Saturday, June 17, 2006

What is Truth?

I'm a football fan.
I'm a Detective Conan fan.
I've been spending the last couple of weeks watching the World Cup 2006, and when there aren't matches, I'm watching Detective Conan on youtube.

In between watching the World Cup and Detective Conan today, I browsed through the official FIFA World Cup webbie on yahoo! and spotted this weird fact.

Country information for Czech Republic
The line that made me eye grow big and my jaw drop and started bursting into laughter? "Motto: Truth will prevail." Apparently that's the motto of the Czech Republic.

Does it sound familiar?

"Shinji tsuwa ichi mo hitotsu!"

Apparently, Conan (as Shinichi Kudo) has the same motto, only one truth will prevail.

As a motto of a young detective, I'd say it's encouraging, but as a motto of a country? It sounds pretty weird... Bah~ I shall now go back and dig up more weird facts about all the other 31 other countries participating in the World Cup 2006. I'll be back with a proper post when I've the time between my Detective Conan, World Cup, travels, school, photoshopping and AMV making. yea... And those are the things I really need to blog about, but later...

By the way, anyone knows what's Singapore's motto? I'm guessing that it'll be something just as stupid anyway...


Siu Hang said...

I long time never catch up Detective Conan liao....

Singapore? what, 2010 ar??

xxoos said...

kauz... i just posted this entry and you've even read it before i proof read it~

you can catch a whole lot of detective conan in youtube. think there're at least 200 episodes online, maybe even 300+ but not in running order, and all 9 movies are up too.

the 2010 is a big fiasco la... similar to malaysia's 2020, another big fiasco, although the motives not the same.

and hor, wah my this comment even longer than my blog entry proper liao le, i don't think i can recommend you any arts gem, cos i think what i like, and find easy, may not be what u'd like, nor you'd find it easy. if u want me to pick, i'd say do film and history. i got my a- without studying at all cos no exams and my ca were all craps.