Thursday, January 12, 2006

Random Thoughts

1. Angel and Devil
I am a Pisces, two fishes swimming in opposite directions. Like my star sign, I'm the kind of conflicted person who holds long debates with myself regarding a decision. Like the angel and devil, the angel in you telling you to do one thing and the devil in you telling you to do the other thing. In most cases of men, the devil wins as in all of us there is at least some evil. Last night I held another decision making debate, only that I had someone to pose for me as the angel. I played devil.

The angel basically told me what I'd have said myself had I played angel and devil myself. I didn't want to play it myself because I thought I wouldn't do a good job out of it, and it was too tiring to play two different characters at that time of the night. I must say, the angel did a very good job out of persuading me. I hope the decision I'll make in the next two hours will do me good.

2. Manchester United drew with Blackburn
I have this friend whom sometimes we'd make this pact, especially on nights with football and he's watching it and I want to sleep early. He's say he'd message me after the match if it was a certain result, but after a couple of time, he still have yet managed to message me. He's been struck with the SMS curse. Last night he was again unable to break the curse.

He said he wanted to break the curse, and he would message me when Man Utd won Blackburn. I woke up today to see no unread messages. I went online to check, they drew. hahaha~ The curse remains. I refer back to some other matches, the Man Utd vs Arsenal one too, the few other Man Utd matches which Man Utd drew or lost. And once he said he's message me when Chelsea drew a match against some other team, but he did not get to message me as Chelsea scored a late winner.

I think next time if I want Man Utd to lose, I shall make this pact with that said friend and keep the curse running. hahaha~ I am evil!

3. A Message on Someone's Tagboard
1:04am 12/1/06
Hi girl, I really think I donno u at all.. I believe all roles r equally impt.. n it's really ok tt u quit..
1:07am 12/1/06
But i really think tt u sld seriously reflect on how u treat the others. U will nv earn ppl's respect if u donno how to respect ppl..
1:08am 12/1/06
n i don think u respect drama either.. I seriously think u owe the director a sincere apology.. u r not tt great either to criticize others..

My thoughts? First that person said she don't know her at all, yet she went ahead and critised her, not only that she still preached her on what to do. All these when she did not know her at all! I think that is utter nonsense. I mean, it's okay if you believe in some things and you'd want to share your belief with others, but can you do that when you already said that you don't know that person?

Another thing that got me enraged is how ignorant some people can be. Apparently from the postings of her message, she only wanted to say the morally correct stuff and berate the subject in question, but what she did not realise was that by saying all those she is just exposing herself her ignorance. You weren't there for yourself to see what happen, how can you make assumptions, especially when you say you don't know her at all. I'm not saying I know everything, I know I don't, but at least I didn't make assumptions.

When the affair broke out, I did use a lot of moral judgments by saying all the "you should" and "you should not", but I used them more on stuff like "you really should sit down and think about it" or "you should not have done that, but since it has already been done, do something else", I don't think anyone can give anyone a moral judgement order on "you should apologise" especially when you are not part of the affair and you have absolutely no idea the intricate happenings between them. I don't know either, so I'm not saying anything. And I know I definitely know more than you, you why do you have the right to say more than me? It just doesn't tally.

Maybe that girl just wants to patch everything up, but personally I don't think that should be the way to do things. There is not right and wrong in everything. Some people might think one is wrong but others think he is right, some people might think one is right while other think he is wrong, it's the same thing in this affair, there is not one party who is right or wrong, so who should make the apology? I don't think anyone should make it. Yes, the one who most wants to mend relations up will be the one apologising, but that is not part of a moral judgement.

People try hard to be so good, but they don't realise the more they try the more unable they are to be good.

4. Rain
I hate the rain.

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cindy said...

thx babe for standing u for me.. did she msn u? haha i wonder wad u told her.. love ya babe... always and forever.. i will really miss u wen u go for ur SEP.. haix.. think abt it i wanna cry le..