Sunday, November 19, 2006

Three Years Later

Three years after The Vice Captain...

She stood at the bus stop, waiting for the internal shuttle bus to take her to another faculty. It was raining, not that heavily though, the sky was clearing up from the heavy rain just minutes before. She just finished a tiring lecture and was on her way to a boring one. It was one of those days again which she felt old and haggard, and life was bland and boring.

In a fleet of a moment, she saw something familiar. Either he looked like him, or he was him. She wasn't sure. He got off the Bukit Timah Campus shuttle bus and walked towards Eusoff Hall. She thought, a law student who lives in Eusoff Hall. Was that really him? Or was it just that she just so wanted to see him again, or perhaps it was just someone who looked somewhat the same.

She scrutinised at him. 1.72m tall at the most, not very tall, check. Sharp clean face, with a well shaped head, quite a common face among the jocks, check. She looked at the legs, bow shaped with bulging calf muscles, definitely a sportsperson, check. Could it be that it was him? It was time that he appeared in NUS. She had always thought that if he were to enrol in a university, it'd most likely be NUS, unless he went overseas. If he were to enrol in NUS, he'd most likely do Arts, probably History, or Political Science. But after three months, she hadn't spotted him around the campus.

Could it be that he went to Law instead? He was every bit the Law student material. Smart, good in language, smart, very smart, cute, very cute, good in language, everything. Perhaps that explained why she never saw him around campus before.

A Eusoff Hall resident? Very likely. Considering his background in sports and other extra cirricular activities, he had a very high chance of getting into Eusoff Hall, and it was also very likely that he would shine in there. It also helped that he was cute.

but the face she saw at the bus stop wasn't the same drop dead cute face she had etched in her mind. She always thought that he was almost god-like in his good looks, but somehow, that face she saw, although was cute, but was not as breath taking as she expected of him. So was it him? There was also a high chance that she was just imagining that she would meet him in school one day, and just conveniently thought that that might be him just because they look somewhat similar.

He didn't look straight in her eye. Probably he didn't notice her, or maybe he didn't recognise her. Or maybe, he just didn't know she and it was just a case of mistaken identity. Still, that little encounter made her heart flutter a little bit. He was still as capable as she thought him to be.

She thought about things again, as always she would do. What if they were to meet again? Would she be able to muster up courage to say hi? She thought about him again, and all those stuff that went by in the past, eight years of darkness. Now that she left the cave, and found another cave, would she be reminded of the first cave she was in before? Can she even still behave as if nothing had happened before?

She didn't know.

As much as she wanted to see him again, just to determine if that person was indeed him again, she hope she needn't have to come face to face with him. She was not ready to face her past yet, especially when her current life is in such a big mess after the final closure.

Then again, can she blame him for the circumstances she's in now?

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