Sunday, August 06, 2006

Chelsea Kit 2006

I bought it~

I was at Takashimaya just now when I walked by adidas and saw it and finally bought the jersey. I bought it in small since they don't manufacture it in extra small, so it's pretty big on me. The salesman recommended me to buy the ladies one, but it isn't the original jersey, it was a bastardised version of the jersey, quite crap, so I didn't buy it even though it's cheaper.

chelsea kit

I think I shall wear it into the first lecture of War and Society, and risk being thrown out of the lecture hall by a certain Professor Brian P Farrell. bah~ He should know that by now Arsenal is a has been.

I think I shall buy the cap next week. I'm so broke now. After buying the jersey I bought a whole lot of manga, last three months worth of it. My sister is goading me to buy a pair of crocs pumps. I think I shall go into hiding. I'm not so sure when school starts too. I think I'm screwed. And I've just received an email from my prof in Germany saying I have not understood my exam (and hence did badly for it) and should go down to meet him for an oral exam. Really, how am I to name 5 History Zeitschriften when I know none? kauz... More complains later, I'm going to read my backlog of manga. I shall procrastinate thinking about my problems~

I still love my Chelsea kit to bits even though it set me back by S$109~

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Hermit said...

why so expensive?????