Friday, November 17, 2006


I hate all cabbies in the world. Being a cab driver is the worst occupation ever in human history. And all cab drivers are the lowliest beings ever, ever.

But I still take cabs ever so often.

bah~ I hate cabs but I can't live without them. Even my dad has to remind me every time not to bad mouth the cab driver during my journey. If I want to scold them, do it only after I alight, or whilst I'm alighting. Okay, granted, I've met quite a number of good cabbies before, and know that not all cabbies are bad, cheating, horny assholes, but I still hate the vast general. HATE!

Okay, maybe another part of me hates taking cabs even more, and the hatred for the cabbie just got implicated. Whatever.

I think the cabbing gods hate me, so I have all reasons to hate them back. I don't care~ bleah bleah bleah... Yea, call me a spoilt kid, I just am so sick and tired of cabs, why can't somebody just invent a teleportier machine, or gift the art of apparation a la Harry Potter to mankind. bah!

I wanted a fast way to school this morning, so I cabbed. To me absolute horror, there was an accident on ECP/AYE just after Fort Road exit. Lanes 1 and 2 were down. Jam. At a bloody offpeak hour somemore. Recall some Fridays back, I went to school, accident on ECP/AYE just after Keppel Road exit. Lanes 1 and 3 were down. Jam. At a freaking, bloody, kanina offpeak hour somemore! Fuck sia... A 20min ride to school turned 40min, a $13 cabride turned $16. kanasai.

If those assholes in the accidents aren't dead yet, I hope they die, and burn in hell. What a disturbance.

Next time anyone wants to die, can don't die in road accident anot. If you want to die in road accident, go get knock down by car, don't go and drive and collide with another car. Don't go ECP/AYE to die. Don't die during offpeak hour. Next time want accident, have it at like 7.30am, or 7pm, clog up those stupid office workers peoples' cars, make them suffer the high cost of petrol, more destructive. And hor, next time accident don't take up 2 lanes, one lane more than enough. Go kiss someone's ass, I don't care 10 car 20 car back to back crash, just keep it in oone bloody lane, erm, pun not intended, but it sounds nice, so I'll keep the bloody pun.

I think I'm sounding horribly angsty now, and very vindictive. Who cares. I'm angry.

If anyone sees this post today, don't come near me, I'll bite.


Anonymous said...

You are making a big fuss over 3 dollars and 20 mins when someone may have died? i know how frustrating getting stuck in traffic can be. But seriously, you're not a very good person are you?

Poo said...

Xiaxue possessed you is it? You starting to write like her. =P

xxoos said...

i was freaking angry and was 20min late for school. i couldn't even sleep on the cab because that stupid cabbie was singing some theresa teng song.

i'm not a good person, never said i was, especially when i'm angry, my mouth turned foul. i like to curse people, i like to bitch at people. not as if, just by cursing people will drop dead and die. i don't even own a death note lor. i don't think i'd deserve one, i'd end up settling all my personal vendettas. lol~ leave the death note for the geniuses.

granted, i know the people from the first accident i saw couple of fridays back, they didn't suffer major injuries. i saw them. but that just makes the wait in the jam insufferable. occupying 2 bloody lanes leh... if like got lots of blood and the cars turned into scrapes or are burning, i'd definitely symphatise and pity them. but they were like standing around the cars which didn't look that bad, one behind was dented, one side was dented, the cars looked as though it still could be at least both driven to one side of the road instead of hogging 2 out of 3 lanes. fucking inconsiderate assholes. they were just standing there waiting for the police to arrive so that they can start pointing fingers. and bloody hell, the police came right after i went by the accident scene. nobody got the decent sense to let the police through the jam first. stupid irritating drivers. waste their time, waste my time.

poo: don't worry, i won't write like xiaxue for long, the emo posts will come in soon, then u guys will think that i'm some insane suicidal freak or something.

anon: i don't value human life, maybe cos i'm a suicidal freak, i think all men will should just burn in hell. and yea, i'm not a good person. okay, i personally still think i'm generally a nice person, but i get very extreme at times. just don't come near me when i'm angry.