those money-grubbing Bukit Timahers. Okay, I yet again digress. My point is that, me being a true blue east coast baby do not permit me to bathe with flies!

Then as I heard from my cluster mates that there is a lizard living behind the ceiling boards above the bathrooms of our toilet. At first thought of that, after seeing the scaley mate a couple of times, I really wanted to bring out my Baygon and empty half of the bottle in vain to exterminate that creature, but my knowledge of primary school science got the better of me.

I remembered some time long long ago in primary school, when we were supposed to memorise pairs of animals that supposedly have a relationship of predator and prey and lizards and flies were a pair. So, Joan's brain started tinking (note: this is not a typo, imagine joan's head go tink tink tink, yup, that's tinking) and she thought: If the lizard is killed, there is a very high chance that there will be more flies as the lizard there was supposed to control the population of the flies by eating them up. If I attempt to spray more Baygon at the flies, the poor lizard would probably be affected by it too. Joan may dislike lizard lizards, but she hates flies more than lizards, so she shall rather live with the lizard than the flies.

So joan decided to to utilise the Baygon further, thus giving a new life to either the lizard or the flies. They'd better be grateful and not attempt to disturb me during my bath. I've this horror image of me one day bathing half way when the lizard slips and falls onto me. I will definitely freak out. I guess it isnt really that possible, but, it MIGHT still happen for all I know, or not know.

But giving the lizard a new life makes me feel rather queasy as the lizard doesnt seem to be doing its job eating up all the flies. In fact, the number of flies seems to be ever increasing. Is this lizard on diet??? I don't think so as it does looks pretty fat, but we never know, maybe the lizard is feeding on something that we don't know or that the population of flies is increasing at a faster pace than them dying or kena gobbled up. heck...

Just a note to the flies and the lizard: You better not come and kajiao me, or Joan will bring out her special weapon and make sure you guys are dead in 3 minutes!

This reminds me of another incident between preys and predators...

It was at Marina South, I went there to eat, steamboat, what else? I guess you dont expect people to go to Marina South to eat Hokkien Mee, right? yup... Joan was there with a bunch of girl friends.

Half way during our meal, we spotted a big fat rat running up and down the grass slope behind out table. Unargubly, we all freaked out, not just the east coast babies, but everyone just freaked out. We turned to the shop assisstant, hoping that he can do his best and make our dining experience more wonderful, but instead he gave us a long stare and told us that the rat was harmless. Luckily that was in a pre-SARS context or I guess Joan would have screamed out and called the ENV to come and exterminate the rats.

Then a while later, something brushed by our feet. It wasnt the rats. The rats aren't that bold to come near us even though they are physically really BIG. That thing that brushed by our feet was a cat! Yes, we screamed and freaked out and did what you would expect young girls to do when they encounter a weird animal. Cats really aren't that bad actually. Not as freaky as rats, maybe it was the moment of surprise that made us all scream.

But my point is that there are rats at that place and there are cats there too!

Isn't it a bit weird to see cats and rats happily coexisting in Marina South eating nicely leftover seafood? Okay, to Joan, who grew up watching Tom and Jerry, this is absolutely absurb! Okay... Now that I'm exposed to Garfield, I'm supposed to be opened to the idea that cats are lazy, but, well, maybe i'm just feeling a bit indignant. But I STILL THINK THAT CAT SHD EAT THAT RAT so that I can eat my prawns and fish in peace.

What kind of screwed up world are we living in? Lizards not eating flies; cats not catching rats. By the way, try saying "cats catch rats" 10 times real fast. I bet you can't! Unless you've really have a long long long tongue or are trained in speech and drama or something obscure. Back to where I was at, this world is crumbling down on us. It's snowing in warm places and burning in cold climates. Yesh... something's seriously wrong with planet Earth.

Maybe we should call for Captain Planet! Damn... I'm getting lame... Ya... I grew up watching captain planet, by the way, but that was eons ago. But I guess we need more than superheros to save our homeland from self destruction...

In the meantime, I shall slowly ponder if i should just kill all the flies and the lizard in one sitting or let the lizard live and hope that it will eat all the flies. Maybe I should bring in a mate for the lizard to multiply, then maybe with more mouths to feed, more flies can be exterminated. But do I want to bathe with a family of lizards above me watching? damnit! It sounds so RAed... I guess this is what people call the lose-lose situation.

Maybe a letter of complain to whom it may concern that the toilet is not being properly cleaned would be a more effective method of erradicating the flies and lizard(s) if possible. Really kinda creepy to think that there is something looking down on you from above when you are bathing.

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