Friday, October 07, 2005

After a Short Hiatus

I'm back. I didn't really go off for long, and it's ironic that I was just commenting to the barflies that I won't be back until I've sorted out something. Technically, that thing is not sorted out, but I've figured a way about somehow or another so will be trying out this method. Yup... That method is chronicled in my MSN Space. Other than that, yup, I'll still be blogging about my life as per normal.

I've got some photos with me here, from the Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration with the Chinese Drama people, but I haven't put them up on Flickr yet, so I'll only put them up after I've put them up on Flickr. But they are already up on my Yahoo Photos2, so you can pop by there if you want to see me. Photos compliments from Jinwei and Zhichun, my camera wasn't with me. Now to think of that, I haven't used my camera for a very long time already. I left it in my hostel room while I came home for the past two weeks. Yes, I've been at home for the past two weeks. It's really great to be at home, everything is so comfortable.

Do I have any other matters on hand? Not at the moment.

I just want to do whatever I feel like doing and not be tied down to anything at the moment. I've been doing things I always wanted to do but have procrastinated and it really feels like shit. I want to get out of that past. Last night, for the first time, I penned a Film and History short project before my saviour went offline. My saviour usually have the task of handing in my projects for me when I'm at home and not in school on Friday and usually I'm that pathetic that I end up sending my project to him in the middle of dawn, but I completed that project with an hour of work last night and that poor angel was still struggling with it. Sympathies, but well, a tingling sense of pride I felt. Finally, I was brightening up.

More issues another time ba. I think this period I'd be in a nice tributes kind of mood, so watch this space for my tribute to everybody and everything. wahaha~

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