Thursday, October 05, 2006

Of Serious Procrastination

I'm self proclaimed the biggest procrastinator on earth. If there's anything that needs to be done, I'm sure to procrastinate and not do it until the very last minute. Luckily, I somehow managed to get by all these years, but still, I really hate doing anything that has a deadline to it, no, basically, I just hate doing anything that has to be done.

I currently have three papers to complete by Thursday, three project, one of them not started yet, I haven't even met the group members, and one piece of homework to be completed by tomorrow. This is not including another group project yet to be released, and tests and exams and other what nots. Also luckily, the other two group projects are in a healthy shape thanks to my fellow group members.

By right, I'm supposed to be doing my homework now and then able to start on my papers tonight and complete them tomorrow then spend the weekend completing the other two papers, but somehow, as it is so obvious, I'm sitting here and typing out this blog entry and not doing any work at all. And my whole weekend will be gone. Saturday I'd be doing the filming for my Singapore Film group project and Sunday too. Saturday night there's the grandfather's birthday dinner.

How about Friday? A friend asked me if I wanted to go the Vivo City's new Golden Village. It's opening on Friday. And I want to watch a movie very badly. I just want to watch a movie, any movie, I don't care. Actually that friend wanted to go during the weekend, but I can't make it in the weekend, actually Sunday might be okay, but I would prefer to do my papers on Sunday. So I proposed Friday. My friend said see how. hai... See how is so vague. And this vagueness came back yesterday night when another friend asked me if I wanted to join them for dinner. Because of the earlier see how, I then could only answer see how. Then later in the night another friend whom I haven't met for like a very very long time, at least more than six months, asked if I wanted to go out on Friday night.

I wish I had more Friday nights to spend with all these people.

Yesterday, for the very first time, I groaned and moaned when a lecturer postponed a deadline. Yes, the procrastinator groaned. Because, by postponing the deadline from Monday to Thursday, I've now three papers due on Thursday that not even the six hour time difference with Germany would save me from disaster. We shall all see how I die on Wednesday night. Okay, I really know I should get my work started. I managed to complete my mid term take home test one day before the deadline so why am I unable to complete this earlier? bah~ I've got all my material ready already lor...

And recently I've been addicted to this online game that isn't helping me to not procrastinate. It's a really dumb game from Yahoo! Games, but I somehow gt addicted to it. And one full game of completed all the levels and reaching tha game end takes me about 45 minutes. And of course, I don't only play one game. Holiday Express, I play the web based one because I've no money to buy the game. Anyone cares to buy the game for me and let me copy it? wahaha~ I tried downloading the trial version one but it expired in an hour and I haven't completed the game yet, got to about level 10 when it suddenlu dieded on me. sucks...

The crux to the game is being able to handle the time well and make sure not to misuse and abuse all the little pieces. As far as possible, try not to discard any boxes or use the single pieces, then you can score a higher point. If by not discarding any piece, chance are it's very possible not to exceed the time limit. But then there's also the problem of the conveyor belt being full, so there are times when there's a need to discard boxes to prevent the conveyor belt from being full and prematurely end the game.

Oh, I got back into the bar too lately, but I'm only hanging out there at night because I don't want to waste all my time just hanging there and posting messages and find out that I don't have time, but then, I still can find other means of times wasting here there whenever whereever. sad sia...

All these couple with me now maxing on three hours of television every night, the 7 o'clock show, the 9 o'clock show and the 10 o'clock show. I never refer to shows by their titles because I never remember them, think maybe it's because I'm watching too many already, so the easiest way to remember the shows is by the time they're screened. After all I have to remember their screening times because I want to remember to watch them. So I end up calling all the shows by their screening time. Think I've been doing this ever since I started watching television, those so called prime time TV. But somehow it's only applicable to Chinese shows, I seem to remember the titles of the English shows I watch and I call them by their title. Or maybe it's because those English shows are only screened once a week instead of every weekday. hmm... But then I call the Saturday/Sunday 7 o'clock show as the Saturday Sunday 7 o'clock show leh... hehehe~ It must be a Chinese thingie...

I can't wait for the next 7 o'clock show to follow this 7 o'clock show, got all these people I like. Actually all the shows I'm watching now all got people I like. Moses Chan, in both the weekday and weekend 7 o'clock show, Kong Wah, in the weekend 7 o'clock show and was in the 10 o'clock show previously. The upcoming 7 o'clock show will feature Roger Kwok, Zhang Ting and Christohper Lee. I love Zhang Ting man... I got to know her from all the crappy DIcky Cheung shows I watch and she's so cute. I hope this Roger Kwok is the normal Roger Kwok, the nice and shuai one not the fat one. His' acting is good, especially when he was acting that fat retarded guy but I still prefer the shuai shuai him, he's one guy who can really pass of as a damn shuai scholar of the olden days. I like him in white, wearing the scholar's top hat or some sort of headgear. He's got a damn chiselled face which I think is damn damn shuai. Kong Wah also has a very chiselled face, I like. Kong Wah has got the highest cheekbones I've ever seens and the sharpest chin. And I like the way he swaggers, damn damn shuai, damn damn seh... Even my mom was saying he looked every bit the Boss in the 7 o'clock show and the Emperor he has always been acting in other shows.

wah... Talking about shuaiges, I can just go on and on. I want to watch the Dupree that movie leh... Owen Wilson is so shuai. I thought Kate Hudson was already damn shuai with Luke Wilson, think that was in Alex and Emma and/or some other movie. Owen Wilson is Luke and more. He's more shuai than Luke, he has got blond hair, he's cuter, more daring, funnier, and so much more.

I also can't wait to get my hands on the anime I had my friend help me download. hai... Can only have to wait till the next time I meeting my friend and with me being so busy wasting my time lately, I don't know when I can get my hands onto the anime. I so want to watch Detective Conan Movie 10: The Private Eye Requiem. That mysterious guy knows that Conan is Kudo Shinichi lor. And there's everyone of those detectives that I like, Hatori Heiji, Kaito Kid, Kudo Yuuzo and Yukiko. wahaha~ Can't wait can't wait.

Then there's also another film I want to watch. Prof Farrell recommended it to me yesterday before class. Perth. I've checked, there are three copies in the school library so I can check that out anytime when I've the time. We were supposed to watch that for our Singapore Film class, but instead, Dr Edna thinks another film Homerun is better suited for the class, so we are going to watch that instead. But still I think sometime after Thursday next week, I shall watch Perth. maybe on Friday. Or if I complete my papers in time and I need to come to school to submit the papers, then I might watch it on Thursday if no one asks me out.

I've also another short story to add to my collection but I haven't got the time to put in the ending nor to type it out. I wrote it out on hand. It's one of the very few pieces of works I actually have a manuscript for. lol~ I think I'll start another short stories collection to add to my Parallelogram and Prozac Nation collections. This shall be called Tales of Ming and Shan.

I can't wait for the December holidays. If anyone wants to go on a short trip to anywhere, can don't mind ask me along? I miss travelling. How I wish I was still back in Germany sia... then every weekend or anytime when I'm free I can just take the train to anywhere I want. Can go Zurich for tea, so shuang~

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There is just one acronym to describe you - ADHD.