Sunday, March 19, 2006

A Day With the Chinese Drama People

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Now into the main point in today's agenda. I won't be talking much today, I'm completely burnt out, so I'll let the photos do the talking. But before I get the photos in, one point regarding my previous entry. The daddie was just telling me as I headed to school yesterday, that carbon monoxide is colourless and odourless, so carbon monoxide poisoning is an almost unpainful and effective way to die. No struggle cos it's undetectable by the human nose. Most people aren't afraid of death, but are afraid of the pain they have to suffer just before they die, so I think dying by carbon monoxide poisoning seems to be the best way to die.

Okay, yesterday we held the annual general meeting for one of my ECAs, NUS Chinese Drama. Time has come for the current committee to pass on to the next committee. It's time for me to retire. So, yesterday, we had Audrey to give a brief talk in what to expect from the next committee, and we gave out nomination slips to attract the members to run for committee.

Unlike other ECAs where there are always many people running for a couple of posts, we lacked the membership and hence we lacked the able people who can be committee members, and this whole elections thingie, kinda is a big headache for us. Nonetheless, with a round of sabo-ing, I guess things would turn out okay ba... We've also cut down the number of posts from 8 to 5, so hopefully we can at least come up with just 5 able people. Able and committed people, I hope.

First up, a camwhore picture.
I found this pot of fake roses at the lobby of the CFA building, thought it would make a great picture if I put my head beside it.

The current renovated CFA building is absolutely interesting, it is not card access only most of the time. I tried it out for the first time, I couldn't get my card to work properly no thanks to my poor common sense and this kind girl from CO I think came to help me to work my card. It was pretty funny that she wanted to help me get my card to work rather than to merely open the door for me like what most lazy unquestioning people like me would do.

A picture with Jinwei.

I couldn't resist using Jinwei's handphone to take a couple of pictures of myself. I don't know why by I think I look nicer in his handphone camera. lol~ I took three pictures of my big head in three different angles.
No photoshopping, no nothing other than Jinwei's handphone and my big head. Which picture do you think nicer reflects my big face leh?

Okay, now for a live interview with our members regarding our elections for next CFA year.

It's conducted mainly in Chinese, to as far as my Chinese can handle it.

After the brief AGM, we headed down to Munchie Monkey for lunch. Before that we had thought of maybe odering food back, or something else, but when we have Munchie so near by, hehehe...

More live footage from Joan

Still in Chinese, and this is of a lousier quality because I used the second camera of my handphone instead of the main camera.

But anyway, I've photos to share, so it's okay...
This was everyone there at the lunch, except for Jinwei who was helming the camera. And stupid guy, take photo take until so blur. *bish bish*



The camwhore obviously just had to take another photo. Can't remember who took it for me, but I think I look cute can liao le.

These are what I ate. As from the video just now, it's Zhichun qing chi fan. Not exactly Zhichun but it's the group as the whole who foot the bill, from our group funds, so quite cool~ We'd just ate and ate~

This Italian Chocolate Cake is my current favourite dessert. *yum yum*

After lunch, Jinwei me and Jinsen decided to go catch a movie, but Jinsen had a short project group meeting, so we waiting for him with Zhichun and Zhixia who had ushering duty later that evening. We retreated to the student lounge and continued camwhoring.



Notice we are all in the same shirt? So cool~

Jinwei, Jinsen and I went to watch V for Vendetta. A decent show to watch, very political, very thought provoking, yet very exciting. I loved it. I love Hugo Weaving. Don't think I'd be doing a review on it, too tired liao... See how ba...

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Cyn said...

haha.. i like the videos~ so interesting. mayb u can use ur phone cam and start recording snippets can use in the future for ur otehr filmings. since the main cam quality is so gd.

jin wei do look gd fr tt angle.. haha just tt he haf to take care of his eyes bags wor! hahaha.. :X opps.. and hsi reaction is so funny! remind me of my pri 4 cousin who is very shy... wahahaha. faint...

1 advice. cut out the too quiet parts. it seem too long.. hahaha.. i think its my stupid habit of critizing films kicking in now. dun mind me.. XP