Sunday, July 31, 2005

A Tribute to Qiu Jinwei

I think he'll kill me if he sees this, but I'm so proud of this that I want more people other than him to see it. This is like a master piece lor... A handmade card by someone none other than me! I used my index finger and occasionally my middle finger to do it, so it is hand made! Fingers are part of my hand mah...

It was his birthday, yesterday, two days ago, whatever, and I spent like an hour doing up this, mainly because I had nothing better to do. And I wasn't obliged to do anyting of this sort for him cos he'd already received my present eons ago and my sms greeting when I woke up early in the afternoon. But he's so lucky that I was bored and I found this great picture of him hidden in a little obscure corner of my folder. I don't know who managed to capture such a shuai shot of him, maybe Kenny ba... wahaha~ Kenny, I retract all my scoldings to you can anot? You really aren't that bad a photog la... haha~


I'm thinking of doing a similar one for Xumin before she leaves, but the problem is that I do not have any pictures of her. What the heck... She was like my best friend in secondary school and yet I don't have any photos of her?! Yea... Those were the days before there was such a thing as digicam or handphone cam so didn't have any occasion to take pictures of/with her.

So now, resolution of the month, I, Joan Ang resolve to take more photos with more of my friends so that I can have a memory of them in times of needs. And also so that I can do up more tributes to my good friends to thank them for staying by my side in times of difficulties. Although I'm pretty disappointed to say that most of the time my friends aren't there when I need them. hai... Where was Dicky this afternoon when I was so going to burst?

I know friends aren't obliged to always be there for me, but just that moment when I really need a someone, I get disappointed. I'm not complaining, really, just a bit musing on such. At least I know that when my friends are free, they can be there for me!

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