Monday, April 10, 2006

An Email to Prof Gordon


The reply from Prof Gordan.

Dear Joan,

All the information on modules to be offered over the next three years is on the web at these links:

Proposed Modules to be offered in 2006-2007 2007-2008 2008-2009
Module Descriptions

These modules are what we have planned to offer but sometimes plans need to be changed but the Department will do its best to deliver these modules. As for the timetable we try to offer modules at various times but sometimes we have to put something on at 8am or 10am to balance the Department's needs with those of the Faculty as a whole.

I think it is possible to change your EU modules to HY so long as you meet all the other type of requirements like exposure and Singapore Studies, and GEMS but you would have to check with the Deanery to be absolutely sure.

Are you still in Singapore or have you left for your exchange?


And my subsequent reply to his latest email.

hello prof gordon!

i'm still in singapore, will be leaving next monday~

i've looked through the modules listed and realised a big problem. if i'm going to to honours, i might be unable to major in european studies due to the lack of modules i can take. there aren't many european history modules offered here. that's why i'm having a sort of dilemma planning my modules for my exchange programme and my next year or two in nus. so i'm really thinking if i should change my major or not.

big headache

I think it'd be quite rude of me if I yelled out to him that HE CAN'T ALWAYS PUT PROF FARRELL AT THE EARLY MORNING SLOT!!! yea... But this is my blog and I can do whatever on my blog~

I've received comments from two new commenters. I've also noticed that Dr Dubois also always gets the early morning slot, don't know why either. Maybe he and Farrell like to play the good guys or Ian Gordan really hates them and wants to sabo them. lol~ And it's great to have another Farrell groupie in the house~ Let's do War and Society next semester together okie? We'll sit in the middle of the LT and swoon over Farrell~ wahaha...

updates end here


This is an email I've sent to Prof Gordon, Head of the History Department.

hi prof gordon!

i won't be able to attend this briefing. in fact, i don't even know if i should be considered a history major.

anyway, i'd still be taking lots of history modules, so i thought i'd send in some of my thoughts about sequencing modules. one very important thing, can prof farrell's modules not be at 8am please? 10am is also not that good a time, preferable times like 4pm would be the best. also of my concern are the european history modules, it'll be nice if we can have more of those, and have them in the afternoon too~ it'll be really nice if you could offer europe of the dictators next year.

i also have another question, erm... say if i want to change my major from european studies to history for some reason or another, and would like to change the modules codes from the eu ones to hy ones, erm... is it possible? right now i don't think i will really change my major, but if i in the end plan to do honours, i might want to change major to fit my course of study.

yup~ thanks very much! and if it's possible, could you please drop me the information regarding the modules that will be offered next year?

thank you!

From: Harlizah bte Abdul Hamid
Sent: Tue 04/04/2006 11:35
Cc: Ian Gordon (Head, History)

Dear All

There will be a briefing on Tuesday, 9 May 2006 at LT12 at 2pm for History majors.

The purpose of the briefing is to inform students of the modules that will be offered by the Department next year (2006-2007) and for the following two years (2007-2008, 2008-2009). We will also discuss the need for students to plan their study and ways in which they may want to sequence modules.

It would be extremely helpful for all History majors to attend.

Thank you and Regards

A/P Ian Gordon
Head, Department of History
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
National University of Singapore
11 Arts Link, AS1 05 - 27
Singapore 117570
Tel: (65) 6874 3838
Fax: (65) 6774-2528

Wonder what would be his reply...

It really sucks to find out that Prof Farrell's lectures are always so early in the morning. Out of four semesters, the exposure one and the Total War one was at a decent enough timeslot, but the Singapore Military History was at 10am early in the morning, and the worst was the Colonialism, Expansionism and Imperialism one, 8am wtf... Even the Singapore Military History one was supposed to be at 8-fucking-am, but in the end it was brought back two hours later. For Farrell, I'd still do the module, but it isn't really milking the best out of me.

Actually most history lectures are in very decent timeslots. I personally think that most history lecturers are somewhat at least a bit nocturnal. I hope in the years to come this would remain so that I can have a more decent timetable. I won't be going back to hostel ever again, I think, shall be commuting so time is very important to me in making any decision in module taking. Of course, I'd still want to take a Farrell module next semester. Farrell is somewhat like a cult favourite, think I can form a cult group worshipping Farrell already. lol~


phelan said...

8am history lectures are a pain in the arse. I took Struggle for Modern China once with Dubois and hated the timing. Nobody should be forced to wake up that early!

Su said...

Hi! Been reading your blog for quite sometime. I have never had an 8am lecture before. But I am taking Spore military history this sem- and I still come late for lectures! I have become a prof Farrell groupie. Hope to take more of his mods in the future. He captivates me for some reason. :)