Wednesday, February 09, 2005

My son~

My son~

My son's name is James. 张 枫.
That is if my husband is a Zhang. If not, then my dear James will be 李 丹. That is, of course, if my husband is a Lee. But if my husband is neither a Lee or a Zhang, then I've no idea what to call my son. Though he'll still be James.

Why James?
Cos I like people whose names start with J-, like Joan. Okay... It's not about the people, but the name. Just a preference ba... Liking something is irrational, so I guess I don't need to resonate my this preference. It would be nice if my husband's name starts with J too, then we'd be a family of Js, but of course, who am I too determine this? lol... Yup... Joan's daughter will be a J- too, but I haven't thought of her name yet. Well, J-names are quite plentiful, so why James? I've no idea. I like the sound of the name. One thing about names is that it's always easier to have a single-syllabus name. Like Joan Ang. lol... Think I'm getting a bit big in the head already. It's Chinese New Year and Joan's sick, so obviously she's going mad.

Why 张 枫 and 李 丹?
Cos I like names to be in pairs. So if my husband's name happens to be a dual character Chinese name, then I'll name my son with two Chinese characters 丹枫. Like those Chinese martial arts novels, those swordsmen have such nice names. They sound so suave and charming, and I do want my son to be like that. Hmm... But it seems that there isn't many Chinese dual-charactered surnames in Singapore and if you know Joan well, she isn't really going to China to look for a husband.

Since Joan is so deeply engaged in martial arts novels, I shall disclose where I got the characters 丹 and 枫 from. It's from my ever favourite novelist 梁羽生's 萍踪侠影录. The male protagonist's name was 张丹枫. And he's the exact kind of guy that would sweep Joan off her feet. Suave, charming, a bit moody, intense, a weathered life, and greatly in love with the female protagonist. Well, if you guys are into sports, you'd notice that the name Lin Dan sounds very familiar. Yup... The world's top badminton player shares almost the same name. He's a damn cool person if you ever watched him play, save for the game with our Susilo, he just wasn't even himself that day. lol... I sound like a traitor.

Well, if I decide to give my son a more conventional name, he'd be 张 俊 or 李 杰. Yup... That thing with the J-names. My daughter will also have a J-name too, and a Chinese name with J too, just that I haven't thought of a suitable one for her yet. lol... She'll be my darling so of course I'd take my time to think of a nice name for her. But single syllabus J-names for girls aren't plentiful and I'd die if I had to call my daughter Jane. That's like so-so-so plain. Oops... Think someone will hantam me, but well, that's the truth. Chinese J-names for my dear daughter? I haven't thought of it yet, but I'll keep you guys posted. lol...

In the meantime, in the words of the ding-dingers, I'll have to need to find the Zhang or Lee guy before I can actually plan anything. I mean, what if I end up not being able to get married to ANY guy much less a Zhang or Lee guy then what? I wouldn't have any kids at all! That's a horrible thought, but it's possible! And it's scary... boohoo...

So, while the ding-dingers open their eyes wide for 6-feet Zhangs and Lees for me, Joan shall open her eyes to look for anyone who might fall between the lines. Any applications? lol... I'm starting to sound desperate liao. wahaha... To all those who do not know me, let me make it clear that Joan is really NOT desperate for anything. hai... Let nature takes its own course. Like what I always say, if not, then it means that it's really not fated. I'll leave my dear James in the hand of fate

Please fate, take care of my dearest James.

Then again, what if my husband isn't Chinese?
Hmm... Then there goes my swordsman son. Well, thinking about it, no matter what ethnic is my husband, my son's mother tongue will always be Chinese. No matter how much I dislike that language or no matter how much my husband protests, my son WILL learn Chinese. So I'll still have to give him a Chinese name. Hmm... if so, should I let him follow my Chinese surname or just let him make do without a Chinese surname. Well, 洪 doesn't really go well with any of the above names I'd thought of, so I guess if I want my son to follow my surname I'll need to think about it all over again. If I'm going to just give my son a Chinese name without suname, he'll be 子 君. yup... A James nonetheless.

Hmm... I'm starting to miss my dear James already, and his sister whose name I've yet to decide. Any nice, single-syllabus, unique J-name for my daughter?

It's highly unlikely that I'll get my daughter to follow my name, though I think it'll be quite cool for my son to follow his father's name. Say, if I've more than one son, the second shall fow his father's name, the second generation. Well, of course, if my husband had followed his father's name then it'll not merely be the second generation but maybe the third or fourth or whatever it is generation. Joan Zhang or Joan Lee just doesn't sound nice sia...

As for the Chinese name for my dearest daughter, it'll definitely have some elements of water in it. Cos my elements are mainly water which signifies emotions which I think would make a girl rather appealing. Girls are meant to be emotional, right? lol...

Thinking about it, I don't know if I should give my daughter a single-syllabus Chinese name or a dual-syllabus one. A dual-syllabus name would make her name sound more endearing, but a single-syllabus name would add uniformity with that of her brother's. What do you guys think?

Really, I'm starting to think, what if I've more kids than I'd planned? Would I have enough names to go around? What if I've three sons? Then other than James and the one that follows his father's name, I'd need one more name for my last son. Now, what would I call him?

Or what if I don't have any sons? If I've only daughters, then I really wonder what would I name them. I'm now already having trouble name one daughter much less a couple. lol... Or what if I can't have kids? Oh no... That's a horrible thought...

Then again, this girl might not even manage to find the right man who would sweep her off her feet, so that's the root of all my name problems. No husband=no kids=no need for names. Sad equation huh?

Hai... Then again, again, as time goes by, as I grow older, my priorities will change, my outlook of life would differ from that I've now. In a couple of years down the road, when I've a job, a career, a power-packed life, would I want dear James to impede me?

Having James would mean at least 4 months out of work if I want to be careful and keep dear foetus James alive and kicking. I'll need to take two months off before James delivery to make sure that he can have a smooth delivery, then after his birth, I'll need at least another two months to recuperate and nurse James. Would I want to waste more 4-months to have more kids? I really don't know. That, I think is not for me to think about now. hai...

No wonder couples aren't keen on having kids nowadays even though deep in their hearts they might really love children.

Another thing about Joan and kids is that she absolutely detests kids wailing. Everytime in the streets when I hear wailing of kids I'd want to give them one tight slap, or stuff their wide open mouths with something to stop them. lol... Yes, I'm impatient, I don't know how to be a good mother, but right now, I still want to give my dear James the best!

As I'm typing this entry, Amazing Race has come to a conclusion.
Freddy and Kendra won.

Well, I don't have any special preference or violent detest of them. Well, from the looks of the last episode itself, they were way ahead and absolutely deserve to win. Just that the road block requiring the contestents to open a lock out of thousands to me isn't very well justified. That requires luck. Like the bales of hay road block, if you are suay then you are really suay man. It's okay to use road blocks requiring luck in the game, but at the last episode? I don't think so. Maybe a road block requiring mental strength would be fairer.


But it's all over now. I amazed at how Adam transformed in the last few episodes of Amazing Race. He doesn't look much like the weeny he was at the beginning of the race. Hadyn and Aaron, I'm utterly disappointed with them. They blew it. They totally gave up with things went a little wrong for them and to think that I thought they were a stron team in the beginning.

As you guys if following my blog would know, my favourite team was Jonathan and Victoria. lol... I'm starting to doubt my words as I learnt about Victoria being a Playboy Playmate and Jonathan being a close friend of the founder of Playboy, well, ermz... lol...

For this race I'm pretty surprised that it ended up quite sadly as in the last couple of couples are all couples. Okay, if you don't understand, it's okay... lol...

After such a long blog entry and serious brain cell killing thinking about my sons and daughters, I'm tried out...

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