Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Kind of Guys I Like

This is my 300th post. Wow~ After like two and a half years, I've finally reached my 300th post benchmark. I really wonder how more it'd take for me to reach my half millenia or even my thousandth post, that is if I manage to keep my blog running till then. Two and a half years might sound quite a lengthy period of time, but for me to go on for another two and a half years? I don't know... I can't see myself that far down the road.

Looking at the other girls with whom I've started this blogging thingie during the craze period, most have stopped blogging. I can't access some of their blogs. I can't access Yingling and Rozie's blog without my browser crashing, so I'm now like only reading Jasmine's blog, sometimes very occasionally Shuhui and Zihui's. I hope, at least for me, I can keep my blog going.

To mark my 300th post, I shall talk about something interesting and something I like~
MEN~ wahaha~ *insert squeals and shrieks and whatever girly noises*

My MSN nick is currently "supporting eric and jeremy, lake and michelle, and terry, austin and shane". Any reality TV junkie would know absolutely who I'm referring to, and I guess I can see the old newspapers and rotten tomatoes to be thrown at me soon.

I know my taste in men is not what one would say conventional, but maybe by looking at these sort of men whom I like one can perhaps have a rough idea how screwed I am. Okay, not all the men I like are wife-beating assholes, but well, I'm just a girl, a simple girl. I like men. I like fun guys arounds, I like typical type A personalities, I like the matured authority figure, I like educated intelligent men, and the bad asses never ceases not to get my attention off them.

Those men, if you have not heard of them yet, are contestents in two of my favourite reality programmes, The Amazing Race and Survivor.

The Amazing Race, Wednesdays 11am and Thursdays 10pm on Channel 5.
I watch the Wednesdays one because I'm a TV junkie. The Amazing Race is a Race among 11 (usually) teams of 2 (except the family edition) around the world. Teams also have to complete tasks to get their next clue and also have to adapt to the pressure of working in a team with someone close to them. I like it because I have nothing better to do.

Survivor, Fridays 3pm and 10pm on Channel 5.
I always watch the earlier one because as I've said, I'm a TV junkie. Okay, to admit, I'm a sadist, I want to know at the earliest possible time who is the poor contestant to kena voted out, or eliminated in the case of The Amazing race. In Survivor, 16 (usually) contestants are sent to a remote area to live and after every 3 days (usually) they'll vote a person out. Contestants also have challenges for rewards and immunity. Basically it's a PR and popularity contest under the pressure of working in the wilderness. I like it because I like seeing people making a fool out of themselves, and sometimes I also like watching the heroes in the game.

Eric and Jeremy
Eric and Jeremy are what you can call beach boys, frat boys, horny boys, naughty boys. They are shallow, horny, think of having fun all the time, and don't get a proper job because they want fexibility in their time and get to meet more girls.

Their bios say:
"Jeremy & Eric, best friends from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, met while running college track at Johnson County Community College. Both are admittedly cocky, very competitive and strong athletes. They are avid volleyball players who frequently compete in local tournaments.

Sarcastic and patient, Jeremy is well-traveled and ready for the adventure of a lifetime. He works as a valet and is hoping the Race will help him to make something of his life.

Eric, who works as a waiter and a bartender, has little experience traveling outside of the United States. A two-time NJCAA Track and Field All American in the pole vault, Eric describes himself as being athletic and outgoing. His biggest pet peeve about his teammate is that Jeremy won't take criticism.

The former collegiate athletes hope their physical abilities will help carry them past the competition to the $1 million prize."

What I like about them is their confidence and cockiness, and their good looking physical athletic appeal. Girls like to have fun, but girls are shy creatures, so girls need their guys to bring them about and take charge and bring fun to them.

A lot of The Amazing Race views don't like them because they think they are shallow and horny and bad examples to the children watching the show. They also think that by means of following other teams, Eric and Jeremy won't make it far, but I think otherwise. Guys might use their dicks to make decisions most of the time, but even if they use their dicks, they know that they have all the women they can want with a million dollars, so they are definitly in this game to win the big bucks. And to their detractors who said that they can only follow other teams, my view is that that's strategic, and furthermore, they've been always the top few teams, so how can a team who only knows how to follow come in first place?

Those people who don't like them, I think are just jealous of what they have. The girls, the freedom, the happiness, the cockiness, and the fun.

Lake and Michelle
I like them because I like Lake, nuff said. I like Lake because he's the typical type A personality guy.

Type A Personality are the kind of chauvanistic kind of guys. As Wikipedia describes it is "a term used to describe people who are driven, hard-working, busy, and impatient". In other words, a Type A guy has a very strong personality and might come forward to being very manly to people. I like.

The other contestant in The Amazing Race who was a Type A and I liked a lot despite everyone else hating him was the infamous Jonathan from season 6.
Jonathan and Victoria

Well, since the start of this season of The Amazing Race, all the viewers are calling Lake and Michelle as Jonathan and Victoria 2.0, so I guess if I'd like Jonathan and Victoria, I'd have liked Lake and Michelle too. But one thing I like more about Lake and Michelle is that Michelle comes forward to me of a more traditional woman, a bit like me. In that she's a homemaker, looks after children and helps out lake when she can, while Victoria on the other hand was a Playboy Playmate, I just can't bring myself to like her as much as Michelle, even though I still like her a bit. My favourite moment of them in the race was when there was a roadblock which required a racer of the teams to jump down a diving platform. Michelle declined to do it and questioned Lake if he had expected her to do that in front of those Russians. I'd like to think that as modesty rather than racial discrimination. And better was that Lake has a wonderful bod. Why can't my dentist be like him?

Okay, my dentist is also a chauvanist, with wife and 4 (or is it 5) kids. Holds the position of major when he does his reservist, so he should be also a quite seh guy ba...

Okay, as an experienced The Amazing Race viewer, I don't think Lake and Michelle have what it takes to get to the million dollar finishing line, at least not when Lake keeps making those disgraceful clue reading mistakes, and Michelle being so incompetent during those roadblocks and detours. But I hope they can work out the way, Michelle to do those clue readings and Lake to pull Michelle up during the roadblocks and detours. The putting a motorcycle detour was like so amazing, Lake was so amazing.

Terry is the Tom Westman of this season's Survivor. He's the matured authority figure, the leader of his tribe, and the main provider. Girls like dependable men. Men who can lead them , provide for them, and also strong men whom they can depend on, and Terry is just that kind of guy. Furthermore, he was like a navy fighter pilot. That's like one of the coolest job in the world, good pay, interesting experience, with all the prestige and power which attracts a woman to a man.

I like matured men, I like authority figures, I like powerful men, I like rich men, I like family men, I like I like I like...

Many viewers have drawn comparisons of Terry with Tom Westman and I see why I like the both of them. Tom was a firefighter, although not as glamorous as a pilot but also a very powerful job to have. He's mature, and has this authority figure in him, and he's also a family man. Girls and women like such men.

I think like Tom, Terry has a pretty good chance of winning the million bucks even though he looks rich enough to survive without that million bucks, I think he's in the game more of the prestige of winning rather than the money. Although he doesn't have numbers on his side, he does have the immunity idol and the strength to win immunity challenges. And against him is a group of dysfunctional tribal alliance of Casaya. yucks... I cannot think of a more cannot make it tribe than them. Ulong might be a loser in terms of challenges but they were a tribe, and had impressive people like Steph and Bobby Jon, but Casaya is well, pathetic.


At first I had not taken much notice on Austin, he seemed to me to be just another guy, at least he was bonkers like Aras, but not that good looking as Nick, and he wasn't complaining as much as Bobby. But as time passed, the more I heard Austin talk, the more I thought he was one deep guy.

Austin talks with a very soothing voice, sort of like a motivational speaker, but also the choice of words he used proves him to be an educated and intelligent man, at least he doesn't have the vocabulary range of a primary school kid. Then I started liking to hear his confessionals. They are all very spot on, with his voice and choice of words, I just like to hear him speak. He'd be a very good person for one to share problems with.

I also liked the way he said in a nice way regarding Sally losing the fishing spear. When asked by Jeff, he just said that the spear didn't come to be of much use. He never named the person who lost it, never divulged too much details, and kept everyone in the tribe happy, a very diplomatic person. I also liked the way he had that conversation with Sally and he motivated her and rallied her to be around. I like intelligent men. And he seems more matured than his age, I like~

After Lake and Jonathan, I guess after saying I like this guy more rotten tomatoes and maybe leftover cabbages will be thrown at me.

Shane smokes three packs a day, shouts a lot, has a bad temper, and speaks his mind. Everyone in his tribe thinks he is nuts. Everyone watching the programme thinks he's crazy. But Joan likes him.

I shall not go into how charming a smoker looks if not I might lead the young kids to do the wrong things. Somking is wrong. But a smoker looks damn shuai. I always thought the shuai-est kind of guy a a man in thought, smoking a cigarette, then you can see all the smoke and a very focused face. wahaha~ Make me feel like going over and giving that guy a big hug from behind, hoping I can help solve all his problems. But then again, smoking is addictive, oh god... I think I know why I like smokers, I'm addicted to them!

Shane although is not the nicest person on earth, I think he's really a very good dad. He is at least the best father to his son. Even from the show, it is apparent that he loves his son to bits, even to the extent of tattoo-ing his name on his heart. I don't know how he got his son, or who mothered him since the is not information about it, but Shane did mentioned that he was 20 when he had his son, and that explains their close relationship. As I said, a family man is always very attractive. To a woman, if you can care that much for your son, she'll think that you are capable of caring that much for her.

It's a pity I dont see Shane having any chance of winning that million dollars. he can't really go that far, and even if he does, he's flipped too much and just don't come across to me as that popular a person to be able to get the jury to all vote for him.

After seeing my taste in men, I think most people would be rather turned off by me. Yea... I'm not your normal kind of girl. Maybe this entry will clear some people's curiosity about why I like some other guys they know of.


Anonymous said...

Why would anyone be turned off by you? You have your reasons for choosing the guys u like, whatever they might be. Everyone has different tastes and it should be that way, cos if everyone goes for the same 'type', that would leave some guys very lonely and some very busy...

Anonymous said...

Forgot to add, congrats on the 300th post. Hope to read more of your interesting posts. Don't forget to update when you are in Germany. :)