Wednesday, September 27, 2006

This Is Our Ouran Festival

With this, we have hereby concluded the whole anime series of Ouran High School Host Club. Of course, this is not the end of Ouran High School Host Club, we still have the manga to look forward to. Still, it does mean that that will be the end of our Ouran boys in full colour, talking, moving and cosplaying.

group pic 7

Thank you Krys Yuy for all the Ouran joy~

Even though in the end I hadn't used any of her graphics, I thought all the effort she has put in maintaining this fansite is absolutely awesome. See my display pic by the side? I'm using it for my MSN too... It's actually a border from Ouran, I edited out some parts and put my big fat face in there. It's for the Ouran Festival~

Sort of feeling a bit of lost now. In about two weeks time xxxholic will end too, then I'd really feel lost. The studio brought back Tsubasa Chronicles, so I hope that they'd bring back xxxholic too. Can't wait for the next chapter of manga to be released though, it's getting more and more interesting as the parallel universes of TRC and xxxholic come to a merging point.

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