Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The height of procrastination

I cant seem to start doing anything.

The height of procrastination.

Okay... This is sad. I cant make up my mind which of the two above statements I wanted to use as the heading, so I put them both down. And now there seems to be something wrong with my sentence structuring. I dont know, but I dont really mind if a person writes in broken English with pathetic spelling, but I really cant stand it if I read a passage with wrong grammar usage. Especially if the tense is wrong. Haiz...

Okay... Im digressing. Back to my main point, I cant seem to start doing anything due to my extreme procrastinating habit. Usually things can get going once started, but if I cant start, I can never get my stuff going.

Ignore my disjointed writing. Im not thinking straight today. Im not even thinking.

How am I to write my essay if I cant even write my blog properly?!

And this blog entry was supposed to be a photo blog entry. I just spent $88 on a Nokia data cable supposedly to transfer my photos from my handphone over to my computer. And then I could upload my photos online and post it on my blog. yup... But the thing is that with Joan's extremely limited knowledge of computer technology, I can only put up that pix by the side, I cant put it up here! Help me... I kept getting error messages which were basically incomprehensible to me. Help...

And the funniest thing that can happen to my pathetic pathetic computer, it refused to allow to to access the internet from the lounge today, but I can use it from my room! Okay, if you dont understand this, well, its a very long story. For the past couple of weeks, my computer just refused to allow me to use the internet from my dighy liitle room, but I could use it in my residence lounge, but today, its the opposite, I dont know why...

Anyone can help me?

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