Friday, July 29, 2005

One Week

I wouldn't have been able to go through last weekend and this whole week if not for my Chinese Drama. I'd like to send out my gratitute towards all my fellow exco people even though they've no idea where they've helped me out. To my fellow exco, much thanks to you. To a certain person, I might not be beheaving myself recently, but I still thank you for all the accompaniment you've rendered.

As I was saying about my rough patch, it surfaced again, rougher than before. Okay, not exactly as bad as it was previously, but it is making my life rougher than ever. These are difficult times, for me and all those around me. Especially now is towards the end of the month, things are getting worse, yea... PMS red alert status now amber.

But now it's in bright daylight, so I'm not such of a pessimistic, so I shall talk about the highlights of this week, the downpits, maybe later ba...

I made a new friend this week. From my Chinese Drama. I was supposed to meet him and Jinwei at Bugis last Saturday. I've never met Jinsen before, and have absolutely no recollection of him even though Jinwei and Audrey tried to describe him to me, so I took it that I don't know him. Back to Saturday, I called Jinwei to ask them where they were and proceeded there to look for them. Since I've no idea how does Jinsen looked, I tried to spot Jinwei among the crowd, but I couldn't find him. Then this hand suddenly waved at me. On a second thought I thought he might be waving at someone behind me, so I acted like I saw his hand but didnt see it, then I also didn't dare turn back to check if he was waving to me or to someone else cos it would be very rude if he was really waving to me and it would be very awkward for me if really there was someone behind me.

Then I tried to walk over casually to check him out, then he said, "Hello Joan, I'm Jinsen."

"You know me ah?" I asked, very surprised. Then I felt very bad. Erm... Yea...

But he's a nice guy la. Pretty surprised the he was a Singaporean cos based on what I heard from Jinwei and Audrey I always have this image that Jinsen was a PRC. No offense or anything, just they way they put him to sound like, like speaking good Chinese, as opposed to Jinwei's horrible Chinese... wahaha~

That was on Saturday.

On Sunday, my Scriptwriting subcom held this talk session at the Esplanade library.
Please visit for more details. Check out our posters, I'm one of the poster girls~ But I don't really look good in it. I'm not supposed to look good in it anyway...

our set of 4 posters

But the talk session at the Esplanade was a huge success, as far as I think. There was a larger crowd than I expected, check out the pictures sia...

crowd at Esplanade library at our talk session

I expected the seats to be filled but I hadn't expected the seats to be packed that closely together. But what filled the seats up that quickly was that most people came in batches. For each school coming down to listen, they'd bring like 15 of their students. But it wasn't only about the students, there were quite a lot of walk-ins too, thanks to a nice little column in the Zaobao.

These were our guest speakers that day...
our guest speakers for the day

I'll talk a little about them here. Peter Sau is our Chinese Drama tutor, he's really a cool guy, I caught a performance of his some time ago, Water Station, it was pretty fine, I should say. I also managed to attend one of his previous lessons last year, and it was not bad, I'd say of all the lessons that I had with Chinese Drama last year, I learnt the most from his, not just learnt the most but also had the most fun.

I had a chance of meeting Ng How Hwee once when I did attachment at Dramabox when I was in TJ's Chinese Drama. He wrote the play Fugitive, the one which I was helping out for my attachment. I liked Fugitive, it was one of the best plays I've ever watched, as in the script is really meaningful and I thoroughly think that it's very saying.

I've never heard of Huang Xiaoyi or Lin Haiyan before, but that doesn't mean that they are not popular just that I'm a bit ignorant. bleaghz...

Li Xie, or I'd like to call her Baobao as she was previously known as, Lin Baobao. She was a very popular dj back when I was listening to the radio but she left the station to pursue drama. That was also when she adopted the name Li Xie. I had the chance of meeting her when I was with Dramabox. She intrigued me with her passion for drama and the extent she went to pursue her dream. I do love drama, but to make that much sacrifices, I don't think it's possible for me. If there's one local drama personnel that I admire, it's her. I truly admire her courage to pursue Chinese drama in a society where acting in English can earn you more, or remaining as a popular dj can provide you with a more than comfortable life. She gave up all that for this. *salute*

Caixiu and Loki were our student representative speakers for that day. Caixiu is a HCJC student, I don't know her. Loki is Loki~ hehehe~ Yea... How should I say about Loki leh? I know he reads my blog, so well, hello Loki~ Read Loki's comments in my blog if you wanna know more about him.

Back to my week, Monday had rehearsals, not bad I think, we've progressed quite a bit. Tuesdays and Wednesdays I was stuch in MPSH2 for Matric fair, manning booth. Check out my pictures! hehehe~

our booth
I came down on Sunday to help with the booth decor before heading back down to Esplanade lor. Nice nice nice~

jio-ing freshies at matric fair

sian people manning booth
There wasn't really a huge mass of people like last year during my matric fair, instead the freshies came in controlled batches and well, there were quite a lot of free time for us to stone. Check out these stone statues... hehe~

From one of the sponsors, Junming helped us kopped.

In between all that for last week I still managed to find time to cry. It's kinda funny now to think about that, but well. I told myself that I've to remain strong and not collapse, but I'm faltering. I know I cannot change how things are, but for the moments with Chinese Drama, and the ding-dings, I can be happy, truly happy and for that moment forget all the earthly problems. And oh yar... Most of the ding-ding cover is blown. My cover got blown cos of the booth duties, and the rest, haha... baozhong sia~

I also managed to fit in a dinner gathering with my Freiburgers. I so miss them, after being with each other, hearing the Kitty Club's lame jokes, for one whole month, of course I'd miss them. Everybody's moving on liao. Of my trip there was this pair which coupled up during the trip, but now, everything was left in Freiburg. hai... Then there's another whose infatuation on another became public among us and while the person is trying to leave everything behind and carry on with life, the past comes back to haunt. It is kinda saddening...

Next up, Oriental Suite, a centennial celebration performance... I'll be working on that!

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