Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Coke Diet

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I'm currently drinking like three servings of coke a day give take a couple of servings, which actually means that I'm taking in a lot of sugar and gas and acid and godknowswhat stuff that's inside the bloody coke can. Although I mostly drink canned coke, I actually prefer bottled ones. Despite me taking in the whole of of carbon dioxide from the coke, I actually hate gassy drinks. But the addiction of coke weighs far more greater than my hatred.

I think my love with coke started sometime last year during summer when I was overseas alone. Homesickness and loneliness and the rough patch sank me into depression and the only thing that could alleviate my problems was drinking coke. It makes me feel better. After getting out of the rough patch, life turned back to normal for me again. With me preferring to drink other kinds of sweetened drinks rather than coke, sweetened but with gas.

The last summer when I was back alone overseas, the coke addiction came back. At that time it was also when I found of the sublimal differences between coke and pepsi.

Let me first talk about Pepsi. Some people say pepsi tastes better, I don't deny that. If on a normal occasion, one is to be blindfolded and taste drink both brands of cola, pepsi will win, but then to me, when there's a need to alleviate depression, pepsi doesn't work at all. I don't know why, it is tasty, gassy and sweet, but something about it that doesn't bring satisfaction to me when I'm depressed, I cannot get that sort of comfort as when I drink coke. That was when I demarkated the specific purpose of drinks. Pepsi is best for an after meal drink, not a too heavy msg-laden meal, but a light and hearty meal. For msg-laden meals, coke does the trick. Also specifically for coke is for when I'm depressed.

It's amazing how I can sit in the pantry in the middle of the night with my 1.5L bottle of coke sipping it and downing half a bottle that night. Some times when things go real bad and there's no coke in sight, pepsi can do just a little bit for me to get by, but only on desperate occasions.

The difference between canned coke and bottled coke is the gas, and that's what make me prefer bottled coke to canned ones. The gas is easier to disseminate from a bottle than from a can, usually the best coke I have is bottled coke which has already been opened for a couple of days, there'll still be that little bit of gas, but not too flat that it tastes just like sugared water.

Following my addiction and over reliance on coke, I had to get the father to purchase lots of coke for me. He brought back a carton of canned coke. Being his spoilt princess, I demanded for him to get me the bottled ones. He broght back two bottles the next day. After I finished them, I demanded more. But the father was pretty alarmed by my rate of finishing the coke that he didn't comply. I subsisted on the canned ones in the meantime. Finally he relented and bought a bottle, but it's a 1L bottle because he got it from the petrol station instead of the supermarket. Naturally I finished that bottle before one can say "pepsi cola one two three". After that, the father brought back two cartons of canned coke from the grandfather's place. The thing about bringing things back from the grandfather's place means that I've to finish them all, two cartons leh...

After evolution, I also realised the best way to drink coke with feeling over gassed. It's open my can of coke and leave it in the fridge overnight, the next morning the coke would be perfect for consumption. but I cannot leave the coke in the fridge for too long or the coke will turn stale and flat and become a can of sweetened water.

And that's only about the coke I drink at home. I drink more coke in school. I actually spend the 70cents (from the canteen) and 80cents (from the vendings) for canned cokes and $1 (from the vending) for bottled ones. I'd prefer to buy the bottled ones anyday, but the problem is that the stupid vending is often out of the way for me to reach and I can't keep my coke chilled. Yes, I prefer my coke to be chilled. That's why sometimes the canteen coke sucks, when they've just been replenished into the refridgerator. I actually keep a little stash of straws in my bag so that I can drink coke from the vendings in peace.

This American guy I met in Germany once smirked when he saw that I needed to drink coke with straws. He was like, it's not surprising that I've got very sensitive teeth that cannot withstand gas and acid and cold because of all the coke I'm drinking. yea... Coke spoils the teeth, but what to do? I just love coke too much. Coke actually spoils the bones too, especially for women. Recently, I've been taking to eating cheese every day. For every serving of coke I drink, I'd eat the corresponding amount of slices of cheese every day.

I hope this preventive measure works. Luckily I love cheese and milk. If not, I'm probably die from brittle bones like now.

I actually like the feeling of drinking chilled coke early in the morning as the first thing I let flow down my throat. The prickly cool sensation is great. I can feel the sensation in my mouth, going down my throat, into my chest, filling me with energy and finally resting in my stomach and chilling all of my insides. My sister always says that the coke will corrode my stomach, but I don't care. It's probably not the most advisable thing to drink it the first thing when one wakes up, but the feeling derived from it just outweighs everything else. I don't care if I've a hole in my stomach.

I don't know if anyone remembered, but I actually had a scope done before. Did it at East Shore Hospital because I thought my stomach was spoilt but it turned out according to my GP with reference to my pyschaitrist that it's probably my depression and anxiety that made me think that my stomach is spoilt. Hearing this, I think it's not that easy to spoil my stomach, so from then on, I really am adding the acid into the stomach like every morning.

One thing good about coke is that it's so acidic that it can just clear all the dirt and bacteria and other godknowswhat stuff, that I always find it a good thing to use to clear bad breath and use as a mouth wash. After eating fishy stuff (since I don't eat onions and garlics, I don't think those matter), I like to use coke to wash off all the fishy after taste. It really works.

Some people say coke keeps them awake, for me coke keeps me awake too, but it also helps me sleep better at night. Every night before I sleep, I'd like to have some coke to sooth me down, comfort me, and put me to bed. I sleep easier, more peacefully, and better with that coke I took it. Without coke, I often find myself unable to fall into a deep sleep, unable to dream, unable to feel rested enough the next day even if I drink coke in the morning.

Even without coke, I've a wide range of sweet drinks well stocked at home thanks to the grandfather. He knows I liked Yeo's crysamthemum tea and every week, the father would bring back two packages of them (one dozen individual servings), Yakult too, but mostly my sister drinks them, I don't take healthy stuff, remember. And not forgetting Ribena. If I don't drink coke, I'll have to drink Ribena. It's my energy boost, as in a physical energy boost rather than the placebo coke.

I've thought about it already, I don't care if I lose all my teeth, at the most I'd get myself fitted with dentures, then I don't need to be self conscious of me teeth also. I really hate my teeth, they are too small and my gums are too big and my teeth are yellow and crooked despite me having been fitted braces for two whole years. sucks...

Every day no less than five people would chide me for all my coke drinking, but you know what, I don't give a damn to what you say. This is my health and I want to thrash it, what can you do about me? Maybe I need help out of the rough patch 2.0 then maybe I can slowly quit off the coke.


chillycraps said...


I think pepsi is definitely more sweet than coke, but somehow it taste very artificial like that.

how come you drink so much coke and still haven't gone fat... or have you?

xxoos said...

coke won't make people fat (i think, i hope). i did put on some weight, but i don't think it has anything to do with coke, i hope...

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that in your case, coke actually helped you alleviate your depression. :) There are some people whose depression is made worse by drinking sugared drinks containing stimulants such as coke, coffee or tea. The reason being that they find that they don't have to eat solid food after consuming so much sugar and caffeine... Their food intake is reduced and the body is deprieved of its nutritional needs. But I guess that what works for one individual may not work for another... And just for curiosity's sake, do you get the 'shakes' if you don't drink any coke for a morning? And, do you drink any plain water?

xxoos said...

i can don't drink coke in the morning, don't think i have any shakes or anything leh... i only have like cravings. lol~ my cravings all come very weird one, there was once after a couple of rounds of beer i went home with this huge craving for coke. then just now during lecture, after coffee, i got the cravings for coke. lol~

and yea, i do drink water too. i can have cravings to drink water. sometimes after too much coke i'll have cravings for water. i think what drink i drink is dependent also on what i eat, some stuff like plain rice, water is the best to follow, but for fried and oily food coke is better~