Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fly Me Aeroplanes

I wanted to post this a couple of days back when I kept getting aeroplanes flown all over me, but haven't had the time. Luckily the aeroplanes seemed to have ceased for a moment here already, but still, because of my mild temperament, I think I'll still get aeroplanes flown next time.

What does it take to constitute flying of aeroplanes?
1. To not appear on the stipulated time and when asked, an excuse is given and occasionally an apology made.
2. To back out on the day itself. In the morning of the stipulated day, a call or SMS is made to say that something cropped up.
3. The night before, an excuse is given for not being able to make it the next day as stipulated.
4. Anytime after the date was made and everything's confirmed, something cropped up between the day the date was made and the day of the stipulated date.

Some people only regard point number 1 as an act of flying aeroplane, but to me, I regard all four points as flying of aeroplane, especially point number 1 and 2 because that would mean that back up plans cannot be made and my day would be wasted. 3 is also quite bad because last min plans are also very difficult to make.

Luckily it is very rare that someone can pull a number 1 on me, but I seem to attract number 2 and 3 very easily. Maybe because I'm very mild and don't flare up easily and generally have very high tolerance for my friends, but that doesn't mean I can take them all. Once or twice, still okay, but again and again? I don't know. Worse is if it's done by someone I appreciate the friendship of, I won't dare to flare up because I'm afraid that that person would get angry with me. I don't understand, why am I such a wuss.

Last night I had a dream, quite a bad one. I dream that I flared up with this person who commited number 2. Actually, in real life he had already commited number 2 and at that time I told him it was okay, since I managed to make ack up plans, but still, I'm very upset that someone I have that high a regard for can actually commit number 2 on me. Last night in the dream, I gave him a couple of tight slaps across the face. It wasn't a loud slap, but I made it up by slapping a lot of times. My hands didn't ache, but his face turned red. I think I've got a lot of this pent up frustrations in me that I cannot release in real life.

It's not as if I can say that I never flew anyone before, because I had, but there's still a limit to flying people aeroplanes. Number 1 andd number 2 is really bad, and please don't again and again, disappoint me.

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