Sunday, March 05, 2006

Movie Updates

I went to watch Brokeback Mountain this evening.
This movie outing only proves to me how much I hate crowds and how much I'm allergic to people. I shall stick to my usual weekday outings next time.

I bought three DVDs from HMV today.
Shall tell you the story of HMV another time... It's sounds pretty romantic, in an illicit sort of way. hehehe...
Anyway, I bought
Der Untergang

And by the way, I'm losing, so can more people vote for me please? *censored* Andrew korkor say he don't want vote for me liao cos he thinks me too discriminating. wahaha~

So as a token of bid for votes, I shall try and do my movies reviews (if I've the brain power, maybe tomorrow or maybe never depending on my mood ba... hahaha~). hmm... I watched Der Untergang before but can't remember if I wrote anything about it last time. But anyway I'll have to wrote a more precise piece on it because me and Cindy will be using a bit of it's material to do our oral presentation.

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