Thursday, June 03, 2004

Faye Wong World Tour 2004 Concert

Faye Wong World Tour 2004 Concert

I wouldnt say it was an amazing experience, but it was indeed an interesting one. Wangfei’s vocals were well worth the ticket price. She had about 6 costume changes, but unfortunately most of her costumes were rather simple. Simple yet elegant though.

The only thing that spoiled the concert was that I was not in a very good mood.

It isnt that Im in a bad mood, but my emotions seemed to have run way out of hand lately. Everything around me is affecting my emotions. Television, radio, shopping, reading, writing, etc. Can someone help me to stop my thoughts from running wild? Please...

At first I thought that this mood swing was merely pms, but it escalated into I dont know what. Unlike normal mood swings, I dont feel of ups and downs, I feel of down and downer. And unlike pms mood swings which lasts only a couple of days, this has been going on for a couple of weeks liao. I think I might need help.

My mind is so jumbled up that I dont even know what Im thinking about. I want to talk about the tv shows Im watching, I want to talk about the songs Wangfei sang ytd, I want to talk about my new handphone and how to download mp3 songs, I want to talk about the weird dreams Im having, i want to talk about I dont know where to start.

Id really wanted to enjoy myself at Wangfei’s concert ytd. Really. I tried to block everything else that came to my mind. But they seemed to have came back to haunt me doubly after that.


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