Thursday, January 13, 2005

Joan is bored stiff!

Joan is bored stiff!

This will be the most boliao post Joan has ever posted here and pls forgive her if she bored you stiff too. She'll treat you xiaolongbao-s if you are unhappy with her, just call her up, drop an sms withher, or im her, and arrange a time and date for your free xiaolongbao! haha... So this is how desperate Joan's getting now with her crazy craving for xiaolongbao. haha...

Joan lay in bed last night and couldn't fall asleep cos she had this extensive craving for xiaolongbao-s. wahaha...

Okay... On with the most pathetic piece of post ever:

A review of all of Joan's previous posts, starting from 19 September 2003.

That was when I first got my blog. I created a blog cos everybody around me had a blog and were talking about stuff they posted on it and I felt miserably left out due to my technological expertise, or rather inexpertise. It was exam period when I first created it and I guess my prelim grades of CEE C6 does explains everything.

20 September 2003
Joan thanked her dear friend Shuhui for her technical help and went on posting a story she wrote. Now looking back, that story's really juvenile and probably contains some very serious grammar errors that now looking back at it, I'll cringe. It's very funny that my most prized piece of writing is never posted online sia. Think maybe one day, I shall post that piece, wait for it ba, I'll let it go through a couple more editions before putting it up.

22 September 2003
That was a Communist issue. I think that explains my political stand. oops... Don't come catch me, send me to prison hor... By the way, yup, Joan finally managed to purchase that book on Chin Peng in Kinokuniya and have by now finished the book cover to cover.

27 September 2003
A nonsenisical piece. haha... BTW, the blank is supposed to be diamond, yup, if you guys don't know.

2 October 2003
The ending to my story. I think the endings sucks. I'd completed it pretty hastily so I guess that's why it's so ba...

11 October 2003
The poem I wrote before I had the inspiration for that story, maybe it gives some hindsights.

16 October 2003
I'm so glad to be able to announce that 2046 is finally completed and I'd watched it liao. Refer to my critique on the movie somewhere in my blog, perhaps if i'm really that boliao today I might get till there, if not the search through the archives yourself ba. In short 2046 was quite a disappointment in that it had not matched up to my expectations, still it was a commendable piece by my fav director.

18 October 2003
That incident mentioned in that dream I wrote still haunts me occasionally. If there was a most memorable mistake, or most terrible mistake I ever made story telling competition and I decide to join, I guess that's what I'll write about.

28 October 2003
Now that I've been there done that, it's a piece of cake actually. hahaha... Was talking about taking my A level exams if you hadn't caught what I mean, btw. haha... Now that I've my ABB B3 in solid black and white on a piece of official document, I can claim that haiyo, what was the worries about?!

30 October 2003
A short piece on one of my perennial favourite topics. Totalitarianism. haha...

31 October 2003
Had not managed to collect those dumb bottle caps and hence did not get to see my dearest Wubai in Singapore, BUT, the next time I WILL GET TO SEE HIM!!!

Okay, I shall stop here now as I've filled up my time and now I've to go. haha... Might continue if I ever get too bored again or if I ever need to fill up my time doing nothing! For those who've managed to read until this period at the end, I must say, wah zai sia.

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