Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Liverpool vs Chelsea

Liverpool vs Chelsea

The final score was 1-0.
The aggregate score was 1-0.

But was it a fair result?
No, I don't think so. I think, perhaps, 0-0 would be a more reflective scoreline.

Although Liverpool won the tie, I would not give them full credit. Yes, Jerzy Dudek was great, he made many spectacular saves, he was the man of the match, but Liverpool as a team was not as spectacular as he was. The sole goal that separated the two teams was not meant to be credited to Luis Garcia. If someone was to be credited for that goal, I'd put it to the referee's name.

Well, it was not entirely the referee's fault, nor was it Dudek to be blamed for Chelsea's failure cos I think there was also some inherent problems with Chelsea too.

Yes, even though I'm a Chelsea fan, I also have to point out Chelsea's faults. Or maybe it's cos I'm a Chelsea fan that I'm to spot Chelsea's fault more clearly. Who's to be blamed?

1. Drogba
Even though I'm a fan of Chelsea, I can still have my most despised player in the team, right? Yes, and that person is Drogba. He's not worth his price tag. After his move to Chelsea, he just scored a couple of goals, not enough for Chelsea to win anything. Isn't it ironic that the top scorer for Chelsea is midfielder Frank Lampard? Where are the bloody strikers?! If there's anyone to blame for this then first person I'd take for the ax would be the misfiring Drogba.

2. Damien Duff
He wasn't present for both the Liverpool matches. So why would I say it's his fault? Well, he wasn't there. If he was there, then I'd say Chelsea would have won, simple as that, Chelsea would have won by several goals, to that goal let in by the referee. Duff has pace, reads well into the match, able to give good crosses. And his corners are the best. His corners always pick out the heads of whoever's in position. Although Lampard also can take corner, but Lampard's corners aren't as precise as Duff's.

3. Arjen Robben
He wasn't at his peak. What can you expect from a player who isn't at his peak? You can't really expect much, that is the problem. If only Robben was at his peak, he and Duff combined can tear down the flanks of the Kop and beat all the shit out of their opponents. Remember those 4 goals games? They were achieved with the magic of this duo combined.

Liverpool did not win by their might. They won only because of the failings of their opponent. This Chelsea team fielded was not the best possible Chelsea team. It is not surprising that Liverpool was able to pull through to get a draw. It was luck that brought them that winning goal.

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