Thursday, March 16, 2006

Body Shopping

Imagine one day receiving a mail that looks like this, what would you first think of?

My first thought was that Body Shop sent me a couple of flyers introducing some new product. I receive tons of those product advertisements periodically in my email, and I receive SMSes informing me of promotions and discounts every now and then, so nothing's wrong with the mail. With my debit card statement (which I don't bother opening to find out to my utter horror the amount of money I spend every month), I tossed my letters onto the couch and plunked down absorbed in my television show.

Then during the advertisements, I decided that maybe I should open up that letter since it felt pretty thick. Maybe there were great deals, like 20% discounts, or some really interesting new product coming in?

The first thing I saw that came out in the letter was this card.

It was too wordy for me to take it after a day of German classes, so I merely scanned through it... Picking out a couple of key words it said that my current Body Shop membership is expiring. I thought it must be something asking me to renew my card or something. Then I went on further... Then it said that they were giving me a new card, free. I thought huh? were they that hard up? Then it said that I NOW AM ENTITLED TO 15% DISCOUNT WITH MY CARD! Oh my God... Then I squinted, it said that I am now a Star Loyalty Member. Because I spent more than $450 in a year. erm... Did I really spend that much?

Bah~ But I don't care. What matters most is my new card.

Look at the Star Loyalty in bold~
I know it's a little blur, okay little is an understatement, I know it's very blur, but that's the best you can get out of a handphone camera at this hour of the night.

Look at it compared to the old card, with nothing written under my name and above my IC number~

And better still, enclosed in the little envelope included these discount coupons. 30% discounts~

After I got that membership, every personal care item I needed was from Body Shop ever since. Currently, I'm using Body Shop's facial wash, body wash, face exfoliater, make up (my entire make up collection is from Body Shop, including foundation two kinds, conceallor also two kinds, eyeshadow a lot of kinds, blusher, lip balm also many kinds, loose power, and not to mention my full brush set, and travel brush kit, and fragrances). I have face mask, nose pore mask, body mask, spa treatments and god knows what other weird stuff from Body Shop too. I still have two not yet used shower gel too, in peach and rose.

Not only do I spend loads on myself. In all, over the past year, almost every birthday gift, Christmas present, gift exchange, whatever present, I get them from Body Shop, thereby spending a lucridous amount over there.

As a Body Shop member, we get this card. So much I can use to pamper myself before I finally take off. You know, one of the first things I did when I was in Freiburg last June was make sure I know my way to get to that Body Shop branch. I guess come summer I'll spend lots of time there even though I dont get any discounts with my card outside Singapore.

I first flirted with the Body Shop membership last year. I remember that day pretty clearly. It was just when they started selling memberships, and I happened to want to purchase something (I can't remember what) after dinner in middle February. I was persuaded by the salegirl to buy that membership. I cost $10, with 10% discount with every purchase, and I was entitled to that discount immediately. I calculated, I just needed to spend more than $100 to earn back what I saved by buying the membership, not to mention that there were also lots of freebies thrown into the membership too. By signing up, I got a free gift. With every certain amount of spending, I get more free gifts. And there's also lots of member discounts and promotions offered too. I thought, it's a pretty good deal.

With every $30 purchase we get a stamp, every three stamps entitles the member to either a free gift of a discount, except for the last $25 discount, four stamps are needed.

In one year of my membership I accumulated 20 stamps. I completed one card of 16 stamps and started a new card and have 4 stamps in that new card. When you calculate in that each stamp is worthed $30, altogether I had spent *gasp* a grand total of more than $600, bearing in mind that if I spend $46, I still only get one stamp. Oh my God! I must be mad.

But seriously thinking, consider my make up set and my fragrance set and not to mention my full brush set, that would have set me back by like $400 already, so what's more with a couple of facial wash and body washes and gifts and presents and what nots. hmm... I think I'm just trying to make myself feel less guilty over my spendings.

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