Friday, January 14, 2005

Joan is bored stiff, part 2!

Yes, this girl is back to killing time. She's now squating in the AS7 computer lab cos the one in the library is packed like PACKED and she has absolutely nothing to do until 7.

Just share with everyone something pathetic then I shall continue my review on my past posts. But I guess most people would rather not read the latter. haha... Okay, I had decided that this semester I shall be a mugger, so on I went to the Co-op to get my textbooks and had wanted to start reading them to consolidate my lectures. But fate has it then I'm not a mugger and denied my from purchasing my books as ALL of them are due in next week. Pretty sad sia... So, hence, therefore, Joan is here now typing nonsense.

18 November 2003
My rankings still stands. I still think so, yup...

23 November 2003
Right now, I'm wearing a 37degrees tee, yup, although I absolutely detest that place for their sizing, I still bought quite a bit of their clothes. And my size for their clothes, tees, an L. Yes, a big fat L! Ironically, I'm an S in ALL other sizings available in Singapore, I'm an S, 8, 34, in UK and Continental sizings respectively for tees, so I don't think I'm really that large, am I?

1 December 2003
The tan has long since faded, but before it faded it was burnt. The camera is now obsolete compared with other new models out in the market. I'm too old to fit back in my prom dress and all my friends too. I miss my DHS juniors. Eunice is picking up well. I miss the 4B mates. My bag is weathered at the present moment. And I managed to send out all the cards on time, but half of them were written 2 sec before I sent them out, sitting at Coffee Bean in Marine Parade and that has since closed down liao. Time changed, things changed, people do change too. BTW, that P-word is my fav PROCRASTINATION. haha...

11 December 2003
The quotes mentioned were in my old old blogskins, so I guess they are like sorta lost liao. Do watch Ashes of Time if you wanna know what's the quotes like. Battle Royale, do watch it too, if you can get it cos it's illegal. And the manga I mentioned, Singapore stopped importing them liao, think they kena banned liao. hai...

13 December 2003
T is outa my life now. haha... And I still can't find my ex-classmates, nor have I struck the lottery. Yes, I do lead quite a sad sad life. Yup, Ng Shihui, Derrick Kong, Christopher See, Elaine Wong, if you see this, or if anybody who knows them see this, PLS CONTACT THIS GIRL IMMEDIATELY. Thanks!

16 December 2003
My rooms still in the state it was then, only there might be more things now. I've been listening over and over to the album Leiqiao and the more I listen to it the more I love it! Do buy the album. It's a classic.

22 December 2003
I've changed my handphone again since that phone. I still miss my dear Blossoms, but I do love my present phone loads, lots more than Blossom's replacement. My phone's now named Ah Lian cos of it's dress, the previous dress made me name her black baby--bb.

24 December 2003
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle is great reading. Mystic with fanciful actions, Joan recommends it to all would like manga.

28 December 2003
I still have the vcd with me, or do I? Did I lent it to you, Yanling? Have you returned it to me? hehe... Can't remember liao, but I still don't like that perspective of Hitler. Reunion dinner was great, btw. And those products I mentions did not really work. haha...

2 January 2004
I reviewed my New Year Resolutions some time back liao, so won't repeat them again. Maybe I would, if I'm bored enough to review my posts all the way until recent. Better hope I don't sia...

8 January 2004
A rather cringe worthy post. I sounded so boastful! How could you guys actually read my blog with tsk-ing?!

12 January 2004
The dinner was well worth waiting for man! It was great! It was better than great man! I'm floating now, but wonder if we'll go there again this year cos after the sad event, we aren't really supposed to celebrate, but can't we fulfill our tummies?! But still, dinner will never be the same ever again. hai...

15 January 2004
It wasn't really as bad as I made it out to be. It was actually quite fun. I kinda missed it, especially now that I'm back studying and studying really sucks big time man.

20 January 2004
Hmm... Kinda missed my old blogskin. That was a nice one. Then again, I really like this current skin that's why I've been using it for ages liao. hehe...

22 January 2004
I absolutely refuse to read this post again. It's cocky and makes my tummy growl. BTW, I still have yet master the art of posting pictures online. Yes, I am that pathetic... Oh man, if only what I wrote is right in front of me right now, really, would I even care to continue with this shit? And my cravings for xiaolongbao is still going strong. hai...

25 January 2004
Yes, I took the dumbs SATS for NOTHING. WTH!

27 January 2004
I've given up on learning ziwei doushu already. haha... It's too complicated for a normal person to understand much less a Joan.

29 January 2004
Oh... I must tell you! That day I was singing KTV and Peiyi managed to locate that song and we sang it. It was a classic man... A damn nice song! Now on it will become one of my KTV-must sing songs liao.

31 January 2004
To people concern over my friendship, it's all clear! It was fine liao... So much so that I can't really remember what happened at that time so it wasn't really something very serious, I guess.

3 February 2004
I still don't meet up with the CDS people regularly save for Yanling. And I still have yet struck Toto. I pledge here, if I ever strike top prize in Toto, I'll definitely force all of you CDS people out for dinner with me! I'll force, bribe, blackmail, and make sure all of you are present!

5 February 2004
A dear girl had really thought that I really struck Toto and messaged me to congradulate me. Well, guess she just read the entry in passing. But I still wish that one day, everybody will message me congradulating me on striking Toto and I need not tell them that it was a mistake.

7 February 2004
If you read the side of my blog, I listed this movie as my fav movie. It wasn't actually so. My fav movie originally written by the side was Eternal Sunshine of the Spottless mind, but I changed it after watching the TV premeire of the movie Being John Malcovich and before I turned into a anti-Charlie Kaufman activist. I guess Being John Malcovich shows us the true colours of the Jew scriptwriter. And who else dares to counter me on the argument that the Jews are out to conquer the world?!

10 February 2004
I still like Faye!

13 February 2004
What a heart-wrenching piece written on such a heart-wrenching day. To all, I've walked out of this traphole with lots of injuries and now, I must say what I need is time, and if possible, that Prince Charming to sweep me off my feet and away on some horseback...

17 February 2004
It wasn't that bad la... But a little daydreaming is always good. haha...

20 February 2004
More of Joan's musings.

23 February 2004
Now that I've got my ABB B3 in my pocket in my hand in my tummy in my future, that post is nothing liao. That's worries over nothing. haha... If only I knew my grades when I wrote that piece, I wouldn't need to be so so moody. haha...

Okay... It although isn't really time for me to go off liao but i'm bored stiff from crapping. Utter crap sia. Haven't wrote anything decent in the past hour or so and I'm so utterly amazed that I can write all this nonsense on and on.

Just on an ending note, I'm surprised about my postings for February 2004. There is NOT a single mention on my BIRTHDAY!!! Guess there wasn't much to write about ba... That means I had a sad sad birthday. And I guess it would be so this year again. wahaha...

Just like ytd, if you feel your time have been wasted, claim your free xiaolongbao-s from me! And also kudos to everyone who got till here with me!

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