Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I just want to say today was a happy day. Even if it's only for half an hour, or about 45min, it was worthwhile. It just confirms all my feelings I had was right and instantly, all my doubts were washed away. It's almost like a magic potion. hehehe~

I'm now listening this song on my Windows Media Player, if you happen to see this song on my MSN as what I'm listening, I think that explains. I went to baidu that song, the first on the list was this song, the song I wanted, but when I went to search for the lyrics, I only got the Cantonese version. sucks... Jacky Cheung... How come your song only got Mandarin mp3 but no Mandarin lyrics? How come only got Cantonese lyrics?

ah well... How come Joan only listen to Chinese songs from the early to mid 90s one ah? wahaha~


chillycraps said...


what song is it that you are looking for?

xxoos said...

there's one song called that, can't rmb who sing one, but it's an old song. well, yea... i agree. it's the kind of nostalgia in us.

we grow old liao le.