Sunday, March 26, 2006

Quick Tip Handling School Admin

I wanted to blog about this a couple of days ago, but I forgot. wahaha~ I must be getting old liao le.

I met Prof Ian Gordon, head of the history department, that day (can't remember which day since time flies by so quickly) and we had this short conversation about handling the admin stuff/staff. He noted that me contacting Prof Brian Farrell, deputy head of the history department, to help in such situations is the most efficient. According to Prof Gordon, Prof Farrell is apparently the best man to handle administrative stuff/staff.

In Prof Gordon's words, the most efficient method of handling such stuff is to go look for the head of departments. *pause* Or the deputy heads. hmm... Wonder what was his intented meaning with that pause... lol~ Anyway, just to share with anyone here who might find this little information useful, that the head of departments *pause* and the deputy heads hold their titles for this reason, for you to ask them to help you efficiently handle stuff you don't wish to handle yourself.

Yea... I thought I should be talking at least a little about school since my blog is still running for the Best NUS Blog in Please vote for me there~ See me so good, got tips I share with you so must vote for me~ wahaha~

Although I'm technically a European Studies major, I find myself more at ease at the history department since I'm like doing so many history modules, and I think i can say I feel more comfortable with the history lecturers, most of my noted Profs were all from the history department. Wait... I don't think I can remember any Prof I find good who's not from the history department. Wait, I take back my words... Herr Chan! From the Centre for Language Studies. Okay, so in general, let me stereotype, history lecturers are good lecturers~

And they are damn shuai too~ Wait... I think this is over generalising and over stereotyping already. A Farrell doesn't make up the whole of the history department, okay, I shall take back my words.

The ironies of the history department which I can never come to understand. We have so many American lecturers, but they all specialise is like Chinese History (Dr Dubois), Southeast Asian History (Dr Barnard), Japanese History (Dr Clancey), European History (Dr Keck). And the lecturer specialising in American History, well, is not American but Australian (Prof Ian Gordon). But then again, considering that I'm a little Singaporean girl doing European History, I shouldn't be too surprised.

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