Saturday, October 11, 2003

Sealed in Time -- Explained

many people have complained about the ending of my story... well, i don't like the ending too, but for this story, the ending came out before i started on the story, so, such an ending was inevitable... the idea of this story came from a poem of the same title that i wrote one august sunday after listening to jolin's bu4la1ge2guang3chang3 and harlem's chun1ni2...

an english translation of the original Sealed In Time... (pls don't ask me why a chinese poem has an english title)

when every was fine
when you said forever

every's life was in abundance
each poured true feelings

father having a stable job
you stood through tough times

mother taking care of baby
i gave you all mine

if fineness can persist
if all can last

but a disaster at any point can cause ruins to blessings
deeper, in fact, when time stands still
we live in a world of two, oblivious to every
without negatives, forever without negatives
only until much much later when others unseal the passage of time...

but every is late
happiness was made forever after passing of time
memories last
negatives morphs through
my memory, because of you, under the seal of time, will be blessed, and be prided
worry not the gossips of those who unsealed us...


hmm... one thing i like about the word "seal", is that it is not only a verb but also a noun... now to think of it, it's also an animal... hee... gives life to the word...