Monday, November 20, 2006

The Optician

I frequent the optical at Parkway Parade, Nanyang Optical. It's right at the basement entrance of Parkway, so if you want to go there, it's pretty easy to find. There's an optician there who's quite shuai, but the past few times I went there I didn't get to see him. He's been there for a very long time already, since the very first day I made my very first pair of contacts. From then, I always thought he was shuai.

It's been quite a many years, he's still there, he's still shuai. Over those years, I've grown from a spoilt little daxiaojie to a jaded old woman, but he's still there, and I still frequent that optical. I remember in my secondary school days when I went to Parkway like every weekend, I'd walk by the optical just to beo him. But I don't know why as I grew older, I didn't get that many chances to see him. There've also been many new faces in the optical, so I thought maybe I'm just suay and didn't match his shifts.

Visiting the optical today, I didn't really expect to see him, especially the last time I was there, a couple of weeks ago, to check out when was the last time I made my contacts, I didn't see him around.

Today, I finally found some time to make a trip down to Parkway to finally get my contacts made, after more than one and a half years. I forgot that my contacts were made so long ago. I was getting paraniod that my eyes would rot. As I walked by, I saw the usual ugly faces, one short guy, one guy with horrible hair, some women... I walked to the back of the shop and just as I turned around, I saw the shuai optician standing right in front of me. And he wasn't attending anyone.


Other than making my contacts, I also needed to get my spectacles fixed. I accidentally pressed onto it a couple of days ago and the frame went out of shape. The lens would press against my eye when I wear it, and the ears part was very uncomfortable. So I had him fix my spectacles for me too~

I don't know if he remembered me. I'm sort of a regular customer. But there was something different about him today. He seemed not to be in very high spirits. He didn't talk much, only replied my questions, very politely somemore. Somehow, I felt that he seemed unhappy over something, which of course I didn't dare to ask. Even with my act cute best, I couldn't get any positive response from him. Quite a disappointment, but I guess at least I managed to beo him today~

I wonder how old is he now. So many years have passed, and now I'm like an old maid already, so he should also have aged. But looking at him, it seemed like only I have changed, he still looked the same as the day when I went to make my first pair of contacts. He was still working in the same place, attending to the same customers, doing the same things as years back. Counting on my fingers, I guess it has already been 7-8 years. wow...

I hope he'd call me when my contacts are ready for collection. I hope he'd be there when I go collect my contacts the next time I visit.

So, next time when go Parkway Parade, can pop by Nanyang Optical, try and look for a shuaige called Kelvin. erm... Wait, I think only I think he's shuai, so if you don't think he's shuai, erm... Nevermind... Recently have been drawing quite a bit of flak from my folks over my definition of shuai...


fallen angel said...

Yah,your definition of shuai-ness is really WEIRD,erm..ok..that sounds mean..UNIQUE. haha

xxoos said...

*bish bish*