Friday, April 28, 2006

Eating and Growing Fat

To all concerned friends and relatives of mine, and all busybodies out there, this post is dedicated to you guys.

If you are wondering if Joan is eating well in a foreign land, be assured that Joan is eating very well. She eats lunch tea dinner and supper every day without fail. She'd walk all the way out to the Münsterplatz or Bertoldstraße just to buy either a bratwürst or Nordsee to fill up her stomach. And she'd get herself Portofino eis before going home. At home, she has her supply of brot und schinken und alle anderen essen.

This was taken on Tuesday, my free day and this is merely a snippet of the fresh groceries I have. I on the average buy food every two days but not that much at a time because transporting them back home is difficult.

Zihui was saying I shouldn't put videos on my blog because it takes too long to load. She wants more pictures instead. lol~ I'll have a mix of them ba~ hahaha~

Yesterday, I compiled a series of photos of food which I've taken. Not all of the food I've eaten are taken because sometimes I get too excited with food and forget to take photos of them. Some other times I don't have the free hands to take pictures of my food. But rest assured, I'm eating more than I am in Singapore.

These are food I've eaten en route to Freiburg.
airplane food
Not very appetising. In fact, it sucks. The pasta tasted like cardboard, the meatballs, I don't know what meat, but it's nasty. The breakfast is worse than imaginable, the egg tasted like paper, the harsh brown like napkins, luckily the sausage was somewhat more edible, the fish thingie (I think it's fish even though I've absolutely no inkling what it is) is weird. The bread was nice though, with butter~

food bought
These are nice nice nice food I've bought.
The chicken with bread is yummy, it's half a roast chicken but costs only 2,99 (or was it 2,90?) euros. I shall go back there to eat another time, or maybe another more times.
The bratwürsts were from the Münsterplatz, there's the red long ones and the white fat ones, I like both~ With mustard, I'm make a mess but I'm a happy fat girl.
Portofino Eis. Until now I've eaten three Portofino Eis, green apple, melons, and chocolate, the green apple one tasted like milkshake, the melons one tasted like honeydew mixed with rock melon mix with some other melon, the chocolate is perfect.
The Eis Schokolade in the picture is from Aspekt, it's not nice compared to Portofino. The Icecream is not creamy and got ice inside, the schokolade is not sweetened enough and not milky enough. hai...

I cooked too, you know...
food i_ve cooked
I think the mother would be proud of me.
The würsts are normal, just boil will do, nothing special about it. Toasts there is a toaster which I use everytime for my bread. Normal bread is not nice, hard and cold, so I always toast my bread to warm it before eating.
The spargels are great! I think I'm a great cook~ I can get married liao and feed my husband every day.
The marcaroni and cheese is also another first for me and proof that I can cook. wahaha~
The egg salat sandwich is a cheat, the egg salat is premade one, I bought the egg salat and spread it over the toast. How nice it is to be able to get pre-prepared salats for toasts over here.

Joan cooking~
Wait for a while to watch the whole process of the making of Joan's marcaroni and cheese. More proof that Joan did cook it, and that Joan's photoshopping skills are improving.

However, on hindsight, I think I should have poured the marcaroni into the cheese and heat it for a while instead of pouring the heated cheese over the marcaroni. Then the flavour of the cheese can totally go into the marcaroni and not me eating marcaroni with cheese, and have cheesy marcaroni instead. I still have more marcaroni and more cheese so maybe I'll do that the next time I go about making marcaroni and cheese~

hmm... I think I'm blogging more and more like Gabriel, with all my food and stuff. I wonder if all exchange students blog like this. wahaha~


cindy said...

i dunno hashbrowns can taste like napkins! WAHAHAHHAHAHA...

cindy said...

its nice lor. blog more. haa. i mean, when you look back at these entries, you'd definitely be glad tt u blogged! :)

Agagooga said...

Stupid girl - that's penne lah. Come online. I need to discuss my May ponning of school to visit Germany plans.