Sunday, October 01, 2006

My Sister Knows Me Best

We all know I'm a big coke addict. My sister has been telling me for years to cut down on my coke intake but I always ignore her. Really, would you heed the advice of someone who finished a whole tub of gummy bears I brought back from Frankfurt Airport's Dutyfree shop?

I was sitting on the bed watching TV and guzzling my potato chips when my sister came in with a glass of black coloured looking drink.

joan: What are you drinking?
sister: Grape juice.
joan: Why you don't want to drink coke?
sister: If this is coke, you ask me what I'm drinking again.
joan: What are you drinking?
sister: Coke.
sister: (imitating me in a sing-song voice) Why are you drinking my coke?
sister: wahaha~ Don't think I don't know you.

Actually I thought she was drinking coke that's why I asked, but I hadn't wanted to scold her for drinking my coke, I just wanted to say something like "I thought you say coke got caffine, blah blah blah..."

My sister is funny.

If it weren't for the fact that my sister has the sweetest tooth I know, I think I might just listen to her and cut down on my coke intake, but well, pot calling the kettle black, I don't see why I should listen to her especially when she doesn't listen to me when I call her to cut down on her sweets intake.

There was this one period of time when my sister was eating so much chocolates that my mum went to hide to chocolates in the compartment in the fridge where she put the vegetables. She even wrapped the chocolates with newspapers just like what she does to the vegetables. hehehe... I knew about it only because I had cravings one day and my mum told me about it. Before that I never knew she had that secret stash of chocolates at home.


Anonymous said...

that sounds like me and my sis. why do younger sisters guzzle on sweets like crazy?? haha.


Siu Hang said...

that's quite funny that your mother has to hide the sweet stuff. Reminds me of the advertisement of the person drawing money at the ATM machine and someone steal her candy.